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A Love Story Episode 82 Korkut looks up at Gonul who advances towards him and stops right in front of him. He starts to say something but she cuts him off saying that he need not say anything as she has decided to give up on him as there is no point arguing with a person like him. As she walks off, he heaves a sigh of relief and gets back to Ceylan on the phone who asks him to come to the place where he can meet his mother. (Did you notice the look in his eyes when he started to speak to Gonul? It was that of happiness and nervousness. Happy because she finally knows the truth and he can die in peace with his mother by his side. Nervous because he will now have to explain his actions to her. Seckin is an unbelievably amazing actor.)

Gonul meets Memduh in his office and cribs about Memduh being good to Korkut. Memduh retaliates that she should not drag him into her personal fights. He then points out that all the media mess is because she left Ceynat at the orphanage. She blames him for her actions and he remarks that she should have been a better mother. Enraged by his comment, she tells him to never question her motherhood and leaves in a huff.

A Love Story Episode 82 Korkut arrives at the place Ceylan asked him to meet and introduces him to his ‘supposed’ mother. She tells the Murbet that Korkut is her son but Murbet instantly dismisses her claim saying that Korkut is not the son she is looking for. Korkut apologises for Ceylan’s mistake and leaves the place. Ceylan explains that she thought the lady was his real mother as she came to Gonul looking for him. After they leave, the lady sighs and we see a flashback wherein the lady is young and has recently given birth to a child. We see her at a young Gonul’s doorstep as she entrusts her newborn son to Gonul saying that she will never be able to raise him on her own. Gonul accepts to adopt her son on the condition that she will never look back and claim her son. Murbet agrees to never contact Gonul ever again. Before leaving she requests Gonul to name her son Tolga because that is what she named him and Gonul agrees to do so. However, the moment Gonul shuts the door, Murbet slumps to the ground wailing uncontrollably.

A Love Story Episode 82 Korkut scolds Ceylan for troubling the lady and then tells her to quit looking for his mother as he himself is not interested in meeting her anymore.

Selim meets Emre and tells him that the police caught him. He says that the two men he hired to conduct the robbery have actually stolen a huge amount of money from Gonul’s house. He tells him that the investigators are asking for a share in the loot. Emre says that catching hold of the two robbers is not a joke so Selim threatens to go to the police and divulge the truth to them. After he leaves, Emre calls his accomplice and tells them about Selim’s threat.

A Love Story Episode 82 Tolga goes for a jog where he is rudely shouldered by another jogger. He calls out the jogger for being reckless. The jogger turns to Tolga and he is surprised to see Korkut under the hood. Korkut then mocks his lack of stamina and the dream of having him killed. Tolga feigns ignorance and Korkut says that he is talking about his plan to have Korkut murdered which failed badly. Korkut mocks that he will have to wait patiently for his death and hiring people to kill him will not work. He reminds him that he had once resolved to take away all that he has and teases that the day is not far. Tolga sneers at him but Korkut looks unfazed as he happily jogs back.

A Love Story Episode 82 Tolga meets Yilmaz and scolds him for blabbering to Korkut. Yilmaz tells him that he should instead thank him for saving him. He says had he killed him the police would have nabbed him and Tolga too would be in jail with him and jail is no place for a sophisticated person like Tolga. He would have died then and there. He adds that he told Korkut the truth because Korkut had once saved his life and this was his way of paying him back. He then incites Tolga by advising him to stay away from such plotting as it does not suit him and is something he can never accomplish.

A Love Story Episode 82 Emre’s goons chase Ece as she makes her way home. They threaten her with dire consequences if Selim opens his mouth before the police. She runs home looking dishevelled and tells Selim that the two men threated him from speaking anything to the police. She says that if this continues she will never be able to leave the house. He regrets not having his father around to get him out of this mess. Ece screams at him for her condition and leaves in a huff.

A Love Story Episode 82 Ceylan asks Emine to recall where she kept the CD but she is unable to remember anything. She hits her head trying to remember but Umut intervenes that she is causing too much stress. He tells her to ask Korkut for the CD as he was the one who recorded it. Just then, Korkut arrives and Emine tells him that Ceylan wants the CD which will help them find their mother. Korkut then asks Ceylan to talk in private and they go to their room.

Korkut requests her to quit looking for the CD but Ceylan puts her foot down and demands to know what is in it. He pleads her to stop and spend his last few days with him in happiness instead of wasting time after the CD but she is adamant to know what he is hiding from her. Exasperated, he gives up and stalks off the room and Ceylan resolves to have her answer.

