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Written Update: Episode 85

A Love Story Episode 85As Yilmaz heads towards the ICU he sees Ceylan and quickly hides in a room. She then asks the receptionist for the pregnancy test result. Yilmaz steals a lab coat and advances towards the ICU. The receptionist returns with Ceylan’s result and congratulates her on the positive result. Ceylan feels excited on seeing her result and she rushes to see Korkut.

She receives a frantic call from Gonul who informs her of the threat hovering over Korkut’s life. We then see Yilmaz open the door to the ICU as Ceylan runs to save her husband.

Tolga tells Murbet that he has to help Korkut. He starts to leave but a few steps later he stumbles and Murbet rushes to support him as he collapses in her arms. As he draws his last breath he apologises to her and then shuts his eyes forever.

A Love Story Episode 85Yilmaz looks at an unconscious Korkut and sighs that everything will finally be over today. He then reminiscence the day when he saved Korkut from his abusive father and then took him under in wing like an elder brother. Yilmaz is in tears when he pulls out Korkut’s nasal cannula and smothers him with a pillow. We then see Ceylan open the door and we are taken back to Korkut’s dream when he was in the ICU last time. It starts from where we last left and we see Gonul heading to the hospital where Korkut is admitted after being shot by Tolga on his wedding day.

A Love Story Episode 85Korkut is taken to the operation theatre and Gonul blames Ceylan for his condition. She accuses Ceylan of leading on Tolga and forcing him to shoot her son. She weeps in a corner as Ceylan looks lost.

We then see Memduh and his men bash Tolga for his mistake as he begs to be spared. Memduh bashes him some more before ordering his men to throw him in a gutter.

A Love Story Episode 85Emine operates on Korkut and informs Ceylan and Gonul that they have removed the bullet but can’t be sure of his condition till he gains consciousness. She then takes Ceylan to another room and offers her some clothes to change into. Ceylan then recalls the day when she waited for Korkut at the pergola but ended up having a creepy encounter with Tolga. She feels scared as she recalls the incident at the hospital.

Next day, Emine allows Ceylan to see Korkut who lies unconscious on the hospital bed. He opens his eyes the moment she stands close to him. Addressing her as ‘doctor’ he says that he is experiencing too much pain and she tells him that she is not the doctor. He then calls her a nurse and asks to hold her hand as he pulls her close. Ceylan cries as Korkut is unable to recognize her and he says that if she kisses him he might remember who she is. She smacks him hard for joking with her and he reminds her that he has just had a surgery. She then kisses him softly before running her hands over his face.

A Love Story Episode 85Korkut dislikes the food served in the hospital so he forces Ceylan to leave with him and eat at a roadside stall. As they eat, Korkut experiences sudden pain and he asks Ceylan to return to the hospital. She brushes him off thinking that he is again pulling a prank on her but he faints and she rushes to him asking people to help call an ambulance. However, the moment she bends to check on him he opens his eyes and giggles like a little baby and she rolls her eyes berating him for fooling her again. (OMG!! They are so cute. Why weren’t they like this during the drama? Why are they so nice only in the last episode? Uggggggggh!!)

A Love Story Episode 85Few months later, Ceylan is heavily pregnant as she talks to her unborn baby. Korkut arrives with tonnes of gifts and they argue over the sex of the baby. Ceylan wants a boy while Korkut wishes to have a girl. Ceylan tells him that she had visited the doctor earlier and she got to know that they will be having a boy. She tells him not to be disheartened as their second baby can be a girl. Korkut is happy to hear the news and states that they will keep trying till they have a girl someday. (Sheesh! I can’t stop blushing looking at these two together. And look at Korkut. He looks so cute smiling. He hardly smiled throughout the show.)

A Love Story Episode 85Emine helps Gonul select a necklace to go with her attire and she seizes the opportunity to ask Emine if she has a boyfriend. Emine blushes as she asks Gonul’s permission to invite her ‘friend’ for dinner. Delighted, Gonul wants to know everything about the boy but Emine leaves her hanging as she goes to answer the door.

There is an awkward silence at the dinner table as Emine’s boyfriend is present amidst her family. A bearded man is seated next to her and he is none other than her husband in the actual drama, Ahmet. Gonul is clearly unhappy with Emine’s choice as he is a stage actor and not a successful doctor like Emine. Korkut secretly tells Ceylan that she is lucky as Gonul will now have someone else to fight with.

