Noble, My Love Review: The Best Chicken Soup For An Ill Romantic

Korean miniseries Noble, My Love is the best thing you can treat yourself to when you want something to watch but can spare only a few minutes. I watched this show only because it was short. By short I mean really REALLY short with each episode being only 15 minutes long. Since I was unwell and was asked to rest, I did not want to waste my time sleeping. At the same time, I did not have enough energy to pay attention to an hour-long show. Therefore, this short rom-com was the best option I had. I finished the show in one sitting, or five hours to be precise and enjoyed it a lot.    

Noble, My Love (2015)

Noble, My Love Review
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Noble, My Love is 20 episodes long TV miniseries based on a girl named Cha Yoon Seo (Jae Kyung Kim) who is a 30-year-old veterinarian working in a remote place in South Korea. She is not exceptional in any way and is often mocked at by her fellow classmates. She is under debt and works hard to pay it off. She owns a humble vet dispensary and treats farm animals. One night, as she heads home in a stormy weather, she finds a man bleeding on a pavement. She offers to call the police but he stops her from doing so. She tells him that she is an animal doctor and lacks the license to treat a human. However, seeing his serious condition she decides to help him before he bleeds to death. The next day, he leaves a note behind with his contact number for her. The note, however, accidentally falls into the waste-paper bin without her noticing it.

Kang Hoon Lee (Sung Hoon) is a rich businessman who was kidnapped for ransom but managed to escape with a minor stab in the gut. On reaching home, he waits for the vet who treated him to contact him expecting her to ask for a huge fee for saving his life. He waits for weeks for her to call but there is no contact from her side, he feels surprised and visits her at the dispensary. He tells her that he is a big shot businessman and that she can ask as much as she wants for saving his life but she refuses to take anything more than her regular treatment fee. Her refusal intrigues him and he finds himself drawn towards this pretty vet. Hoon Lee relentlessly stalks her and forces her to work near him. He even hires her as his fake fiancée to keep her close to him. Their love-hate relationship carries on for some time until they both realize what they actually feel for each other.   

Let’s weigh Noble, My Love on our show beam balance see if it does the noble job of entertaining us or no.

Good Weights

Kim Jae Kyung: This cute actress was simply adorable as the loser talentless vet struggling to pay off debts. She overacts most of the time but she is so cute that you wouldn’t mind it at all. The story of the show isn’t its main driver. It is the lead couple and their chemistry that works for it. Jae Kyung manages to pull off the sweet and funny character of Cha Yoon Seo with ease.   

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Sung Hoon: You will find pretty boys in almost every K-drama but this one is the first manly and HOT actor I have seen in a Korean drama. I am not saying that the other Korean actors are not manly, just that Sung Hoon is very muscular and well-built with tanned skin which is what makes him look a lot more manlier than the other pretty Korean actors. I read online that Sung Hoon is an accidental actor and that he is actually a professional swimmer. His superbly toned abs and chiseled face are so striking that you will forget all the pretty boys in K-dramas (However, his poor acting skills will bring you back to reality). He may not have the most expressive face but he has screen presence and that is enough for a miniseries like this.

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Bad Weights

Lack Of Novelty: If you want to watch a short show that is based on a completely novel concept then this show will disappoint you (big time). Noble, My Love is full of clichés. Rich successful boy, poor loser girl, rich boy having a sad past, a poor pretty girl trying to make ends meet, the righteous girl catches arrogant boy’s fancy, she helps him, he helps her, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Ooops…. I just narrated the whole show to you. The show does what it is meant to do i.e. entertain. There is no one thing in the show that you haven’t seen before. In fact, you can even predict the scenes in the show. It is that predictable.


The show beam balance has more good weights than bad weights and both the good weights are the good-looking actors in the show. The show is romantic, humorous, short, fast-paced and the leads have good chemistry. All the elements I would like to see in a miniseries especially when my mind is on sleep mode.

I give the show 3.5 out of 5 rating. If you want something to watch while travelling or while waiting at a dentist or simply to kill time then this show is perfect to keep you entertained. For those who are high on dramas and can no longer bear clichéd stories then please skip this one. It is full of all the stuff you probably dislike.  


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