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A Love Story Episode 79Korkut immediately calls Yilmaz to help him out and meet him with a gun. Yilmaz understands that Korkut needs him to carry out some dangerous work so despite his injury he agrees to accompany him. He offers to drop Ceynat home but she turns him down. He then hesitatingly asks if he embarrasses her. Irritated, she snaps that he is not important enough to make her feel awkward. She turns to leave but stops when she notices Yilmaz pull out his guns from a cupboard. She then returns and tells Yilmaz that she forgot her cell phone. Yilmaz nods his head unaware that she is stealing one of his guns behind his back.

A Love Story Episode 79Gonul fights with the organ dealer that she has already handed them the money she had but the dealer refuses to leave her as he feels she might complain about them to the police. So, he orders his men to take her to the operation room so they can forcibly take out her organs before killing her. The men then inject Gonul with a sedative. They wait for her to fall unconscious but she seems to be fighting it as she does not fall unconscious. The suspicious looking man then calls a lady to change Gonul’s clothes so they can operate on her. In a semi-conscious state, Gonul repeatedly murmurs Korkut’s name.


A Love Story Episode 79The lady changes Gonul’s clothes and leaves the operation room when she is confronted by Korkut who asks her for Gonul. She lies about not knowing anything but blurts out the truth when Yilmaz threatens her with a gun. Korkut breaks open the door on time and flashes the gun to the men in the operation theatre who quickly raise their hands. He tries to revive Gonul who is semi-conscious. He then takes Gonul with him as Yilmaz and his minion stay back in the operation room. On their way out, Gonul tells Korkut that there are more innocent people stuck in the building. Korkut then opens the room where the people are kept and asks them to leave saying that they are now free.

A Love Story Episode 79At gunpoint, Yilmaz forces the doctor to lie on the operation table and then teases of finally living his dream of becoming a surgeon. The doctor begs Yilmaz to be spared and tries to bribe him. Yilmaz instead quips that he does not want money but fame which he will get after the government lauds his efforts at exposing the illegal business. After some more threats, Yilmaz finally agrees to leave the doctor alive. However, he shoots him in the knee before leaving to serve as a lesson. Korkut rushes inside hearing a gunshot. Yilmaz sniggers that it is unlikely for him to not make his presence felt. He then hands over Gonuls’ bag and clothes and they leave after Korkut calls the police.

A Love Story Episode 79Yilmaz arrives at Gonul’s house where Korkut is waiting outside. He hands him Gonul’s car keys and asks him if he wishes to expose more such mafia henceforth. Korkut remarks that Yilmaz is no good to be mocking anyone else. Ceynat arrives and Korkut hands her Gonul’s car keys and shows her the car which also contains a bag full of money. Ceynat enquires what exactly happened with Gonul and he rudely tells her to ask her mother about it.

A Love Story Episode 79Yilmaz tells Korkut that he observed how concerned he was when he saw Gonul unconscious and asks the reason behind his attachment to her. Korkut evades his question and Yilmaz teases that he does that first for Memduh and now for Gonul which makes it a perfect family for him. Korkut kicks his hurt leg and Yilmaz winces in pain.

Next morning, Gonul calls out for Ceynat when she gains consciousness. She looks at the bag full of money and asks who got it for her. Ceynat tells her that Korkut gave it to her and asks what happened to her last night. Gonul starts weeping uncontrollably mumbling that she is unable to bear it and that she has lost.

A Love Story Episode 79In the hospital, the nurse brings Tolga all the newspapers he had asked for. He enquires about Gonul and she replies that she hasn’t seen Gonul since last night. He surmises that Gonul has finally abandoned him. He then opens the newspapers and all of them contain news stories regarding Tolga’s need for a heart. However, the headlines all address him as ‘Gonul’s son’ which irks him. He chucks the paper to the floor as he states that he is not Gonul’s son.

We then see a lady selling, what looks like, tissues papers at a booth. A customer buys her tissues from her and forgets to take his newspaper with him. She calls after him but he fails to listen. She opens the paper and looks at it in utter shock and dismay as she reads the news pertaining to Tolga’s need for a heart. (I suppose she is his biological mother.)

A Love Story Episode 79Emine expresses her concern over divulging the news of her pregnancy to Korkut. She tells her that had her mother been there for her, she would have taken good care of her as a mother can do anything for her child. Emine’s words strike something within Ceylan and she perks up realising that she should find Korkut’s mother to help convince him for the surgery. She jumps excitedly as she tells Emine that she will find her mother to convince Korkut to get the surgery done.

Ceylan meets Tahsin who asks for Korkut and she tells him that he has resumed work working for Memduh. Tahsin wonders what’s on Korkut’s mind to be working again for his father. Ceylan then asks him if he knows anything about Korkut’s mother because she wants to find her for him to be able to convince him to undergo a surgery. Tahsin dissuades her from looking out for his mother. She tells him that Hakki Baba has written a letter to Gonul before dying and if she can get her hands on it then maybe she will find Korkut’s mother. Tahsin discourages her saying that Korkut himself does not want to meet his mother but Ceylan refuses to budge and leaves in a huff resolving to find his mother on her own.

A Love Story Episode 79Korkut drops Memduh at his desired location and Memduh tells him to leave as he will call him when he needs him. Korkut receives a call from Tahsin who reprimands him for resuming work instead of spending time with his family. Korkut scoffs that his mother herself has reignited his fire for revenge which he cannot douse even if he wants to. He then receives a call from Ceynat and agrees to meet her.

