Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review: Controls Dandruff But Not Hair Fall

I have been suffering from hair fall for a while. Actually, ‘years’ to be precise. I have been trying all kinds of oil and medicines to control my hair fall and while some proved effective, most of them did not work as well as I expected them to. Frustrated, I visited my dermatologist who diagnosed my condition and advised me some medicines to control hair fall. But before I could visit my doctor, I tried the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil which claims to ‘stop’ hair fall. I read a lot about this oil and a lot of bloggers praised it. So, I thought I finally found the product I was looking for. I prayed hard for this oil to work because I was really tired of seeing strands of hair on my workstation, pillow, comb, and even in my food. I was fed up of ‘leaving a mark’ everywhere, so I used this oil hoping it to become the remedy to my woes. I used this oil regularly, twice a week for three months and here is my experience using it.


Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

Name: Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

Price: ₹599/- for 100 ml


Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review


What does it claim?

The brand indicates that the oil can slow premature greying, promote hair growth, prevents dandruff and stops hair fall.

How to use?

Shake the bottle before use. Pour some amount onto your palms and gently massage into your scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it with an alcohol-free shampoo.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The oil comes in a tiny transparent plastic bottle with a white flip cap. The oil is pale yellow in colour and is of thick consistency since it is a mixture of 9 oils.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

However, the oil does not feel thick or too sticky on the scalp as it is easily absorbed by the skin. I would apply the oil and leave it on for at least six hours before washing it off. After every wash, my hair felt soft and looked visibly shiny. It also worked well against my dandruff as it did control it to some extent. However, it disappointed me in the hair fall department. I wished really hard for the oil to miraculously stop my hair fall but sadly, that did not happen. I even mildly warmed the oil hoping for it to work on my hair fall but nope, it did nothing. I will not comment on the ‘slow premature greying’ as it takes more than three months to see results in that but despite using it religiously for three months I saw absolutely no effect on my hair fall.  

It was only after I consulted a dermatologist did I understand the real reason behind my hair fall. I will not really blame the oil as it may be effective for people who suffer from temporary hair fall issues. Here, I would like to advise that in case you too suffer from heavy hair fall problem then do visit a dermatologist to determine the reason behind the hair fall. Trust me, I have tried all kinds of oils, hair treatments, masks and shampoos, nothing works if the reason behind your hair fall is some hormonal or health issue.

What’s good about it?

Paraben free

Contains the goodness of 9 different oils

Strengthens the hair strands

Makes hair soft and shiny


Travel-friendly packaging


What’s not so good about it?

Does not fully control hair fall

Too expensive


I give Satthwa Premium Hair Oil 3 out of 5 rating. This oil could not control my hair fall but it did make my hair soft and shiny. If you do not suffer from major hair fall problems, then you can give this oil a try as it strengthens the hair strands and makes it lustrous.


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