Snowdrop: Episode 25

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Written Update: Episode 25

Snowdrop Episode 25

Ira is admitted to the hospital (Yes, it’s the same Dr I. Somow Clinic where all the rich people in the show are taken to and are attended by the same doctor.) and the doctor checks for her vital signs. Subconsciously, she repeats Igor’s name (Ah! One True Love!) and he quickly holds her hand to assure her of his presence. The doctor tells them that Ira can be in the hospital for the next two days (What? She fell from such a height and wasn’t even bleeding. Wow! She is really strong.) Ira holds Igor’s hand and requests him to not leave her (Insecure woman, let go of him.) and he says he is with her.  

Frustrated with the whole incident, Polina imagines headlines that will talk about the big scandal involving Pan Cosmetics General Director and his murderer girlfriend. She is worried that the incident will affect the company’s share prices. She wonders what is so special about Igor that two women are fighting so fiercely over him. Oleg says that maybe this whole fight isn’t for Igor but Nadya’s attempt at taking revenge from Ira.


Snowdrop Episode 25

In another hospital, Veera is worried that Nadya’s escape and capture will have her fired from her job. Nadya (Who, like Ira, looks absolutely fine for someone who fell from the terrace.) apologises to her and says that she never intended to put her in trouble. She says she did all this only to expose Ira who is the culprit behind Rita’s murder and gave false statements against Nadya to have her jailed.  

Nadya narrates her story to Veera and tells her that she has to speak to journalists about the unfair decision and seek her mother and sister who are all alone. Veera says that speaking to journalists would be of no use as they will only publish an article about her. She suggests Nadya seek help from the head of their prison Sen Senich who is powerful and influential and could actually help her in this case.

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Snowdrop Episode 25

The head warden of the prison, Sen Senich is on his way to visit Nadya in the hospital when he is accosted by Igor who tells him that he is a witness to the whole incident and requests him to not punish Nadya too severely as the fall was an accident. But the head warden doesn’t pay heed to his request and rushes in to meet Nadya.

Nadya tells the head warden that her only intention behind the escape was to draw people’s attention to her case as her lawyer has washed his hands off her case and refused to re-appeal on her behalf. Senich says that he will try to help her out by telling the jail authorities that Nadya’s intentions were not wrong and will also try to re-open her case. Just then, he receives a call from judge Belous (Nicolai) who says he has something important to discuss with him.


Snowdrop Episode 25

At a cafe, Nicolai asks Senich if Nadya gave any reason for her escape and he tells him that Nadya said she did what she did only to prove her innocence as she was framed by the judge of her case who tried to save the real murderer. He says that he intends to re-open her case and Nicolai reveals that he is the judge Nadya was talking about. Nicolai says that he is very close to becoming a supreme court judge and that he doesn’t want to get entangled in any hassles. Senich gets his point and says that Nadya anyway does not have any substantial proof to prove her innocence. (Nooooo…. I thought at least he will be an honest man. Damn!)

Olya is extremely unhappy in the foster home. She misses Nadya, Lucia, and her pet Doonia  and decides to find them herself and jumps over the wall to get back to her family. (Hahaha….both the sisters managed to break their respective prisons on the same day.)


Snowdrop Episode 25

In a press conference, Senich tells reporters that Nadya escaped prison to disrupt Igor and Ira’s marriage as she did not want Igor to marry anyone else. Nadya is shocked to see him take a U-turn in her case and screams in despair as he too seems to have been sold out to Ira’s father.


Snowdrop Episode 25

Ira is upset that Igor isn’t by her side and surmises that he must be looking out for his former love Nadya. Igor walks in and she asks him to take her away from the hospital as she doesn’t like it there.

Tamara brings Ira home but Ira wants to go to Igor’s house. Tamara tells her that she needs to rest and that going to Igor’s house is not a good idea. Igor too seconds Tamara’s advice. Ira agrees to rest at home only after Igor promises to never leave her and go.

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Snowdrop Episode 25

Ira is taken to her room and Tamara leaves Ira alone with Igor. Ira tells Igor to sit near her and asks him if everything will get back to normal. But Igor does not look interested in talking to her and leaves saying that Tamara is waiting for him and it doesn’t look nice to make her wait.