A Love Story Episode 85Ahmet then asks for Emine’s hand in marriage. The whole family looks happy but Gonul flatly declines the proposal. But who listens to her anyway.

A Love Story Episode 85We then see a picture of Emine married to Ahmet on the table next to Korkut and Ceylan’s wedding photo.

On their way to the airport, Emine and Ahmet have a fight as he chides her for spending more time with her family instead of him. She looks at him in disbelief as he drives on nervously. Their car breaks down and he continues to curse her. (Oh no poor Emine. In Korkut’s dream too she does not lead a very happy life.)

A Love Story Episode 85Ceylan and Korkut are alone at home when she suffers from intense labour pains and screams for Korkut. They both panic and Ceylan orders Korkut to call the doctor home but he is too numb to follow her orders. She makes him relax and calm down when she sees him too befuddled to move. Like a mother, she instructs him to take deep breaths and inform the doctor of their arrival.

A Love Story Episode 85Ahmet is angry that they have missed their flight and blames Emine for it. He says they could have accepted her father’s new car as a gift but she refused because she did not want her father’s help. He mocks her attitude and she starts to leave him when he drags her back and accidentally slaps her. He apologises to her but she leaves him and stalks off.

A Love Story Episode 85At the hospital, Korkut paces nervously outside the operation theatre. He calls Emine and excitedly shares the news of his baby’s arrival with her and she tells him that she will be there soon.

The nurse steps out of the operation room and instructs Korkut to wear an apron as Ceylan has refused to deliver the baby in his absence. Korkut quivers as he is nervous. In the operation theatre, we see Ceylan growling at the doctor who requests her to get back on the bed but Ceylan refuses to deliver the baby without Korkut.

A Love Story Episode 85Ceylan yelps in pain as she delivers the baby with Korkut by her side. The doctor brings the baby to Ceylan and she names him Ali and we see Korkut lost in the shadow behind like as if he is not really present there. We are pulled back into the present day and we see Ceylan running after her a grown-up Ali as she runs away from her.

A Love Story Episode 85They head towards the graveyard where we see Korkut’s grave adjacent to Tolga’s grave. We then see Ali place a bouquet on Korkut’s grave and talk to him as Korkut’s soul observes him from a distance.

Next, see Yilmaz lying helplessly next to a garbage bin. He looks up at Memduh and tells him to kill him as he does not have the courage to end his life. He apologizes to Korkut and promises to start a new life with him. Memduh then points the gun at him and shoots him.

A Love Story Episode 85We see Memduh cry silently before throwing away his gun in the ocean. We hear Ali say that he hasn’t met his grandfather in many days and he misses him as he would bring him a lot of toys and would always cry looking at him.

Back at the graveyard, Ali tells Korkut that he is not alone as Tolga uncle is with him. He adds that his grandmother is alone though as she does not talk to anyone.

We see Gonul sitting alone on a bench, at what looks like a mental asylum, as Emine calls out to her and introduces herself as her daughter. Gonul looks at her and asks for her son Korkut. Emine tells her that he is no more. Gonul, however, smiles as she sees Korkut standing in front of her. She walks to him and pulls him into a hug as he happily hugs his mother back. (Jeez! Such an emotional ending with a moving  background music, I swear I had tears in my eyes.)


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Final Thoughts

Phew!! I finally finished the written updates for my first Turkish drama. I kept everything on hold just to complete this drama. I am happy to have completed it because I enjoyed every single episode despite its utterly flawed script. In fact, I am feeling bad about it coming to an end. I used to feel excited to watch it and even more excited to write it. Somewhere during the drama, I fell madly in love with Korkut. Even though he is the typical drama ‘bad’ boy, I fell for his loving and romantic side. I will miss this drama dearly. I never watched any of Zindagi’s shows before Snowdrop and A Love Story. And of these two, I personally preferred A Love Story only because it struck a chord with me, unlike Snowdrop. Trust me, I have tears in my eyes because I will miss Korkut and Ceylan. 🙁 I am grateful to Zee Zindagi for getting such uniques shows to Indian television. 

