Snowdrop: Episode 19

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

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Written Update: Episode 19

Snowdrop Episode 19

Nadya is shattered by Igor’s behaviour and cries herself to sleep at night. Irina helps a drunk Igor get in the house he had bought for Nadya. She informs Tamara that she won’t be coming home as she will be staying at Igor’s house. She undresses Igor before taking off her own clothes.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Next morning, Igor is stunned to wake up next to Ira in a bed. She offers to prepare something for his hangover and asks if black tea with lemon would be fine. She then tells him that he need not worry anymore, as he will no longer be alone and Igor looks weirdly surprised by her behaviour.

At a cafe, Igor looks upset and distracted. Ira offers to get some medicine for his headache but he refrains her from doing so and asks her to get going to work. (Wait a sec…..from where did Ira get that dress? It is different from what she was wearing the previous night.)


Snowdrop Episode 19

At the trial, Nicolai announces that the court lacks strong evidence to prove Nadya guilty but considering the circumstantial evidences, it cannot be ruled out that Nadya was involved in Rita’s murder. Therefore, Nadya is pronounced guilty of a road accident and subsequent death of the victim for which she will be jailed for 3 years. Lucia slumps to her chair horrified by the judgment.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Nadya screams that she has been unjustly accused of a crime she hasn’t committed and that she will fight against the judgment as policemen escort her. She sees Ira on her way to the prison and yells that she has now understood that Ira is the murderer and that she will expose her at any cost.


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Snowdrop Episode 19

Shaken and scared, Ira visits a church where she begs for help from the Almighty. She first blames God for not doing anything despite being so powerful (Yeah right! Like as if God has no better work than meddle with people’s life. He has set a moral compass in your conscience. You conveniently ignore it and then blame God for your wrongdoings. Stupid woman!) and then pleads for Igor’s love. She says that she wants her father to always be with her and hopes that her Grandma never discovers her truth. (Waah! First you criticise God for not helping you and now you make demands from Him. What audacity woman!)   

Lucia questions Nicolai’s judgment and he replies that all the evidence pointed out to Nadya. She asks him to face her and tell her if he really thinks that Nadya is a murderer to which he has no answer. Unable to bear the shock of the trial’s outcome, she collapses in Nicolai’s office.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Boris barges into Lucia’s hospital room and detaches Lucia’s drip and threatens Olya that he will destroy her full family. Olya Innocently asks him why he wants to do so and he gets a grip on himself. Coming to his senses Boris tells Olya that Rita and his child are not alive anymore and he leaves the room without another word. (Poor Boris. I feel bad for him. His world has come crashing down on him and he does not how to deal the situation.)

Nadya thinks back on the chain of events on that fateful night. She is aware of Ira’s hatred for her but she cannot fathom how Ira managed to turn everyone against her. She now knows that her father helped her escape the blame and then vows to not give up and uncover the truth someday.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Nicolai is in the hospital with Lucia when he receives a call from Kireev. Kireev sarcastically praises him for the trial and Nicolai asks him what he wants now. Slyly Kireev tells him that he doesn’t think that Nadya is happy with the judgment and that she will surely re-open the case and maybe this time he won’t be able to hide the truth about Ira. He then hangs up leaving Nicolai disturbed.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Nicolai tries to deter Valentin from helping Nadya to re-open the case but Valentin puts his foot down and says that he will support Nadya to prove herself innocent. Exasperated, Nicolai tells Valentin the truth about Rita’s accident and tells him that Ira has been suffering mentally since her mother’s accident and he cannot make her suffer in jail and begs him to help him out. (Not fair. Just because Ira is a weak person does not mean that she is not accountable for her crimes.)

