Snowdrop: Episode 22

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 22

Snowdrop Episode 22

Irina quivers in tears as she reads a letter sent by Nadya in which writes that she will punish Ira and her father for framing her for Rita’s murder. Upset, Ira throws files around but then collects them herself and sets them in order. She repeats to herself that she will not allow Nadya to fulfill any of her threats.

Igor informs Svetlana and Maria that their new product has passed all the tests and will soon go into production. He asks them to keep this news confidential till everything is finalized. Svetlana asks if she can reveal this to Pavlik and he asks her to refrain from revealing anything to anyone who isn’t from the development team.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Tamara meets an investor of Pan Cosmetics and tells him to halt his investments in the company for some time. She tells him that some family problem has prompted her to make such a request from him. She orders him to sign a contract with Pan Cosmetics only when she tells him to do so. Tamara then praises her smartness in striking a good deal and that now Igor will have to marry Ira.

Lucia and Olya visit Pan Cosmetics to meet Igor but are stopped at the reception as they do not have an ID pass to enter the building. Oleg walks in and recognizes them. Lucia tells him that Nadya has asked to pass her diary to Igor, which will help him develop new products. Oleg has a look at her formulas and is amazed by Nadya’s intelligence. He then asks the security to allow them in as his guests.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Maria and Svetlana thank Ira for helping them develop a new product in such little time. Since Ira had given the formula, they ask her to give it a name and she suggests the name ‘Blue Flag’ which they both approve.

Lucia hands Igor Nadya’s diary and tells him that Nadya read about the company’s bad condition in the paper and has asked to give him her diary that contains formulas, which will help him develop new products. Before leaving Lucia tells Ira that she has a photocopy of every page of the diary and that if anyone tries to claim Nadya’s formula as theirs then she will expose that person.

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Snowdrop Episode 22

Nadya writes a letter to her mother asking her to check with car repair shops as Ira must have gotten her car’s bumper and headlight repaired after hitting Rita just then a jailer informs Katya (Nadya’s jail friend) that her application for bail has been approved and that she can leave by the end of the month. She then informs Nadya of her visitor.

Ira is Nadya’s visitor and she tells Nadya to stop sending letters as no one reads them. Nadya retorts that no one reads her letters because Ira hides it from Igor. She says if that was the case then Ira wouldn’t have come all the way to the prison to stop her from sending the letters. Nadya says she can sleep peacefully even in a prison as she knows she is innocent, unlike Ira who will never be able to sleep in peace. She tells Ira that she will definitely expose her and then curses her to never be able to find peace in life.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Igor is stressed as the investor informs him of his withdrawal of finances. He explains that Tamara asked him to do so and Igor knows exactly what made Tamara do so.

Pavlik gets Svetlana and Maria their favourite candies and juice to lure them into telling him the confidential details of their new product. But they are too smart to fall for such a trick and refuse to divulge anything to him. (Once bitten twice shy….hehehe)


Snowdrop Episode 22

Katya has a nightmare and she wakes up with a start. She steps down from her bunker bed and apologizes to Nadya for not helping her when Xena attacked her. Nadya says that she saved her life (by alerting the jailer) and that was more than enough. Katya asks Nadya if she needs anything from outside and Nadya tells her that she needs to talk to her boyfriend as Ira has been keeping her letters from him and she needs to know what he thinks of her.

Nadya’s feels uplifted on seeing Igor but he looks strangely disturbed. He asks her the reason why she sent him her notebook and she tells him that she wanted to help him after reading about Pan cosmetics in the newspaper. He derides her attempt at help especially after ruining his life and killing his sister and he asks her to think of him as dead before hanging up and leaving the prison.

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Snowdrop Episode 22

Igor meets Tamara and tells her that he will keep his promise and marry Ira. Tamara says that she has kept her side of the promise and in a flashback we see her threaten the two directors supporting Poilna of withdrawing her patenting rights if they went against Igor. She tells Igor that Ira loves him since long and that he cannot marry her just to save his company. She then makes him promise to love Ira and keep her happy forever.


Snowdrop Episode 22

In the prison, Xena deliberately slits her arm and blames Katya for attacking her. The jailer then takes Katya with her for attacking Xena who as casts a menacing look at Nadya. (This woman is such a freak.) The head warden scolds Xena, Katya, and Nadya for their behaviour and awards them solitary confinement and cancels Katya’s bail. Nadya then tells him that Katya is innocent and that Xena cut herself on purpose to have Katya’s bail rejected. Xena leaves threatening Nadya of dire consequences. The warden asks her if she is unafraid of Xena and she replies that she does fear Xena but cannot bear seeing an innocent person being blamed unjustly.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Nicolai bumps into Valentin outside the court and invites him for dinner. Valentin expresses his regret over not allowing Nadya to re-appeal. He says that he did as Nicolai had asked him to and will keep mum over the whole issue but he does not ever see himself visiting Nicolai’s home as a guest.

Lucia’s lawyer is surprised that Nadya’s famous lawyer did not file another appeal on her behalf. He says that he is free next Sunday and he will see what he can do for Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Polina doesn’t look happy with the limited information that Pavlik has given her. He tells her that Nadya’s incident has made everyone cautious in the company. He then adds that there are rumours that Tamara has been aggressively rooting for Igor by using her power and influence.

Boris agrees to Polina’s deal and asks her what she wants him to do for her. She tells him that she has a plan by which Igor will be forced to quit his position with Pan cosmetics and that Boris can have him killed after that but he has to ensure that it looks like they were trying to help him.

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Snowdrop Episode 22

Polina hands the new product details to Oleg and he recalls seeing the product formula in Nadya’s diary. He wonders how Igor has been working on the formula for the past one week when Nadya gave her diary just the other day. (This why I am on team Oleg. He could recognize the formula in an instant. That duffer Igor has the full diary but still, couldn’t spot it. I know I know he isn’t a chemistry guy to spot something like that then why is he in that position? Igor is just plain stupid and Oleg is far more deserving of that seat.) Oleg then gives Polina the CCTV CD which contains the footage showing Ira sneak into the development team’s cabin in Nadya’s absence. Polina is happy as the footage can be used to blackmail Tamara who has been supporting Igor and Igor can be made to quit the company. But, Oleg tells her to calm down as he hasn’t decided what is to be done with the CD as yet.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Ira snubs investigator Kireev and he leaves the office fuming in anger. Katya asks jailer Vera to grant her something for her good behaviour. She requests her to allow Nadya to make a call instead of her and Vera reluctantly agrees to allow Nadya to make one call.


Snowdrop Episode 22

Ira meets Igor at a club after work, unaware that Kireev has followed her to the club. Igor unenthusiastically proposes Ira for marriage when he receives a call from Nadya which he disconnects without paying much attention the number. Vera feels restless over breaking a rule but Katya begs her to allow Nadya to make another call. Ira rises from her seat to order something exotic to celebrate the moment and Igor finally answers the call. (Sheesh! I was on tenterhooks hoping for him to answer his phone. )


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