Snowdrop: Episode 1

Snowdrop is the latest show on Zee Zindagi. Based on a Korean drama, Snowdrop is a Ukrainian show about two step-sisters Nadya and Irina and their fight for their love, Igor.

The plot is interesting and the show looks great so, I decided to do a written update on it so that more people are aware of the amazing shows that Zee Zindagi brings to us. Let me add here that neither am I promoting Zee here nor am I getting paid to promote Snowdrop. I am doing this written update only because I feel we deserve better shows than that utter crap shown on TV. Hopefully, this written update may help in making viewers aware of the awesome shows out there.

So here is the first episode written update of Snowdrop. There is very limited information about the show online so there are chances of me getting names of side-characters wrong so please bear with that. 


Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 9 pm



Written Update: Episode 1

 Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

We see a busy road and hear a man’s voice on the radio describing an escaped female prisoner who is around 5 feet 4 inches tall and has curly hair. Policemen are scanning cars and moving with sniffer dogs. Two women, one blonde and one dark haired, are seated in a car wearing dark shades as they look at the policemen checking cars. The blonde woman says that they will manage to escape while the dark-haired woman looks tensed and is worried about the sniffer dogs. Blonde woman then sprays some deodorant in the car hoping the dog to not be able to catch their scent. A policeman approaches their car and asks the blonde woman to show her license and car papers. The blonde shows him the required documents and indulges in some banter to keep him from noticing the woman sitting beside her.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update Image

Satisfied with the documents, the policeman then looks at the dark haired woman and asks to take her shades off as he checks for any resemblance with the fugitive’s picture he has in his hand. The two faces don’t match and the policeman allows them to leave. As the car sets in motion the dark haired woman has a flashback where she looks happy in the company of a man in a garden.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

In the jail, policewomen are making a mess of a prison room looking for any evidence over the fugitive as they look through books and find a wedding card with a couple’s picture on it. The man in the picture is the one the dark haired girl had a flashback of. Cut to, the dark haired girl is at a hotel where she sees a poster of the man’s photo with a woman placed at the entrance of a hall. The dark haired girl tears the face of the woman in the picture and walks off.


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Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At a wedding reception, people are murmuring about the groom being missing from his wedding. The bride, Irina (Catherine Tyszkiewicz) is nervous wondering what happened to her groom Igor when she receives a text message asking her to come to the terrace or else she will be exposed. She runs to the terrace and is surprised to see the dark haired girl who is her step-sister Nadya (Marina Dyakonenko).


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

Irina berates Nadya for breaking out of prison when Nadya brandishes a knife at her. Irina tries to run but Nadya pins her down to the ground and blames her for framing her for a crime she didn’t commit. She accuses Irina of killing Igor’s sister Rita only to be able to frame Nadya for the murder and marry Igor herself.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

Nadya drags Irina by her hair as a fleet of police cars halt at the hotel entrance. Igor (Valentin Tomusyak) runs to the terrace and is surprised to see Nadya dragging Irina by her hair. Irina pleads Igor to save her as Nadya may end up killing her. Nadya forces Irina to confess killing Igor’s sister Rita. Igor requests Nadya to stop but she pays no heed. Policemen arrive at the terrace and the two scuffling women fall off the terrace.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

Flashback – At home, Nadya is in a haste to be on time for a job interview. She tells her younger sister Olya that she can spend the day with Oksana aunty as she has to attend her interview and messages her mother about the arrangement for the day. Her mother, Lucia reads the text message and prays for Nadya’s interview to go well before resuming her cleaning work. In a room, Irina is changing her clothes when Lucia enters her room and asks her to come for breakfast. Irina reprimands her for entering the room without knocking and her mother leaves with an apologetic smile on her face.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

Nadya meets Oksana aunty and informs her about the loan shark’s call. She tells aunty that the loan sharks have ways to extract money from defaulters and that since she is her guarantor it might be troublesome for her. Oksana tells her that she cannot really help it as her business has been down for a while. She tells Nadya that her son has bagged the job of a bartender with a pub and she will repay the loan once he comes back.


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Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At Irina’s house, her father and grandmother are at the breakfast table as Nadya’s mother brings in their breakfast. Irina makes a face looking at the breakfast kept in front of her. She scolds Nadya’s mother for making unhealthy food and her grandmother also joins the complaining but dad looks unaffected as he relishes the breakfast. Irina’s father, Nicolai asks her about her college admission and two of them have an argument, which ends with Irina scoffing off in anger.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update 11

Igor comes out of a building when his chauffeur offers to drive him to work. Igor says that he will go on his bike. The chauffeur tells him that his father won’t like his son, the owner of a big company, move around on a bike instead of a luxurious car. Igor says he doesn’t really care about it and drives away on his bike.

At a cafe, Irina’s grandmother mocks Nadya’s mother in front of her friends, expressing concern over her son’s liking for her. Her friends assume that Nicolai’s liking for the woman must be the result of some black magic performed on him and offer to take her to a psychic who will help her out with the situation.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At a hospital, a woman is talking of meeting someone later when Igor walks in. She hangs up as soon as she sees Igor but he walks past her without speaking to her. His father rebukes him for not acting like a CEO and moving around on a bike. He then informs Igor about a marriage proposal but Igor tells him that he already has a girlfriend and offers to introduce her to him. His father is delighted to hear about Igor’s girlfriend and asks him to bring her to meet him the very next day.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At the office, Irina is arranging flowers in a cabin when Igor walks in and greets her. She tells him his schedule for the day and also reminds him of the lunch he has promised her. He agrees to take her for lunch and she asks if they can go right away as she is very hungry but Igor is distracted by a text message he just received. The message has someone informing him of being present in his office’s cafe. Igor apologises to Irina and leaves the cabin in a hurry as a dejected Irina looks on.


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Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At the cafe, Nadya happily greets him with a hug and a kiss as they sit together at a table. Nadya excitedly tells him that she cleared her first round of interview with his company. Igor is shocked to hear that she applied to work for his company and does not look pleased. Nadya is nervous about the next round and asks him to help her by praying for her. He is surprised at her request and agrees to do so despite not being a believer in prayers. They hold hands as Nadya prays to get the job and promises to work hard. Igor looks embarrassed but holds her hand and joins in the pray. He leaves her telling he has to get back to work. (She has no idea that Igor owns the company. She thinks he is just another employee there.)

At the psychic’s house, the psychic starts screaming at Nadya’s mom calling her a witch. Irina’s grandmother points out that the psychic has recognised the evil in her which is why she is calling her a witch. Nadya’s mother is disgusted by the antics and accidently breaks a jar at the psychic’s house.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

At Oksana aunty’s shop, Olya is alone when a suspicious man lures her with pastries and she happily leaves with him. Nadya is at her part-time job when she receives Olya’s  picture with a message from a loan shark asking for money.


Snowdrop Episode 1 Written Update

Nadya runs to her boss Rita and tells her that she has to leave as she has some urgent business to attend. Rita is furious as the show is about to begin but Irina intervenes and offers to help. A girl gives money to Irina saying that it has been given by Nadya. Angry, Irina runs to catch hold of Nadya confronting her about the money she gave back to her. Nadya tells her that has to leave urgently as her sister has been kidnapped. Nadya manages to leave in cab and as Irina stands seething in anger.



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