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Written Update: Episode 84

A Love Story Episode 84The police nab the investigators and Korkut rushes to Selim. He checks his bulletproof vest which now has a bullet hole in it. He sighs in relief when Selim looks back at him and then pulls Selim close to him.

Yilmaz cuts his palm with a knife as he curses his luck and wishes to not feel any pain anymore. In a flashback, we see that Yilmaz tries to flirt with Ceynat but she gets straight to the point and asks if he can kill Korkut for her. He overturns the table in anger and pulls her off her chair screaming at her for being selfish. She collects her stuff and starts to leave when he says that he will kill Korkut for her sake.

A Love Story Episode 84Ceylan reprimands Selim at the threshold but Tolga charges at him berating him for betraying them. Korkut peels him off Selim and Tolga accuses him of training Selim for robbery which was his profession when he lived in Germany. The two men are about to exchange blows when Gonul and Asiye intervene and separate them. Gonul sends everyone home and stays back to talk to Korkut.

She then tells Korkut to admit to his crime and using Selim as a scapegoat. Korkut offers her his phone and urges her to call the police if she is so confident of his involvement in the crime. When she wavers he says she cannot do so as she knows she deserves it as she is a very bad mother. She asks why he is after her and he answers that it is because he despises her for being selfish enough to abandon her own daughter. She counters that he hates her because he hates his mother for leaving him and he yells that he hates every mother who abandons her child.

A Love Story Episode 84As Korkut stalks out of Gonul’s house, he sees his younger self-standing outside with his hand badly burnt. He talks to the child and asks him to get first aid and the little boy replies that his mother will do that for him. Korkut argues with him that his mother is an awful woman who will never come to his rescue. But the child sides with his mother and leaves saying that he will hug her and all his pain will vanish in a jiffy.

He goes inside and eats a sweet kept in the pantry before pocketing some more. He then walks up to Gonul who wakes up on seeing him in the living room. She looks at the boy’s badly bruised hand with concern and asks him who he is. The little boy replies that Korkut will tell her who he is and just then she opens her eyes and wakes up on the couch.  

A Love Story Episode 84Ceylan sees Korkut sitting outside the house and is worried if he had an argument with Gonul. He turns to her and asks to leave right away as he feels suffocated in that place. Korkut then drives her near a cliff from where they can see the skyline of the city. He tells her that they never really danced together and he plays some music in his car as he holds her close and they move to the romantic music. (That’s my favourite ‘Ver Bana Duslerimi’ sung by Seçkin.) He asks her if she wishes for anything another than his surgery. She chuckles and answers that it would be great if it could snow at that moment. Korkut looks up at the sky and requests the snow God to shower some snow for him and after a few seconds, it starts snowing lightly. Exhilarated by the sudden snow, Ceylan jumps with joy as he lovingly spins her.

A Love Story Episode 84Tolga teases Ceynat for not being able to accomplish a simple task and reminds her that she will be at a loss if Korkut lives longer. Ceynat retorts that he too will suffer as Emine and Korkut are Gonul’s real kids who matter more to her.

The doorbell buzzes and Tolga opens the door to Murbet who starts weeping on seeing him. He shuts the door when she is unable to utter a word. But she buzzes again and this time he hands her some money. She finally says that she does not want money, she wants to see him because she is his mother. Tolga’s eyes glisten with tears but he still slams the door in her face.

A Love Story Episode 84Next morning, Yilmaz calls Ceynat and tells her that he will keep his promise and kill Korkut but he has been unable to spot him. Ceynat informs Tolga of the same and requests him to drop the plan as he is dying anyway. Tolga protests and reminds her of the consequences she will have to face if Korkut ever reveals the truth. Frightened of going back to the old miserable life, she agrees to go on with the plan. Tolga then receives a call from Korkut who asks to meet him.

A Love Story Episode 84Korkut meets Tolga and first hands him a piece of paper saying that it contains an address which he can look at later. Korkut then reminds him of their first meeting when Tolga said he always wanted a brother like Korkut. Tolga now says that was then when he did not know Korkut well and now he doesn’t want a brother at all. Korkut asks if he hates him that much and Tolga replies that he hates him because he went after everything that belonged to him. Korkut justifies that he was only trying to get things that were rightfully his but Tolga stood in between all of that. Korkut says that he was not aware that Tolga is….and he stops mid-sentence.

