9 Questions People With Bad Handwriting Are Tired Of Hearing

Illegible handwriting always gets its share of ‘un’wanted attention and if you have bad handwriting then you know what I am talking about.

Here are some questions that every person with bad handwriting is simply tired of hearing.      

Did you write this?

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No. My cat wrote it for me.


Is that an ‘e’ or an ‘o’?

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It’s a ‘u’!!


Can you read what you have written?

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Of course, I can. I mean if I try hard, and squint a little.


How did your examiner manage to correct your paper?

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Jeez! That even I don’t know! 


Why do you write like that?

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Yeah, I do that on purpose. I really love writing badly.


Why don’t you try cursive writing?

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But it is in cursive…. Nevermind!


Are you sure you are right handed?


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I am definitely not ambidextrous.


Did you try writing with a fountain pen?

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Ah! Been there done that!


Did you ever want to be a doctor?

Are you serious?

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Bad handwriting = Intelligence. Still? Seriously?


Next time anybody comments on your handwriting tell them that the keyboard was invented for a reason.

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