Snowdrop: Episode 14

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 14

Snowdrop Episode 14

Senior investigator Kireev asks the mechanic if he found anything suspicious about Irina and he hands over a piece of earring that he found at the front bumper and tells him that it could belong to the victim of the accident. Officer Kireev takes the earring and tells him to not divulge anything about their meeting to Irina. He tells him to take double fees from Irina as he makes him repair his car’s engine.

Svetlana informs Pavlik and Maria that Oleg has officially replaced Rita as the head of their department and they gasp in horror hearing about his appointment.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Oleg (Why did they change his voice? The previous voice suited him more) has a successful meeting with a supplier who assures Oleg of co-operating with him. (This boy truly believes in carpe diem. He hasn’t wasted a single moment in taking full charge of the work)

Holding Rita’s bruised hand, Boris pleads her to be fine soon so that they can get married and have three kids just like she wanted. Rita gains consciousness and weakly calls out to Boris. Boris, however, leaves her alone to go somewhere and promises to return soon. (What the hell!! How can you leave her alone like that?)


Snowdrop Episode 14

Boris requests the nurse to keep an eye on Rita as he has to be somewhere. He tells her to be by her side and she assures him that she will take good care of her.

Nadya walks absentmindedly on the road unaware of a moving truck near her. She comes to her senses when the truck driver honks and scolds her for walking blindly on the street. 


Snowdrop Episode 14

The nurse injects some medicine in Rita’s drip when Rita starts murmuring something. Rita sees flashes of the night when Nadya helped her after the accident. She then mutters Nadya’s name and the nurse rushes out looking for Nadya.

Ira asks the nurse about Rita’s condition and she tells her that Rita is now conscious and is asking for Nadya. The nurse then goes looking for Nadya and asks Ira to wait right there. Nadya prays for Rita and receives a call from the nurse asking her to be there.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Nicolai reminiscences the revelations Ira made at the hospital as he walks into his house. Tamara asks Nicolai about Ira and he tells her that she is at the hospital looking after Rita who has just had an operation. He tells her that Ira was feeling sick and had to be given medicines to feel alright. Tamara rebukes him for leaving Ira alone in the hospital in that condition. Nicolai tells her that Ira stubbornly herself refused to come home. He looks slightly disturbed and walks straight to his room.

Lucia tells Nicolai that despite searching thoroughly, she couldn’t find Nadya’s CD. She requests him to look into the matter and try to find another copy of it and he agrees to do it for her. As soon as Lucia leaves the room his smile vanishes and he looks rather annoyed. (Oh no! Does that mean he doesn’t like her anymore?)


Snowdrop Episode 14

Nicolai goes to Tamara’s room and asks her if she knew of Ira’s feelings for Igor. She tells him that Igor has always been Ira’s best friend and that friendship gradually turned to love for Ira. He tells her that Igor is Nadya’s fiancée and that Igor’s father Anatoly had even met Nadya. Tamara is surprised and concludes that this is the reason behind Ira’s nightmares. She asks Nicolai what he plans to do with the situation and clearly tells him that he should support his own daughter over someone else.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Zora tells Igor that Oleg has already met with the Board of Directors and that if things keep moving at this pace, he will soon become the CEO of the company. Igor tells him that he knows who is behind this and that he will never let Oleg take over his company.

Pavlik tells Svetlana and Maria that he will quit the company as he cannot work under a villain. He says he is talented and his talent will fetch him another job. Svetlana tries to convince him otherwise and he screams that he won’t work with Oleg. Just then, Oleg walks in and Pavlik hands him his resignation letter. Oleg tears his resignation and tells him that the company needs him the most.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Maria receives a call and informs Oleg that the CEO wants to meet him. Oleg tells her to tell the CEO that he is too busy to meet him. Everyone gapes in shock at his response and he cracks up saying that he was just kidding and that he will be seeing the CEO in his cabin right away. (Oleg looks nice smiling. He should smile more often.)

One of the company directors explains the situation in which Oleg was appointed as Rita’s replacement. He tells Igor that Polina had recommended him and seeing his qualifications and previous experience, he looks fit for the job.


Snowdrop Episode 14

The director excuses himself as Oleg walks in Igor’s cabin he starts explaining that work on the new product is ongoing but Igor cuts him short and tells him that he knows who is behind his appointment. He tells Oleg that he remembers Oleg telling him that he aspires to be the CEO of Pan cosmetics. He tells Oleg that he will never let that happen and will fire him before that. Oleg retorts that he is aware of Igor’s dislike for him and that he isn’t here to win him over. He states that if Igor wants to fire him he will have to think of a good reason to do so and he is sure that Igor won’t be able to find any. (Ah! What confidence)


Snowdrop Episode 14

Rita gains consciousness and Ira begs for her forgiveness. She says she was too scared and that a statement by Rita could ruin her life. Rita tries to move away from Ira but Ira frantically begs Rita to forgive her. Rita falls off the bed and writhes in pain on the floor. Ira feels scared and hides behind the curtain as soon she senses someone approach the door.

Nadya walks in and sees Rita lying on the floor and rushes out to call for help. Ira seizes the opportunity and quickly sneaks out of the room. Doctor and a nurse run to Rita’s aid and nobody notices Ira hiding behind the sofa in the corridor.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Ira runs out of the hospital bumping into a staff member on her way. Doctor and the nurse try to resuscitate Rita with electric shocks and CPR but nothing seems to work and she flatlines.

Boris walks in and refuses to believe that Rita has died as he had heard her take his name some time ago. Devastated, Boris urges the doctor to help Rita but the doctor offers no hope. (Poor Boris even bought an expensive ring for her.)


Snowdrop Episode 14

Boris talks to a now dead Rita and tells her about the ring he purchased to propose to her. He holds the diamond ring before Rita and tells that he knows she will like it and purchased it only for her. He then slips the ring onto her finger and asks her to marry him. He promises to always love and protect her. He asks her to forgive him as he couldn’t fulfill his promise of protecting her as Igor and Nadya cry silently. (Jeez…. Boris did the scene so sincerely. It broke my heart to see him like that.)


Snowdrop Episode 14

Ira sits alone on a bench outside her house as she quivers in shock. She keeps questioning her actions in disbelief.

Tamara reminds Nicolai that Lucia and her two daughters are not his real family when Ira walks in and Tamara tells him to look at Ira as she is his own daughter. Tamara walks out in anger and Nicolai asks Ira to sit with him. Nicolai walks up to Ira and asks her how she feels now and she tells him that she is very tired.    


Snowdrop Episode 14

Nicolai tells her that she should move on from Igor and let him marry Nadya. He suggests she finish her graduation from a university in Paris. Ira tells him that keeping her away from Igor is not going to help and that she will not go anywhere. Just then, Nadya walks in and tells Nicolai that Rita suffered a cardiac arrest after falling from the bed and passed away. Ira is shaken by the news and cries miserably.


Snowdrop Episode 14

Rita’s grave is placed beside her father’s. Standing in front of her grave Boris tells Igor that he will hunt down Rita’s killer and will kill him himself.


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