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A Love Story Episode 80Unexpectedly we see that the person holding the gun before Korkut is not Ceylan but Gonul. Unfazed, Korkut jokes if she has called the ambulance too so they can quickly have his heart given to Tolga. Gonul asks him if he was the one who leaked the news to the media and he admits to it. She screams asking why he despises her so much. He does not reply so she points the gun to her heart threatening to kill herself once and for all instead of dying daily. Frightened, Korkut urges her to not act recklessly but she demands to know the reason why he has been after her life.

A Love Story Episode 80Hearing the commotion, Emine steps out and sees Gonul holding the gun to her neck. She intervenes and tries to snatch Gonul’s gun when a shot is accidentally fired and Emine drops to the ground as Gonul stares at her in horror.

At Gonul’s house, the police inform Asiye of Tahsin’s demise and she crumples to the floor wailing for her husband.

A Love Story Episode 80Next morning, Tahsin is buried in presence of his and Gonul’s family. Emine looks at Gonul and recall’s last night’s incident when Gonul begged her to open her eyes as she was revived by Korkut. She remembers Gonul crying helplessly for her. She continues to stare at Gonul who is mourning for Tashin. Tolga is present at the funeral but he leaves mid-way without speaking to anyone. Selim, who has been controlling himself for so long, takes out his anger on Gonul by blaming her for Tahsin’s death. Gonul pleads innocence and he points out that Tahsin died in the hospital where Tolga was admitted. He is sure that Tahsin was there for some work of hers and screams at her demanding to know why she sent him there. Korkut pulls Selim away and asks him to calm down. Selim then joins the rest of his family as Gonul leaves with Ceynat.

A Love Story Episode 80Tolga receives a call from his manager and he looks disturbed by it. He tells Gonul that since the media could not reach her they sought out his manager and will be revealing her name in the orphanage case. Gonul feels disoriented and Ceynat helps her stand. Gonul says she will take care of the matter unaware that Korkut is observing her from a distance.

Next, we see Gonul explain her stand in a TV interview where she tells the channel host that though she is a celebrity, she is also human and has made mistakes in the past. She admits to having abandoned her daughter and says that she has apologized to Ceynat who has readily forgiven her. Korkut sees her interview on TV and thinks to himself that Ceynat is not his daughter but he is her son.

A Love Story Episode 80Tolga and Ceynat watch Gonul’s interview on TV and Tolga cannot help but recall what Tahsin said to him before passing away. He looks at Ceynat suspiciously as she hears Gonul apologize to her on TV. Tolga asks her who leaked the news. She knows the man behind this but she denies knowing anything to Tolga. He asks her to think deeply about it and she starts to leave in anger. He asks her if she does not even suspect anyone and she replies that if she did, she would have told him about it.

A Love Story Episode 80Reeling with anger, Selim decides to leave the house with his family as he continues to blame Gonul for Tahsin’s death. He screams at Asiye and Ceylan for not paying heed to him. They get into an argument till Ece chastises them for their poor behaviour and leaves in a huff.

Hurt and angry, Selim calls his biker friend, Emre and agrees to his plan of stealing from the rich and sharing it with the poor. He tells him that it is time for him to teach Gonul a lesson.

A Love Story Episode 80Ceylan sits alone outside her house when Korkut covers her with his jacket. He tries to console her and she makes him promise to undergo the surgery. He regretfully declines her request. He tells him that she can bear losing her father but she may not be able to bear losing him. He expresses his fear of being paralysed or even losing his eyesight as a consequence of having a surgery. Ceylan sobs that having him alive in her life is enough but he says that it is not enough for him. She remembers Emine’s words of a mother being able to do anything for her child. She asks Korkut if he will decline his mother’s request too. He coldly replies that the mother who abandoned him at birth will never ask him for anything. Frustrated, Ceylan shoves his jacket and screams at him for becoming cold-hearted before stalking off.

A Love Story Episode 80Just then, Gonul walks in and Korkut claps his hands congratulating her over her performance during the TV interview. She retorts that she wasn’t acting and spoke her heart out during the interview. She says she wishes he could also do the same but he does not have the heart to do so. He admits that he will not be able to do what she did because he is not a good actor like her. She asks him what problem he has with her and he scoffs that she will learn about it when the time is right. Angry, she grabs his jacket and urges him to tell her what problem he has with her. Korkut flinches and in a flashback scene, we see a very young Korkut being beaten up by his foster father accusing him of stealing. He remembers his mother burning his hands as he screamed to be left. Korkut denies her an answer before walking away from her.

A Love Story Episode 80Next morning, Emine seems to be keeping unwell but manages to complete her regular chores. As she has breakfast, someone buzzes the doorbell and she is shocked to see the doctor, who was in charge of her accident case. The doctor tells her that she was worried about her and could not stop herself from visiting her. She tells Emine that she knows that man was lying about being her husband and asks if he had sexually assaulted her. Scared, Emine pleads her to leave at once as she cries clutching her stomach in pain. She tells the doctor to leave before Korkut arrives and she asks if Korkut is the same man. Emine tells her that Korkut is her brother and then shuts the door in her face.

