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Written Update: Episode 81

A Love Story Episode 81Ceynat meets Yilmaz and tells him that Ceylan and Tolga are both suspicious of her and Korkut is not worth trusting anymore. She whines about hating her life and being unable to take it anymore. Yilmaz tells her she need not worry as he is with her in this and they will find a way out of this mess.

Korkut visits the hospital where Emine was admitted after her accident. He asks the doctor for the pervert’s name and she refuses to divulge any information. She tells him to file a police complaint first before taking matters into his hand. He tries to persuade her but she does not budge. He then sternly repeats his question and she caves in.

A Love Story Episode 81He then goes to Memduh and asks him to find out about a man named Kadir who used to work as a compounder at the mental asylum and has quit recently. Memduh readily agrees to help him find the man and asks him if the man caused him any trouble. Korkut tells him that he need not interfere in his personal matters and that he just wants him to locate the man.

Emine tells Ceylan that Korkut got to know about her pregnancy but is not angry with her as he hugged her. Ceylan is worried that Korkut might harm the father of the child. (Wait a sec. She knew that Emine was abused? I thought she believed that Ahmet is the father of her child. She knew it and still never mentioned it to anyone? Sick! How could she remain quiet?) She calls Korkut who asks her if she knows about Emine. Her silence says a lot and he hangs up after telling her to take care of Emine.

A Love Story Episode 81In a park, Yilmaz tells Ceynat that he does not feel that Tolga and Ceylan know the truth because if they did they would have exposed her by now. He then puts forth his reservation against Korkut who might ruin her game. He asks her if she will ever want to have him bumped off and Ceynat vehemently denies it. He asks her the reason why she is against the idea and she says nothing. Yilmaz surmises that she too is in love with Korkut and she does not correct him. He then muses that he will never be happy in life till Korkut is in his way and resolves to do something about it.

A Love Story Episode 81Gonul calls Ceynat and asks her to not come home tonight as reporters have surrounded her house. She requests her to join her and Tolga at the hotel where they will be spending the night.

Meanwhile, Korkut reaches Memduh’s office where his secretary tells him that Memduh left an hour ago and hands him an address. We see Selim hand the goons keys to Gonul’s house so they can execute their plan.

Korkut reaches the address with a steel pipe in his hand. He looks through the house but does not find anyone till he hears a gunshot and a man’s scream. We see the pervert quivering like a rat begging to know what he did wrong as Memduh holds him at gunpoint. Memduh berates him for ruining the lives of several innocent women. He tells him that he is well-aware that Emine was not his first victim and that perverts like him do not deserve to live. He then shoots him in the kneecap. Korkut charges towards them and Memduh’s men hold him back.

A Love Story Episode 81Korkut screams that the pervert is his prey and Memduh says he will handle the man for him as he does not want Korkut to kill anyone. Korkut questions who he is to do so and Memduh admits he is nobody to him and gestures his men who then take Korkut away. Memduh then shoots the pervert in the other knee. (I knew Korkut is left-handed but I noticed today that Memduh is left-handed too.)

Korkut returns home where he kisses Ceylan softly and sleeps behind her wrapping his arm around her. She asks him if he did anything to jeopardise his limited days with her and his family. After a long period of silence, he replies that he did not do anything wrong. She heaves a sigh of relief. He tells her that he is worried about how Emine will raise the child and wishes that the baby is never born. She tells him that it is her baby and it should be her decision to have it or no.

A Love Story Episode 81Selim’s accomplice rummages through Gonul’s room and  steal her jewellery and the money, she has withdrawn to give the organ dealer, from her drawer. As they are on their way out, they see Ece and kidnap her before she can alert anyone.

Selim changes his mind and tells Emre to call the goons back but he declines saying that it is too late to back out now. Just then. the two men call him and inform about encountering a girl in the house. They then arrive at their meeting spot and Selim screams at them for kidnapping his sister. One goon bashes him up while the other pulls Ece out of the car and says that they are leaving her for now but if they open their mouths then he will kill all of them. Emre then asks them to split the money and the goon lies that the house was empty and that they did not find anything.

