What Makes Korean Drama Heroines So Cool And Inspiring?

Televisions dramas are watched by audiences not just for entertainment but sometimes for inspiration. When a character of a show becomes popular amongst masses it is mostly because some quality of that character has clicked with the audience. Viewers relate to the character and connect with it and at times even feel inspired by it. I started watching Asian dramas early this year and I never thought I would become so addicted to it. I will not deny that the addiction is mostly because of the eye-candies on the show and riveting storylines but somewhere deep down there is something the characters portray that makes me like them. Of the few shows that I have watched over the past eight months, there are a few female drama leads that embody certain qualities, which make me, admire them. So let’s have a look at the qualities that make Korean drama heroines so popular, cool, and inspiring.


Dr Kang Mo Yeon – Descendants Of The Sun

Quality – Sincerity

Dr. Kang Mo Yeon – Descendants Of The Sun
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Medical professionals are known to be noble especially doctors. Doctors are hard working and extremely sincere in their work and Dr Kang Mo Yeon shows exactly how doctors live for their work. Mo Yeon is good at her work and fulfils her duty as a doctor with utmost sincerity. At a point when she is threatened for life, she chooses to help patients who need her than fear her own well-being. As Mo Yeon is on her way home after completing her service period in a remote place like Urk, she decides to take a U-turn and come back to Urk to save lives of the people hit by a massive earthquake. Now that is nobility coupled with the tremendous amount of commitment and sincerity.


Oh Ha Ni – Playful Kiss

Quality – Perseverance

Oh Ha Ni – Playful Kiss
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I have never seen someone with such perseverance before. Ha Ni is persistence personified! Baek Seung Jo, the man she is obsessed with, pushes her to the extreme but this girl doesn’t feel even slightest bit deterred. She is well aware of the difference in personalities, family background, and education between Seung Jo and her but she does everything within her power to be close to the one she loves dearly. I do not really support her craze for a man but I do admire her patience. It is her perseverance that wins her what most people thought would have been unachievable for a girl like her i.e. winning the robotic boy genius, Baek Seung Jo’s heart.

Geum Jan Di – Boys Over Flowers

Quality – Tenacity

Geum Jan Di – Boys Over Flowers
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I am not a big fan of Geum Jan Di’s character but there is something about her that makes her likeable and that is her tenacity. Coming from a humble background Jan Di finds herself in a place where people like her are only looked down upon. She is bullied in her new school for being poor. But Jan Di fights like a one-woman army against all of them. When the super-rich Go Jun Pyo falls for her she is not easily swayed by his expensive gifts. She falls for him only when she is convinced of his love for her and sticks by him through every hardship. Jun Pyo’s mother leaves no stone unturned in suppressing Jan Di but she survives on sheer tenacity.


Ji Hae Soo – Its Okay Its Love

Quality – Independence

Ji Hae Soo - Its Okay Its Love
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This intelligent, opinionated, and successful psychologist is the perfect example of a headstrong woman. Hae Soo is financially secure and independent in every sense of the term. Even when the Casanova Jang Jae Yeol tries his best to impress her by taking her to an exotic location for a holiday she opts for a more affordable hotel only so that she can share the expenses with him and not take anything free from Jae Yeol. Her confidence is what defines her and her independence makes her an uber-cool woman.


Cha Yoon Seo – Noble, My Love

Quality – Honesty

Cha Yoon Seo - Noble, My Love
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Cha Yoon Seo is under a huge debt and is doing all she can to get it off her head. And it would have been very easy for her to extract money from the rich businessman Kang Hoon Lee whose life she saved on a stormy night. But she does not accept any favours from him. She is honest in all her dealings and makes no attempts to mooch off the man who fancies her. Her honesty is what wins the heart of a rather cold businessman and also of viewers.

Chae Young Shin – Healer

Quality – Determination

Chae Young Shin – Healer
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Young Shin is separated from her biological parents at a young age and is physically abused by her foster family. Despite all the suffering she grows up to be a spunky woman full of life. In the show, she tries to help an actress who is forced into flesh trade and despite being threatened by powerful people she determinedly moves forward to bring justice to the actress. She suppresses her own fears to fight for someone else in need. She beats her anxiety time and again only with the strong determination to do some good for a person in need. 


Heroines in Korean dramas are not very different than that in Indian serials. Every heroine has a special unique quality that makes not just the male protagonist but also the audiences fall in love with her. Do you have a favourite K-drama heroine? Does any quality of hers impress you? You can share it in the comment section below.


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