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Written Update: Episode 83

A Love Story Episode 83Ceynat calls Yilmaz and asks him if it was his plan to rob her house. Yilmaz denies it and remarks that this must surely be Tolga’s allegation. However, he does not mind anything right now as he is too happy to know that Ceynat is worried for him and she smiles at his excitement.

A Love Story Episode 83Panicky, Korkut asks Memduh for help fearing that Ceynat might try to kill herself the way she did last time. Memduh calms him down and assures to find her for him. We then see Ceylan step out a bus that stops in front of the hotel where Korkut had once tended to her when she fell ill (If you are wondering when this happened then head to ep 9.)

Memduh talks to a police officer and tells Korkut that they have her picture and if she switches her phone one it will be easier to locate her.

Ceylan seems to be aware of the very obvious way to track her so she switches on her phone once she enters her room and smirks when she receives Korkut’s frantic voice messages.

A Love Story Episode 83Memduh receives a phone call from the police and he tells Korkut her location. He then rushes to find her.

Asiye tells Gonul that Murbet (I’m not sure of the name but this is what it sounds like.) had come to visit her. Gonul looks startled and Asiye says that Ceylan had informed her about her visit but Gonul refused to meet her. Gonul is nervous but she tries to keep a straight face before Asiye who tells her that Murbet was mumbling about being a mother and being in a lot of trouble.

Gonul staggers out of the pantry as she looks disoriented recalling the promise Murbet made to her when she handed Tolga to her. She then looks at her portrait with Tolga on the wall and sighs.

A Love Story Episode 83Ceylan patiently waits for Korkut and opens the door when she senses him approaching. He throws his arms around her holding her tightly the moment he sees her at the door. He tells her she scared him and she asks if he now knows how she feels about losing him forever. She tells him that he found her today but maybe he might not be able to find her again. He begs her to not have him go through this again and she asks him to promise to undergo the surgery. He promises to have a surgery and she hugs him tightly. He slips her wedding ring onto her finger and makes her promise to never remove it again or else he will get angry with her. She tells him that she knows how to calm his anger and she pulls him into the room. (Aww….they look so nice when they are happy.)


A Love Story Episode 83Next morning, Ceylan tells Korkut that they should first visit the hospital before heading home and he says that he cannot go today as he has some work to do. She frowns and reminds him of his promise. He holds her hand and assures her that he will keep his promise. He says that he cannot go today as he has some work to finish.

A Love Story Episode 83Gonul visits Murbet and scolds her for going back on her words. Murbet says that she kept her promise and did not see her for the last 27 years. Gonul then surmises that she wants money from her and Murbet dismisses her assumption. Murbet then tearfully admits to wanting to meet her son once after she learnt that he is dying. She blames Gonul for not trying hard to save Tolga and threatens to seek help from his father in case she is unable to save him. Gonul looks at her incredulously and reminds her that she herself had told her that Tolga’s father is unaware of his existence. Murbet answers that it is high time she lets him know about it. Gonul then asks about Tolga’s father and she vehemently denies to tell her about him. Gonul tries to bribe her but she instead berates Gonul for being selfish.

A Love Story Episode 83The investigators visit Selim’s house and demand to meet Selim. They tell him that they have the robber’s footprints and want Selim to bring his shoes. Asiye justifies that they work there and it is natural to find his footprints around the house. But the two brawny men are determined to scare off the little boy and ask him to do as said. He goes to his room and paces nervously as he recollects the policemen threatening and beating him to share the stolen money with them within two days. He comes out with his shoes and it does not match with the print the police have. The investigator then moves closer to him and reminds him that he has just one more day left with him.

A Love Story Episode 83Korkut drops Ceylan home and calls Selim to meet him later in the evening. Selim tells him about the police visiting him and reminding him of their ultimatum. Korkut tells him to not worry and assures to tackle the situation in the evening.

As Korkut heads inside Memduh’s building, he is approached by Murbet who finally reveals that Memduh is Tolga’s father. Korkut realises that Tolga is his brother and he rushes inside the building recalling and regretting all their altercations in the past. Korkut staggers his way to the washroom where he tries to get a grip on himself till he slumps to the floor in despair.

A Love Story Episode 83Meanwhile, Ceynat wakes up Tolga from a nightmare where he sees Korkut threatening to take away all that belongs to him. Seeing him sweaty and scared, Ceynat tells him that she too has nightmares. Tolga tells her to not compare their situation with his and she objects that they both know what the truth and so does Korkut. She tells him that they need to do something about Korkut and he says they can only wait for him to die. She asks him if he is afraid of Korkut spilling the beans and he admits to it. She then offers to hatch a plan to get him out of their way once and for all.

A Love Story Episode 83Next, we see, Ceynat set up a romantic date for Yilmaz with the help of his minion.

Selim arrives at the given location where Korkut and he meet some policemen. The policeman tells Korkut that they will give the investigators money through Selim and when they accept it they will nab them. He then asks Selim to call the investigators. Selim calls the investigator and tells him that he has the money they asked for. The investigator snaps at him and hangs up. Selim feels nervous that they caught him and the policeman assures him that this is just an act and the very next moment Selim receives a text message asking him to meet them at a certain hotel. Korkut offers to go instead of Selim as it seems dangerous to send the boy but Selim is adamant about tackling his own problem.

Yilmaz arrives at the date location and is surprised to see Ceynat decked up next to a candlelit table. She tells him that this is her way of thanking him for being there for her.

A Love Story Episode 83Korkut and the police sit together on a table as Selim sits alone at a nearby table at a restaurant where they wait for the investigators to arrive. Korkut is sceptical of sending Selim alone and the policeman convinces him to not worry.

Ceylan visits Asiye and shares the good news with her. Asiye asks her if she has enough money for the surgery and Ceylan says she will borrow money from Emine and will return it later to her. She says she wishes the operation to go well.Tolga walks in on them and Asiye cheerfully tells him that Korkut is willing to undergo the surgery and he will be totally fine after that.

A Love Story Episode 83Yilmaz tells Ceynat that their date would have been better if she had cooked for him. She replies that she ran out of time. He surmises that she needs a favour from him which is why she has arranged the date. Ceylan then receives a call from Tolga who tells her to convince Yilmaz at any cost because he just learnt that Korkut will be undergoing the surgery. She hangs up and asks Yilmaz if he will kill Korkut for her.

A Love Story Episode 83The two investigators arrive and order something to eat. Selim restlessly asks them to take the money and the men reply that he need not make a haste as they will first talk at leisure then take him to another place to beat him up. Selim offers them money and asks to be left. The men notice that Selim has been nervously glancing at another table. They look around and see Korkut looking back at them. Enraged, one of the two men hold Selim at gunpoint as they try to escape.

A Love Story Episode 83The entire police team surround the men and they continue to threaten to shoot Selim. Holding Selim hostage, they manage to leave the restaurant as Selim pleads Korkut to save him. Korkut too screams at the men that if they harm Selim he will not spare them.

As they step out of the restaurant, Selim manages to free himself and run away from his kidnappers. Korkut asks Selim to hide behind a tree but he instead runs towards him and the kidnapper shoots him in the chest and Selim collapses to the ground.


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