Since I have observed this drama closely, there are some things that I need to share before I finally bid goodbye to this drama. Even though I enjoyed the drama, I cannot ignore its glaring plot-holes. There were a lot of instances that baffled me. A lot of details that were conveniently overlooked by the director annoyed me to no end and I want to vent it out. So, here is what I liked and disliked about this drama.

First, let me discuss the main characters of the drama.

Korkut/ Seçkin Özdemir

A Love Story Review

Oh, My GAWD!! Where do I start from? Seçkin had me floored with his impeccable acting and hypnotic gaze. His acting was spot on and he looked tailor-made for the role. He aced emotional scenes like no other actor. Emotions that most actors are unable to express easily flickered in Seçkin’s eyes alone. He is probably the first bearded hero that I like because I do not like men with beard (that explains my crush on innumerable Korean actors who probably don’t know what a beard is). I especially liked him in one particular scene where Emine is in the bathroom crying and he consoles her all the while trying to contain his own emotional outburst. There are several scenes where Korkut does not speak but just looks and his ‘look’ conveys a lot more than words can ever do. The loving gaze with which he would look at Ceylan would have me swooning over him. I hope I get to watch another show of his because I really enjoy watching him onscreen. I did try to watch his last show, Ateşböceği but could not find one with subtitles so I had to give up.

Coming to Korkut the character, I think I hated him more than I liked him. Hated him because I felt he was causing too much pain for Ceylan who was unreasonably loyal to him. His attitude towards his mother constantly fluctuated and it frustrated me a lot. He was not very consistent with his plan and after a point, I lost faith in him. Overall, he was the most confusing character for me on the show and I never fully understood him or his stupid plans.

Ceylan/ Damla Sönmez

A Love Story Review

Though Damla acted well in the show she did not leave a huge impact on me. That could be because her character was very weak in the drama. She suited the role of a naïve girl who loses herself when in love. She played her part with sincerity and looked great with Seçkin.

If you ask me about Ceylan the character, I will say that I liked her yet hated her. I loved the sweet innocent Ceylan who was madly in love with her childhood best friend Tolga. She was cute, honest, hard-working and full of life. After falling for Korkut, she transformed drastically as she became very stubborn and resilient. I hated her for putting up with Korkut’s ill-treatment. It was annoying to see her compromise on her self-respect. Why would you love someone who does not treat you with respect? Loyalty is one thing and clinginess is another. Ceylan was acting clingy and I hate to see women look so helpless. However, she stuck to her man till the very end and never once wavered in her commitment to him. I applaud her only for her loyalty.

Tolga/ Yamaç Telli

A Love Story Review

Actor Yamaç Telli suited the character of Tolga but he lacked expressions. Most of the time I could not understand what Tolga was feeling because he hardly showed anything on his face.

Since this drama is the adaptation of a Korean drama, Tolga was the quintessential sweet second-lead that you find in KDramas. He started off as a good character but when the Turks decided to make him more ‘Turkish’ he lost his second-lead charm and became a feeble villain in Ceylan and Korkut’s love story. I loved him till he was not a part of the love triangle. The moment he fell in love with Ceylan he started to become more and more irritating with each passing episode. The last nail in the coffin was him kissing Ceylan to anger Korkut. I mean c’mon!! Did he not have any other friend than Ceylan? Why on earth will a famous singer quarrel with his driver for the love and attention of his assistant? Character motivation in his case was weak. I despise the writers for ruining such a good character just to drag the freaking drama. Tolga started off so well and he could have grown as a character but the writers stuck him to Ceylan for no good reason and gave him such a lousy ending.

Emine/ Güneş Sayın

A Love Story Review

Güneş Sayın is BEAUTIFUL!! I have seen her pictures and I must say that this lady is stunning. Her acting was flawless. She was the only consistent character on the show. Even the subtlest of emotions flashed on her face so naturally that I would forget that she is acting. I even checked a few of her other videos to see how she acts as a normal person because her portrayal of Emine was excellent.

Emine was the most honest and sincere character on the show and yet she suffered more than anyone else. I hate the writers for making her suffer incessantly. She faced constant abuse for no fault of hers and it irked me to see her in despair. Why was her life so miserable? Couldn’t they have given her a less painful life to lead? I know that what we see as fiction could be someone’s harsh reality but when you show positive characters suffering endlessly somewhere it makes the audience believe that only the good suffer while the evil live a happy content life. I wish they’d have shown what happens to Emine in the end when she learns that Gonul is her mother. Her reaction was what I wanted. But the showmakers denied me that and I will never forgive them for this.