A Love Story Episode 84Korkut says that he is not a bad guy. But Tolga admits that he is indeed a bad person. He says that he was a very nice guy until Korkut disrupted his life. He says that Korkut tried to kill him by telling him that Gonul is not his biological mother. Korkut apologises for it and then tells him that the piece of paper contains the address to his real mother. Tolga nods his head. Korkut then tells him to not be angry with Gonul and he wonders how he can have two mothers. Korkut says that only lucky people have two mothers. He then reveals that Emine and he are Gonul’s biological kids and Tolga nods his head saying that he was already aware of it.

A Love Story Episode 84Surprised, Korkut asks how he learnt about it and Tolga evades it saying that it doesn’t matter now as they both are facing their imminent death. He goes on that losing both her sons will be the biggest blow for any mother. Korkut gets emotional and starts to leave. Tolga screams after him asking why he does not wish to reveal the truth to Gonul and hug his mother once. Korkut turns to look at Tolga but leaves without saying anything. Clutching his chest, Tolga drops to the ground gasping for breath.

A Love Story Episode 84Tolga quickly calls Ceynat and requests her to call Yilmaz and tell him to drop their plan. Ceynat demands to know the reason behind the sudden change of plans but Tolga does not give her an explanation. She screams at him for treating this like a stupid game and hangs up after refusing to call off the plan. Angry, she takes a vase and breaks Gonul and Tolga’s portrait hanging on the wall.

A Love Story Episode 84Korkut arrives at the hospital where Ceylan and their families anxiously wait for his arrival. Before the surgery, the doctor briefs him on the risks he faces after undergoing such a risky surgery. But Korkut and Ceylan are both hopeful of a positive outcome. After the doctor leaves, Korkut shuts the door saying that he wants to kiss his wife for the last time. She says it won’t be the last time. He says that he may lose his memory but his heart will never stop loving her and pulls her in for a kiss.

A Love Story Episode 84Gonul is on her way to Memduh’s office where she sees Murbet outside Memduh’s building. Gonul accosts her for stalking her and Murbet explains that she is there to meet Tolga’s father, Memduh. Stunned, Gonul pushes Murbet in her car and drives on.

Meanwhile, the doctor operating on Korkut monitors his vital signs and seems satisfied by the way the operation is progressing.

Gonul drags Murbet to her house and slaps her for having an affair with Memduh despite knowing of her feelings for him. She screams that when Memduh learns that Tolga is his son he will snatch him away from her and Murbet cries that she will never divulge anything to anyone. Gonul loses her temper is almost on the verge of choking her to death till she comes to her senses and backs away from her.

A Love Story Episode 84Yilmaz sends his minion to find out about Korkut’s surgery results and hopes that he dies during operation so he does not have to kill him.

Unable to handle the stress Ceylan walks away from the operation theatre and sits away alone when she rubs her hand over her belly. She then undergoes a pregnancy test at the hospital.

When she returns to the operation theatre, the doctor declares that they have managed to remove the bullet but the success of the operation will be gauged only after Korkut regains consciousness.

A Love Story Episode 84Yilmaz’s minion hears the doctor and updates Yilmaz about Korkut’s successful surgery. Frustrated, Yilmaz steps out of his car and screams criticising Korkut for staying alive and forcing him to kill him. He turns around and sees that a girl has heard him. He catches hold of her and warns her of saying anything to anyone. We then see the girl exchange a glance with the security guard.

Korkut is shifted to the ICU as Ceylan anxiously looks over him. Simultaneously, Yilmaz reluctantly advances towards Korkut’s room to kill him.

Gonul refrains Murbet from ever meeting Tolga and leaves in a huff. As she steps out of the house, she sees Tolga slumped to the ground. Gonul rushes to him and so does Murbet. But Gonul warns her from coming close to Tolga. Gonul apologises to Tolga for lying to him and he says she did so only for his happiness and for him she is the best mom in the world.

Tolga then requests Gonul to rush to the hospital where Korkut is being operated as Yilmaz is on his way to kill him. He tells her that Korkut needs her more as Korkut is her real son. He kisses her hand and begs her to save her son.


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