Tamara scolds Igor for not being by Ira’s side when she was in the hospital. He admits his mistake and apologises for the same. She tells him that she will inform Polina that Ira will be staying with her for a few days and after they get married they can stay wherever they want to. She stresses that she would be happy if they both live together in a separate house.


Snowdrop Episode 25

Tamara calls Polina and asks if she is doing fine after the whole wedding incident. Polina complains that journalists have got fodder for their paper and blames Ira for it. Tamara cuts her short saying that she called to tell her that Ira will be living with her for a few days and that they can meet and reschedule Ira and Igor’s wedding.

Polina asks Oleg where he had been all this while and he tells her that he was at the hospital where Nadya was admitted. Polina criticises Igor for his irresponsibility and association with Nadya because of whom he is always in the news for the wrong reasons. She tells Oleg to check the papers where his scandal must have been splashed all over the front page. As Oleg lifts the paper he sees an envelope in it and excuses himself before leaving the hall.


Snowdrop Episode 25

In his room, Oleg reads the letter to Igor from Nadya – 

“Igor where are you? You do not know how much I miss you, your smile, and your company. No, I do not need your help. I know how you must be feeling right now and things must really be difficult for you as you have been through a lot. On one side, you had your sister’s life and on the other was your faith in me. I understand why your trust in me wavered and I have no complaints. You know, whenever I close my eyes, I see us together. Will this ever be possible?”

Oleg muses that Nadya truly loves Igor and escaped the prison to prove her innocence to him. He takes out the CCTV footage CD and writes a letter to Nadya.

“Nadya, I want to tell you that you are a very brave girl. I truly believe that you are innocent and I will help you prove your innocence.”

(Awww….Oleg is such a nice guy. I really like him. Nadya should quit chasing after Igor and must hook up with Oleg.)

Nadya is kept in solitary confinement where the jailer tells her her game is over and wishes her good luck before shutting the door. (Wow my iron woman! You survived Xena’s beatings and the terrace fall on the same day, without a single scratch on your body.)


Snowdrop Episode 25

Ira shows Igor the parcel she received the previous day and tells him that Nadya sent it to threaten her. Igor rubbishes her claim and says Nadya would never do something like this. She expresses her fear of losing him and suggests they get married the next day without any grand celebrations. (Ah! You insecure clingy woman.) She asks him if he is fine with her idea and he evades her question saying that they need to discuss the parcel later.

Olya is at a railway station where she asks a man if he has seen her mother and sister. He senses that Olya must be hungry and offers her some food but she lies that she ate at a cafe and is not hungry. He gives her his blanket and she sleeps on a bench.

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Snowdrop Episode 25

Igor fumes over news headlines discussing his love triangle with Ira and Nadya and calling him a heartbreaker.

In a cafe, Boris smirks at the news articles and thinks to himself that this is just the beginning of Igor’s problems and that there is still a lot more in store for him.


Snowdrop Episode 25

A police officer visits Katya and expresses his disappointment over breaking rules. She is scared that he must have discovered that she helped Nadya escape prison but to her surprise, he tells her that she hasn’t registered as yet despite him asking her to do so.  

Xena mocks Nadya over her failed escape plan. She kicks Nadya in the gut and Nadya starts bleeding profusely. Veera breaks them up and tends to Nadya who is writhing in pain.


Snowdrop Episode 25

Ira visits Igor’s home and Polina hands her the day’s newspaper containing headlines of their disastrous wedding. Polina repeats that Ira is the reason their family has to face such public embarrassment. Ira defends herself saying that Nadya was the reason why this happened and Polina counters that Nadya did not go into hiding after escaping prison but she chose to meet Ira to seek revenge. She asks Ira the reason why Nadya dislikes her so fervently? And she says it’s probably because of Igor.

Polina teases her that Igor is like a trophy for her because he is an heir to a business empire and Ira strongly opposes her allegation saying that she comes from a wealthy family herself and has no interest in Igor’s money.


Snowdrop Episode 25

Pan cosmetics directors bemoan the 15% decline in their shares following Igor’s wedding scandal. They say that if things continue this way they will lose half their business over the next week. Igor tries to pacify them but they criticise his love affairs directly affecting their company reputation and ask him to step down but Igor says that he is launching a new product and this isn’t the right time to change the management. The directors agree to let him have his way but remind him that this is the last time he will have the leeway to do so.

At the clinic, the doctor informs Nadya of her pregnancy.

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