Ceylan goes to Gonul’s house where she asks Asiye for the envelope that Hakki Baba had sent to Gonul. Asiye has no idea where it is and instead asks Ceylan to help with the housework. Ceylan helps to place a vase in the living room when she remembers seeing Ceynat hide something in her jacket when she had last visited Gonul looking for the envelope.

A Love Story Episode 79Ceylan then sneaks into Ceynat’s room looking for Hakki Baba’s letter. As she starts looking in the bedside drawer, the door opens and she sees Asiye looking down at her. Asiye scolds her for going through Ceynat’s belongings in her absence. She orders Ceylan to put back whatever she took from the room. Ceylan protests that she is not a thief and has not stolen anything.

A Love Story Episode 79Korkut meets Ceynat at a café where he has a man recording his conversation with her. She reprimands him for scaring her about telling the truth to Gonul. He snaps that whatever she has today is because of him and that Gonul’s rich lifestyle has gotten to her head. She gripes that she cannot live in the constant fear of being exposed. He challenges her to divulge the truth of Gonul herself and she lowers her head in submission. He teases her about enjoying the perks of being Gonul’s daughter and she glares back at him. Annoyed, she stalks off the café and Korkut turns to the person who has been recording their conversation. The man follows Korkut out of the café and Korkut asks him if he is now convinced of his claim. The man says that he will have to do some more research and Korkut urges him to do so promising more juicy details on his case.

A Love Story Episode 79Next, we see Korkut arrive home where he sees Umut watching the news by the same reporter Korkut had met some time ago. Standing in front of Korkut’s orphanage, he reports about a popular singer who abandoned her new-born kids only to be able to climb the ladder of success. Ceynat looks stunned as she sees the news report on TV. Gonul walks into the kitchen to tell her that she is leaving to see Tolga but her eyes widen in shock when she sees her picture with her face blurred on the TV. She exchanges a glance with Ceynat and leaves looking visibly disturbed. Ceynat muses that everything is coming to an end soon.

A Love Story Episode 79Gonul calls Memduh and asks him to watch the news. As he switches on the television, he sees the news reporting stating that they do not know why the ‘businessman’ was not concerned about his own child when this particular singer left them at an orphanage. Memduh fumes in anger and asks her who leaked the news. She says she does not know about that. He then reprimands her for leaving their daughter at the orphanage and she reminds him of how he threatened to harm her if she dared to give birth to his child. She then threatens to call a press-conference and give them all the details after which Ceynat will hate him and he will never be able to see her again.

A Love Story Episode 79Disturbed, Ceynat calls Korkut and asks if he leaked the news to the media and he admits to it. He says he does not want Gonul to ever live in peace. She berates him for trying to ruing Gonul’s reputation and career. He retorts that she should first look at herself and remember what she has done in life and how she has behaved with him. He abruptly hangs up on her as she cries silently. She receives a call from Yilmaz which she cuts without answering.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz scrolls through her images on his phone as he warns himself from falling for her.

Gonul screams at her team to find out who leaked the news to the media. She chucks her phone away when it buzzes with Tolga’s name flashing on it. Frustrated, she shuts her ears and then switches off her phone. 

A Love Story Episode 79Hurt and angry, Tolga calls someone and says that Gonul is not his mother. He screams into the phone that he knew the truth. At the dinner table, Ceynat glares at Korkut. He chastises her for not allowing him to enjoy the moment and forcing him to remember his imminent death. Offended, she leaves the dining table and he follows her.

A Love Story Episode 79She steps out of the house and cries. He lovingly hugs her from behind and she sobs harder into his arms. Gonul receives a call from someone who tells her that Korkut leaked the news to the media. Angry, she determines to know what he wants from her this time. Ceynat hears Gonul and sighs in despair. (I am feeling awful for Ceynat. Her happiness was so short-lived. This is really unfair to her. Korkut first used her for his benefit and now wants to ruin her life so badly. I hate him for being so selfish.)

A Love Story Episode 79We then see Tolga leave his room hospital room musing that he will always be alone and will die a lonely suffocating death. Meanwhile, Ceynat takes out Yilmaz’s gun from her bag as she sheds tears of fear and anguish.

Tahsin sees Tolga in the corridor and follows him in the fire exit. Tolga sneers that he knew Gonul is not his mother and Tahsin stares at him with his mouth agape. He then persuades Tolga to return to his room but he opposes saying that he does not wish to die alone in the room and that he is capable of taking care of himself. Tahsin firmly states that Gonul is indeed his mother and urges him to return to his room. Tolga brushes off his arm and Tahsin accidentally tumbles down a fleet of stairs. Tolga rushes to help him and Tashin requests him to tell Gonul that Korkut and Emine are her biological twins. He starts to say something about the ring but passes away before finishing the sentence. (What? And he dies just like that? Can someone really die so easily? Kya yaar, yeh toh kuch bhi tha. And why is he telling such a big thing to Tolga? Did he know that he is going to die?)

A Love Story Episode 79Tolga then returns to his room and sits looking completely shaken by the revelation. The nurse notices that he has changed his clothes. She checks on him and then leaves to call the doctor as he sits on his bed.

Korkut is relaxing after dinner with his family when the doorbell buzzes. He opens the door and is happy to welcome the visitor when his smile suddenly turns to a frown as he sees a gun pointed at him.

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