Gonul/ Zuhal Olcay

A Love Story Review

Zuhal Olcay is probably the prettiest mother I have seen in a drama. Her performance was power-packed and natural. She held herself with so much grace and poise that I fell in love with her.

Gonul was at the centre of this whole drama. She was the bad mother who abandoned her kids. However, she is a great mother to her adopted son, Tolga. Weird for a woman to give away her own children and then adopt a child only to love him like her own kid. Who does that? Gonul is a very misunderstood character. She is neither out and out good or bad. She is flawed like any of us. She will willingly sacrifice her life for her son and will also selfishly use another woman’s son for her own benefit. She has her strong and weak moments but she gets out of them with her head held high. I liked her character because there was no façade there. Opposed to what Korkut felt throughout the drama, Gonul for me was indeed the best mother a child could ever ask.

What I liked about A Love Story

There were several occasions when the drama frustrated me with its illogical twists but what kept me going was its soothing soundtrack. The OST of this drama is MIND-BLOWING. I love Seckin’s ‘Ver Bana Duslerimi’ that suited the scene where Ceylan returns to Korkut and runs into his arms.

The background score totally suited the plot and added soul to the drama. Here are some of my favourite tracks from A Love Story.

I LOVED Ceylan and Korkut’s love story. Especially how it started with her assuming him to be a stalker and he pulling her leg and acting to have fallen for her till he really ends up falling in love with her.

A Love Story Review

Their second kiss on the stairs outside his house was magical. Korkut is disturbed and in tears and she consoles him. At that point, a kiss was inevitable and natural for two people who are attracted to each other. I also liked the first time Ceylan dresses up for him to show that she can be attractive too and they end up spending the night in a hotel room. (You can read ep 33 to refresh your memory.)

A Love Story Review

Their minor fights were too endearing. I liked their chemistry and every good moment that they spent together. The writers were cruel to keep them apart for so long. I waited to see them make up and get together because they looked perfect for each other. I was the happiest when they showed their married life in the last episode. I wish they come up with a spin-off of Korkut and Ceylan’s imaginary married life because I love my OTP to bits.

A Love Story Review

What I did not like about A Love Story

I hated how the writers dragged the drama. I understand that Turkish audiences must be accustomed to a specific kind of drama and the writers must have altered the story to suit their preference. But there were a lot of loopholes in the writing. Characters came and went as and when they liked without any explanation. For instance, Eda disappeared overnight from the scene without a strong reason. She never even told about Korkut to Ceylan. Ceylan never even tried to contact her best friend. She did not even return in the end.

Similarly, Asli also disappeared without any trace. She was such a pain in the backside throughout the show and then just stopped appearing on the show. Eda at least left a lame mail but Asli didn’t even do that. They started an angle where Asli threatens Yilmaz but then she vanishes into thin air. This is the perfect example of poor writing.

Same with Korkut’s dizzy spells. Sometimes he would faint twice in one episode and sometimes he wouldn’t faint of more than 20 episodes. How inconsistent is his ailment? Writers would have him faint or have a nosebleed whenever they found convenient.

I liked Yilmaz throughout the series because I could see that he was innately a nice guy as he truly cared for Korkut. But the writers were hell-bent on making him the bad guy which is why they made him kill Korkut in the end for a girl who he hardly knew. He did not kill Korkut for his wife Asli but for Ceynat who he had a one night stand with. Yeah, right! I believe that. Wish his character had met a better ending than it did. The writer was so confused that he didn’t even bother to cross check facts before claiming a point. For instance, somewhere in between the drama, Memduh conducts a paternity test which clearly declares that Tolga is not his son. But towards the end, they suddenly bring Tolga’s real mother who names Memduh as his father. Why writer why? Don’t you remember nullifying your own theory?

Despite all the negatives, I will still say that I liked A Love Story because it was undeniably entertaining. It only left a lot of loose ends which left me grumpy and annoyed. But I genuinely enjoyed writing it. Thank God Seçkin was at the helm of this drama or else I would not have been able to complete it. Hope, you enjoyed reading my written updates. Thank you so much for being patient and reading my posts.


Lots of love,



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