Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Review: A Mind Bending Medical Drama Worth Every Minute Of Yours

The first time I ever felt my heart melting and my brain spinning at the same time was while watching this weird medical drama. Weird because nothing about this drama was normal. The plot, characters, scenarios and just about everything was completely crazy. Crazy to the point that I applauded it for being so…well crazy. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was neither a serious medical drama nor a rom-com medical drama it was just an unusual medical drama.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2016-17)

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Review
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Dr. Boo Yong Joo (Han Suk Kyu) is a genius doctor known to have the ‘hand of God’ when it comes to treating patients. He once worked at Seoul’s biggest hospital, Geodae before he was unceremoniously asked to quit by the upper management. He then disappeared from the medical circuit only to be discovered years later for working as a doctor with Doldam hospital under the name of Master Kim. As the Chief Surgeon of Doldam hospital, he takes Dr. Yoon Seo Jung  (Seo Hyun Jin) and Dr. Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) under his wings and trains them to be better doctors.    

(OK, my synopsis makes the show seem a little boring but take my word, this drama isn’t boring a bit.)

Let’s weigh Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim on our show beam balance and see what makes the show and what breaks the show.

Good Weights

Teacher Kim: Veteran actor, Han Suk Kyu nailed it as the temperamental Master Kim. Being the titular character he was the highlight of the show and he carried out his responsibility effortlessly. I don’t think I have enough words to praise this talented actor. Here you will have to watch the show to understand why I am speechless (wordless?) while talking about Teacher Kim. Have a look at the variation in expressions this man gives.

Teacher Kim


Intriguing Incidents: I am not an expert in medical terms and practices so I can judge only by what I see and understand irrespective of any factual errors on the show. For me, every incident, patient, accident, and ailment, was intriguing not just because I was learning something but because I was interested to know how the doctors would deal with it. I was so involved with the characters (patients) that I would feel their fear and their dilemmas. I bit my nails each time I saw a doctor performing an operation and would sneer each time I would see someone from Geodae hospital. This drama is that affecting.    

Character Developments: The best part of this drama is the way characters evolved with each episode. For instance, Dr. Kang Dong Joo was shown to be obnoxious and over-confident initially. He was a topper and took pride in his bookish knowledge. But as he started working under Master Kim, a lot of his misconception evaporated gradually and by the end of the show, he became a much able and diligent doctor. Similarly, Dr. Do In Bum too started off as a standoffish character but slowly his outer mold started to peel off and he eventually was shown to grow better as a doctor and a person. Master Kim is the catalyst in each of the character’s life that brings about a positive change in their personality and character.              

Considering the genre the show belonged to, there wasn’t a lot of romance but we did have the charming Dr. Dong Joo and Dr. Seo Jung moments at regular intervals serving as a break from some serious scenes on the show. Aww….they look so cute together.

Doong Joo and Seo Jung
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Bad Weights

I thought of all sorts of things that worked against this drama but they were not strong enough to be added here. The drama wasn’t perfect but certainly close to perfection for me. 

Aww and Wow Moments

Episode 1: This drama never took the usual path medical dramas take and it proved that with a passionate kiss in the very first episode. I think my eyes popped out at the scene.

Episode 8: A man barges into the operating room holding Seo Jung hostage as he wants to stop the doctors from saving the man lying on the operation table. It is a very sensitive scenario and the whole incident was dealt with amazingly and I have tremendous respect for the writers for writing such a moving scene. It was a complete WOW!

Episode 10: Seo Jung looks troubled as a patient passed away even after she tried her best to revive her. Then teacher Kim takes her to see the patient she saved and it boosts her confidence. The words of encouragement he says to Seo Jung is very uplifting and nicely written.

Episode 14: Seo Jung has an important operation to prepare for and Dong Joo is in trouble as he is likely to be infected with a fatal virus. Despite being warned by Master Kim she risks her chance at a very crucial operation and decides to take care of Dong Joo and the other patients in the emergency room. It is such an awwwww scene to see her leave everything and run for her love.

Episode 17: Teacher Kim and his team performing the crucial heart replacement surgery. Wow just Wow!! Watch the episode if you want to know why it was so WOW!!


I give Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 4.5 out 5 rating. This unique medical drama did not follow drama cliche’s and surprised me with every episode. It’s direction, soundtracks, cast and script were all top-class. I would highly recommend this drama to everyone. You have to watch it!



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