Valentin tries to manipulate Nadya by making her feel insecure about her decision to re-appeal with the court but Nadya looks unperturbed and says that she is prepared for anything. He then lies that her appeal has been rejected and she refuses to believe him. She yells at him for being sold out to Nicolai and Ira and leaves the room screaming that she will fight against this.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Next morning, Nadya is coiling in fever and her prison mate throws a blanket on her to keep her from shivering. One of the prison mate says that she feels bad for Nadya as she thinks she is innocent however the other woman counters that she will be fine tomorrow but what about the lady she killed with her car and that she should feel sorry for the deceased’s family.

Polina has a meeting with Valentin where she expresses her concern for the company. She says that Igor has been through a lot lately and is in no condition to lead the company. She says that the company needs a new leader, in a time of cutthroat competition, they cannot afford to wait for Igor to gain confidence to take the reins of the company in his hands. Valentin then hands over a file containing details of Rita’s shares in Pan cosmetics and tells her that since Rita did not leave a formal will, her shares will be equally distributed between Igor and Polina. However, Polina does not look pleased with the arrangement and she suggests a change in the shares distribution.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Upset, Nicolai is burning his law books when Ira walks in and he barks at her to leave him alone. Ira leaves only to return with a jug of water to diffuse the fire on Nicolai’s table. Ira apologises to him but he looks unconvinced as he leaves the room without a word.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Polina informs Oleg that Rita’s shares now belong to her and that they should hold a shareholder’s meeting soon. Oleg grins excitedly saying that they can now start a new chapter in their life. (Ok I see it. I now know why Oleg doesn’t smile often.)

Ira places a bunch of lilies in Igor’s cabin to cheer him up but he asks her to throw away the flowers. She tells him that he should move on in life and start afresh with her to which he says that they never had anything going on between them and will not have anything in the future. He dismisses her asking her to call the advocate for him.


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Snowdrop Episode 19

Nadya is shifted to another prison and she begs the jailer to leave her as she is innocent. The jailer mocks her pleas and drags her into the prison when Nadya tries to run away.

In a prison ward, a woman is setting Xena’s hair while another woman is narrating a love scene. Irritated, Xena scolds at the woman (whom she addresses as gramophone) and tells her to ditch these romantic scenes and come up with something funny when a screaming Nadya is brought in the prison ward.


Snowdrop Episode 19

The jailer tells Xena that Nadya is the new prisoner and that she will now be her responsibility. The jailer warns Nadya to be quiet if she doesn’t want to be punished. Xena asks Nadya her name but a disoriented Nadya repeats that she is innocent and that she didn’t kill anyone. Annoyed, Xena shoves Nadya against the bed and she ends up cutting her lip.

Igor asks Valentin about the ownership of Rita’s shares and he informs him that Polina will be the owner of Rita’s entire shareholding as she has the right to it. Igor opposes that he too is liable for Rita’s shares but Valentine tells him that the decision has been made. Igor then shakes hand with Valentine jeering that ‘when you are successful your friends start recognizing you and you fall down you get to know who your friends are’.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Polina meets the directors of Pan cosmetics at her home and tells them that Igor is in no condition to manage the business. She points out that Igor holds a degree in economics while the leader of Pan cosmetics must be a chemist. She argues that the company needs a new leader and gives them Oleg’s profile wherein they see that he has a degree from a reputed American university and that he has experience leading a foreign company in the past. Oleg then walks in the hall and formally introduces himself.


Snowdrop Episode 19

Igor receives a letter informing him of his termination from the post of Director-General and that the company will be hiring a new person for the post. Ira tells Igor that she got to know that the Directors of the company had held a closed meeting. Fuming, Igor leaves vowing to make Polina pay for this.

Xena grabs Nadya’s letter to Igor and mocks its content in front of everybody. Nadya tries to have it back but Xena dodges her and Nadya packs a punch across her face. Angry, Xena drags Nadya by her hair, gags her mouth and punches her when the jailer rushes in the ward and frees Nadya from Xena’s grip. The jailer takes Xena away to another ward and Xena screams that she will make Nadya regret her actions. Bloodied Nadya repeats that she will never give up.


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