A Love Story Episode 82 Next day, Murbet is startled to see Korkut outside her house. He requests to speak to her for some time and she reluctantly agrees. In her house, he notices her old picture with a young Gonul and asks for her baby’s picture. Once glimpse and she knew that Korkut is not her son so he asks if she is Tolga’s mother. Her eyes widen in horror and she fiercely denies it. Korkut tells her that he knows Tolga is adopted and requests her to speak the truth so he can help her. He tells her that he is ill and she cries that she gave him away so he could live a better life. She asks him if he knows Tolga and he assures her to have them meet if she tells him about Tolga’s father. The lady hesitates and asks him to leave. Korkut leaves his contact details with her and tells her to call him whenever she is willing to tell him the truth. After Korkut leaves, we see the lady pull out a picture of Memduh and stare at it longingly. (Wait! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Memduh is Tolga’s dad? But he did the DNA test, right? It showed that they were not related. Then where is this coming from?)

A Love Story Episode 82 In a flashback scene, we see a young Murbet bring some medicine for Gonul who is nervous before a performance. Memduh too is there but he leaves in some time and so does Gonul. As Murbet starts to leave the room, someone pulls her in and forces himself on her. She screams in shock when she sees Memduh and he hushes her saying that she is very pretty. He asks her to close the door and she follows his order. He digs his head into her neck as he kisses her passionately and she reciprocates.

A Love Story Episode 82 Standing in front of the pergola where Korkut had once proposed to her, Ceylan calls him and asks if he will meet her in the park later in the evening. He asks her why she wants to meet him there and she only repeats that he has to meet her there and hangs up on him. We then see her advancing towards the pergola with bags in her hand. (In case you are wondering when he proposed to her then check out ep 26.)

Selim meets Korkut at Memduh’s office and asks him for help. He tells him about the robbery and Korkut chastises him for biting the hand that feeds him. Frustrated, Selim screams that he needed money to help a girl who is in a wheelchair because of him. He says he wanted that money to help her so she can get operated and live a normal life.

A Love Story Episode 82 We then see Ceylan write a letter to Korkut while sitting in the pergola. She writes that she wants him to know how it feels to know that the one you love will be gone soon. She decorates the pergola and we hear her say that she is leaving Korkut and going somewhere far away from him so he knows how she feels for him and why she wants him to undergo the surgery. She concludes that she loves him and then leaves the letter and her wedding ring on the table.

A Love Story Episode 82 Korkut drops Selim home and tells him to not mention anything to anyone at home. As Korkut turns to leave, he sees Tolga who asks him why he is there. Korkut reminds him that his wife’s family lives there so he can visit anytime he wants. Tolga says that he is the owner of the property and he must seek his permission to visit the house. Korkut scoffs that he is not the owner. He says that Tolga is supposed to find his real mother and Tolga remarks that he is lying and that Gonul is his real mother.

We then see Tolga looking through Gonul’s old pictures and asks her for her pregnancy or his infancy pictures. She replies that she lost their old picture while renovating the house. But Tolga does not believe her.

A Love Story Episode 82 Emine is singing while she sweeps the veranda. A man who observes her sings along and she feels frightened. She rushes inside the house and he chases after her saying that he is Ahmet’s brother Kemal and she must not be afraid of him. (OK. This guy is cute. I hope he is her ‘happily ever after’ prince.)

Korkut reaches the park where he is happy to see the pergola decorated. But his happiness is short-lived as he reads the letter she left behind for him. He tries to reach her but her phone is switched off.

A Love Story Episode 82 Emine brings some refreshments for Kemal as she eyes him suspiciously. He then informs her of his mother’s demise and hands her some money saying that it was her last wish to give some money to help Emine with Umut’s education. He tells her that his mother was very ashamed of Ahmet’s behaviour towards her and Emine says that she was never at fault as she was a wonderful woman. Kemal apologises for not being able to do anything for her and she says he need not apologise as they are happy and content in life.

Korkut calls Emine and Asiye inquiring about Ceylan but she is nowhere to be found.     

A Love Story Episode 82 Ceynat asks Gonul why she did not tell police that Korkut knew about the money in her house and Gonul sarcastically asks what she would have told the police about her encounter with the mafia and Korkut coming to help her. Tolga walks in just then and asks what she was talking about the mafia. Gonul tells him that she got into a problem with the mafia and Korkut and Yilmaz saved her. Tolga states that Yilmaz is a horrible man and must not be trusted. He doubts Yilmaz having a hand in robbing her money and asks her to file a complaint against Yilmaz. Gonul says she can’t do so as they will question Korkut too. Ceynat feels uncomfortable and leaves the room.   


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