A Love Story Episode 81Next day, police arrive at Gonul’s house and tell her that the robbers did not break into her house and probably had the keys with them She tells the police that other than her family, only the housing keeping staff has the key to her house. She adds that she has full faith in her staff and does not want them to trouble the family. The police ask them if they heard anything suspicious last night. Asiye says she was having a headache but fell asleep before Ece could bring her the medicine. Ece says that she came to collect the medicine but did not hear anything. Selim answers that he spent the night out with his friend. The investigator eyes him suspiciously and questions about his friend. Gonul intervenes that they are in mourning and must not be troubled so the police dismiss them. The policeman asks Gonul what all was robbed. She tells him that she lost her jewellery and a huge sum of money. He asks her if anyone was aware of the money. She shakes her head but seems to have remembered something.

A Love Story Episode 81She visits Korkut the next day and chastises him for his two-facedness. Baffled, he wonders what she is talking about and she asks him what he plans to do with so much money. Getting the hint, he says that she must have already informed the police by now and they must be on their way to nab him. She balks at the idea and asks him why he is being so mean to her. He evades her question and she says that the day she discovers the reason behind his bad behaviour towards her she will get back at him in the same way as him. He then leaves after saying that she needs to work on her threatening skills.

A Love Story Episode 81Tolga is taking a strolling in his compound when Korkut walks over to him and tells him that he must savour the sight for one last time as he is going to tell Gonul the truth. He teases that when Gonul learns about her real son, she will surely abandon him. Tolga feels insecure and he argues with Korkut. He loses his temper and pushes Korkut the same way he pushed Tahsin down the stairs and turns to see his lifeless body lying at the end of the steps. He then wakes up from the nightmare and resolves to do something about Korkut.

A Love Story Episode 81Korkut finds Ceylan in the kitchen and asks why she did not visit her mother. She tearfully replies that she finds it hard to visit the house that reminds her of her father. Staying back is not easy either. He turns her to face him and asks her to stop thinking about his death. She says she cannot do that and he urges her to try harder and pulls her into a hug.

A Love Story Episode 81Tolga meets Yilmaz and asks him to have Korkut killed. Yilmaz wants to know what is his problem with Korkut. He tells him that if he manages to be patient then his work will be done automatically as he is dying anyway. Tolga says he does not have time in his hands and that he wishes to see Korkut dead before he dies. Tolga offers him a huge amount of money in return. Yilmaz says that he does not need money but an assurance that when the times comes right he will have to give him something he asks without a question. Tolga agrees to the condition.

A Love Story Episode 81Ece argues with Selim over the stealing incident. She tells him that he should pray that the robbers do not get caught or else he will be in trouble. He is confident that they will never get caught by the police and Ece puts some sense in him. He then scolds her for strolling in the empty house late at night before leaving in a huff.

As soon as Selim steps out of the house, the investigators approach him and ask him to get into their car as they wish to ask him some questions. After some time, Selim notices that instead of the police station, the investigators are driving him out of town.

A Love Story Episode 81Ceylan tells Asiye about the lady who visited Gonul a few days ago. She tells her about the lady and Gonul recognizes her as an old acquaintance who worked for Gonul. Ceylan recalls the lady saying that she is a mother how is in a lot of trouble and she surmises that the lady could be Korkut’s real mother. She explains that Gonul did a lot of charity work for Korkut’s orphanage the year he was left there and Hakki Baba was the guard there. She connects Hakki Baba’s letter and the lady’s sudden reappearance and concludes that she could be Korkut’s mother.

Korkut meets Yilmaz who tells him that Tolga has hired him to have him killed. Korkut just rolls his eyes and leaves his car without a word. Haha Yilmaz’s minion joins him and Yilmaz tells him that Korkut did not take him seriously but his work is done anyway as he has pitted him against Tolga. He hopes that the two men now do something about it which will have Tolga eliminated from Ceynat’s life and Korkut from his life.

A Love Story Episode 81Ceylan urges Asiye to remember anything related to the woman but she is unable to do so. Ceylan assumes that the lady and Gonul were friends and when the lady left her kids at the orphanage Gonul also did the same. She tells Asiye that it is important for her to find the lady as only she can convince Korkut to undergo the surgery.  

The investigators stop on a deserted road. One of the two men holds out a gun and coaxes Selim to give them half of the money she stole from Gonul’s house. Selim asks them the consequence he shall face if he fails to give them anything. The investigators exchange looks and know that their doubt about Selim being involved in the robbery was right.

A Love Story Episode 81As Ceylan approaches the lady’s booth, she calls Korkut and tells him that she has found his mother. Stunned, Korkut wonders what she is talking about and she tells him that she spoke to his mother and that everything will now be fine. Just then, he sees Gonul walk towards him and he stares at her in disbelief.  


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