Permanent Roommates Review: A Different Take On A Regular Love Story

Permanent Roommates is a web series launched in 2014 by The Viral Fever, which has several hit web series to its credit. The series spans over two seasons with around 5 to 7 episodes.

Season 1 Synopsis: After three years of long distance relationship, Mikesh Chaudhary (Sumeet Vyas) returns to India only to propose to his girlfriend Tanya Nagpal (Nidhi Singh). Tanya, however, is hesitant about taking the plunge because she feels that online dating has not helped their relationship growany better. The first season is about the couple discovering a little more about each other and finally, after lots of contemplation and arguments, they decide to get married.

Season 2 Synopsis: Now that Mikesh and Tanya have decided to get married, their respective families get involved and the wedding preparations begin. Just like Bang Bajaa Baaraat the wedding is chaotic with senior members of the family coming out with their relationships, some annoying relatives, and the much beleaguered bride and groom.


Permanent Roommates Review

For me, the lead couple were just too good. Sumeet Vyas is amazing as Mikesh. I used to watch him host Box Cricket League so I was aware that he is a funny man but I had no clue he acted so well. Nidhi Singh is also good as the ‘supposed’ dominating girlfriend. She is convincing as the ambitious, practical, and career oriented girl. The supporting cast also did a good job. I especially liked two characters Sheeba Chaddha and Ratnabali Bhattacharjee. Sheeba (Mikeshs’ mother) looked every bit of a hassled homemaker. Her body language and her facial expressions were just spot on and so were her makeup and attire. She plays the character so well that you will feel that you have met her or someone like her before. The series writer, Biswapati Sarkar has written a superb monologue on the Indian concept of a lavish wedding, which is flawlessly performed by Ratnabali Bhattacharjee (wedding planner Mrs Khatri). Mrs Khatri hits the nail on the head when talking about the whole reason behind having a big fat Indian wedding. Every word that she says in that monologue is true and so relatable.

Another thing I would like to applaud the writer Biswapati Sarkar for is the way the sponsors have been smartly incorporated and advertised in the show. The character Purushottam is a broker in the first season and loses his job because of growing popularity of a real estate app. In the second season, he becomes a content and happy cab driver of a popular cab service. Both the jobs are justified in the series and do not look forcibly added for the sake of advertisement.

Going by the name of the show ‘Permanent Roommates’ it seemed like a love story, which it is but it has hardly any romance. It shows the turbulent relationship of Mikesh and Tanya but it does not capture the process of them falling in love. The series is more about how the two of them sticking it out despite their differences.  

For me, the show is a decent watch. It wasn’t that I was too excited to see what happens next but whatever I saw was fine enough. I have no major complaints with the show. If you like watching YouTube short series then do not miss this one since Permanent Roommates is one of the most successful series on YouTube.

You can catch Season 1 and Season 2 of Permanent Roommates on YouTube.


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