Snowdrop: Episode 16

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 16

Snowdrop Episode 16

Igor objects officer Kireev’s claims but goes mum after seeing the arrest warrant against Nadya. Polina expresses her disgust over Nadya’s supposed innocent act and Oleg is surprised she feels so about Nadya. He tells her that he has never seen Nadya do anything wrong. Polina says that Nadya is a terrific actress and that is how she has managed to fool everyone around her. She says that Nadya will soon be proved guilty and will surely end up in jail. Oleg sees Polina off to the car and gets back to work.

Igor informs Lucia about Nadya’s arrest. Seeing Lucia cry hysterically over Nadya’s arrest Tamara taunts her that her poor upbringing has lead to such consequences. Lucia barks at her for being so insensitive and immediately calls Nicolia to inform him about Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Lucia brings Nadya food in the prison and tells her that Igor’s family lawyer will be fighting her case. Nadya thanks Olya, Lucia and Nicolai for showing faith in her.

Officer Kireev meets Ira at a mall where she hands him a bag with money in it. He accepts the bribe and warns her of divulging anything to anybody.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Kireev takes his junior to a club and boasts of being to several such places when the bundle of notes that Ira had given him falls out of his pocket. He tells his junior that if he follows his footsteps he too will be able to see the whole world like him. Inside the club, Kireev wins a game of cards and his junior looks awestruck with officer Kireev’s proficiency in the game and asks officer Kireev to keep him under his wing and teach him how to earn money.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Igor’s lawyer Valentin tells him that Nadya’s case would be difficult to crack as she has been accused of a very serious crime and that the victim in the case is now dead. He tells Igor that in order to save Nadya, he will have to ask his family to compromise and not take the matter to court. He adds that it won’t be easy as every family member has to give their consent to the settlement.

Polina refuses to give in to Igor’s request for a settlement. She rebukes him for sympathising with his sister’s murderer all for the sake of his love for Nadya. Oleg overhears their conversation and interjects that if Igor is sure that Nadya is innocent, the court will leave her anyway and that he needn’t worry about it.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Nadya tells Igor that she doesn’t want a compromise and will face the trial as she wants to be acquitted as an innocent person. She refrains him from pressurizing his family as doing so will make her look guilty of the crime. Igor is amazed by her guts and determination and tells her that she is way stronger than he thought she was. He tells her that he believes in her and that she has his full support and also vows to avenge his sister’s death.

Boris tells Igor that even if the court grants Nadya bail, she will still not be able to escape him as he will surely kill her. Igor tries to reason with him but he is in no mood to listen to his explanations.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Reporters ask Igor his opinion on Nadya’s case and he states that he has full faith in the judiciary system and that Nadya will be proven innocent. On asking Polina the same question she says that she is sure that Nadya will be proved guilty and that Nadya will pay for her crime.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Tamara informs Nicolai about the journalist visiting their house to promote his upcoming book but Nicolai is in a haste to make it to court on time for Nadya’s trial. She tells him that his meeting with the journalist won’t take much time and that he should first think about the launch of his new book. Nicolai checks the time and decides to leave a little later as he has time to spare. At the interview, Nicolai goes on about how a judge should be fair and just. He tells the reporter that a judge should have a conscience and high moral values. (Nicolai….Hope you remember what you said.)


Snowdrop Episode 16

At the trial, the prosecutor narrates why and how Nadya could kill Rita. He explains to the court that Nadya had been accused of selling company secrets to a rival, which is why Rita had fired her. He adds that on seeing Rita injured Nadya decided to call the ambulance and not the police as she wanted to buy time to cover up her crime.

As soon as Nicolai finishes his interview, Tamara brings some snacks for the reporter and the cameraman. Nicolai wants to attend Nadya’s trial but Tamara stalls him saying that leaving now would look impolite and that he should have at least a cup of tea with the journalist.


Snowdrop Episode 16

The prosecutor calls Ira to testify in court. He asks her if she found anything weird about Nadya’s behaviour at the accident spot. She says that Nadya looked very nervous and worried. He asks her if she feels that Nadya wanted to save Rita to which she replies that she isn’t sure if Nadya wanted to save Rita out of guilt or out of genuine concern.

The defense lawyer calls the ambulance doctor and Rita’s nurse to testify. The doctor says that he remembers Nadya pleading him to save Rita and that she looked genuinely concerned. The nurse says that Nadya willingly offered to give her blood and even insisted on giving more blood to save Rita. She says that Nadya looked worried for Rita and she did look genuinely concerned for Rita.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Igor asks his lawyer, Valentin about Nadya’s case and he tells him that as of now there are 50-50 chances and he can only confirm things after the next trial. He tells Igor that prosecutor is a manipulative man but he needn’t worry as he knows how to handle him. Igor is relieved knowing that Valentin has things under his control.

Nicolai feels guilty for not being present for Nadya’s trial. Tamara derides his concern saying that the trial was not very important for him.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Eugene meets Boris and tells him that he feels indebted to Boris for saving him once before. He adds that he saw the woman who killed Rita and knows of ways to punish her. He says that the court will not grant her death sentence and that if Boris wants he can have her beaten up to death in the prison and have his revenge. Boris tells him that he will agree to that option only after she is proven guilty as Rita would not like to see an innocent being beaten up.

Tamara accuses Lucia of trapping Nicolai only so that she and her two daughters can mooch off him. She blames Nadya for bringing shame upon the family, being an accused in a murder case and living at a judge’s house. She orders Lucia to leave her house as soon as possible.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Olya tells Nicolai that Lucia was very upset and was crying clutching her abdomen and that she had to put her to sleep reading a story to her. She says she feels worried for her and Nicolai tells her not be worried and that he will make something to eat to make her feel better.

Nadya cries silently in her prison room as her two prison mates are busy with their own things.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Nicolai brings Lucia dinner and apologises for not being with her at the trial. He tells her to cheer up as Nadya has asked him to take good care of her. She tells him that Nadya is a gem of a person and that she failed her as a mother. He consoles her and asks her if she wants to visit any place. She tells him that she should shift to another apartment with Olya and not visit any seaside with him. He tells her that she is his life and Nadya and Olya are his daughters. She asks him to never leave her under any circumstances and hugs him tightly.

Lucia confidently walks into Tamara’s room and tells her that she will not leave the house until Nicolai asks her to. She adds that Nicolai and she will live together and fight for Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 16

Igor asks Ira the reason why she tried to mislead the prosecutor at the trial. She defends herself saying that she was only answering the question. She tells him that Rita was her friend and that she will not lie for anyone in the court, neither for Nadya nor for him.


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