A Love Story Episode 80Tolga protests eating outside and Gonul explains that Asiye cannot cook food in her current condition and that they will have to eat at the restaurant today. Two women notice Gonul and her family and loudly comment about Ceynat’s misfortune at growing up in an orphanage. One of the two women clicks their picture and Gonul scolds her for taking a picture without her permission. Gonul orders her to delete the picture right away but the two women instead blame her for roaming in public places. Gonul chastises them for speaking rudely to her and the women taunt her for being a bad mother and leaving her child at an orphanage. Angry, Gonul charges at the lady and tries to grab her phone. The lady then threatens to expose her to the media and Gonul leaves angrily.

Meanwhile, Korkut looks pleased as he sees Memduh being hounded by reporters trying to get his side of the story in the whole matter.

A Love Story Episode 80Korkut looks at Memduh through the rear-view mirror and Memduh urges him to speak up. Korkut then asks him if it was a mutual decision to send Ceynat to the orphanage. Memduh recalls the day he threatened Gonul for considering giving birth to his child. Memduh denies it saying that he was not even aware of her birth. Korkut asks him why he does not reveal this to the media and Memduh states that there is no use talking to the media as they will simply blow the matter out of proportion.

On the way home, Ceynat asks Tolga to pull-over as she wants to spend some time alone. She then meets Yilmaz who asks what problem Korkut has with Gonul. Ceynat shrugs and says that Korkut told her that he is seeking revenge for a friend of his. Yilmaz concludes that Korkut has lied to everyone. He wonders who this friend is and asks her why he involved her in his plan. He eyes her suspiciously and asks her if she really is unaware of Korkut’s plan. She gets angry at his suspicion and leaves after telling him to ask Korkut his doubts.

A Love Story Episode 80Memduh has a haircut while Korkut stands outside the salon. Memduh tells his barber that he can read people’s mind through their eyes but when it comes to Korkut, he just cannot figure him out. The barber says that Korkut looks just like him as Memduh too was carefree like Korkut in his younger days. Memduh thanks the barber and looks fondly at Korkut.

Selim and his biker friend, Emre observe the accident victim from a distance. The girl is unable to walk inside the house so she tries to reach out to her wheelchair but ends up falling on her face. Selim tries to rush to her help but Emre stops him and reminds him that the only way to help her is with money. He asks if he is prepared for their plan and he nods his head. Emre tells him that he has hired two boys for the robbery and he cannot back out now. Selim is sure of executing the plan and will hand the boys Gonul’s house keys after he has a word with them.

A Love Story Episode 80In Asiye’s absence, Ceylan prepares dinner for Gonul and her family and Gonul thanks her for being so caring towards her. Ceylan then asks her if she received any CD or letter from Hakki Baba. Gonul denies having any knowledge of it. Ceylan then asks if she knows anything about Korkut’s family and Gonul wonders why Ceylan even feels so. She says that Hakki sent her information about Korkut’s family which is why she asked. Gonul says she did not know him personally and that she used to only donate to the orphanage where he worked. Ceynat who has been secretly listening to this conversation quickly rushes to her room and Ceylan sees her run up.

A Love Story Episode 80She follows Ceynat to her room and sees her hold a CD. She barges inside and asks if it is the CD that Hakki had sent Gonul. Ceynat orders Ceylan to leave her room but Ceylan plunges for the CD. Angry, Ceynat breaks the CD and tells Ceylan that she will never know what was in it. Ceylan says that she will tell Korkut what Ceynat did today and Ceynat looks unfazed by her threat. She tells Ceylan to speak to Korkut of she really wants to uncover the truth.

A Love Story Episode 80When Korkut arrives home, he sees the doctor standing outside his house. She tells him that she is Emine’s doctor who handled her case when she was admitted to the hospital after her accident. She tells Korkut that Emine has been sexually abused and is now pregnant. Korkut looks shocked and the doctor explains that in such cases victim generally refrains from divulging anything to her relatives and suffers alone. Unable to believe the doctor, Korkut looks flustered and she requests him to calm down. But he does not pay heed to her warning and rushes inside.

A Love Story Episode 80He sees Emine with infant’s clothes and asks why she brought it out. She starts to quiver and tries to evade his question. He then holds her gently and asks if she is pregnant. She pleads him to not harm the child in anger as it is not its fault. Korkut is at the ends of his tether as he asks her to name the father of her child and she quakes in terror saying that she does not remember the man except that she had hit him on his head when he had kidnapped her.

A Love Story Episode 80She cries that she never wanted this child as she already has Umut but then she felt that the child is innocent. Korkut losses his temper and demands to know the father of her child and she drops to the floor begging him not to get angry. She then hits herself cursing her poor memory and her stupidity. Korkut holds her close and assures to not be angry with her. He then asks her to calmly remember who the man was.

A Love Story Episode 80Next, we see Selim and Emre strike a deal with their two accomplices. Next morning, Gonul prepares breakfast for Tolga and Ceynat. She asks them if they saw any envelope sent by Hakki. Tolga asks what Hakki sent to her and she says she does not know as she never received it. Ceynat says that she hasn’t seen anything either.


A Love Story Episode 80The tissue paper seller we saw in the previous episode visits Gonul but she refuses to meet her assuming her to be an annoying journalist. Ceylan says she cannot allow her to meet Gonul and the lady requests her to have her meet Gonul as she has something urgent to share with her. Ceylan offers to take down her name and number and assures to get back to her soon.



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