Snowdrop: Episode 27

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Written Update: Episode 27

Snowdrop Episode 27

Kireev calls Ira and asks her about Olya. He tells her that he received a call from a police informing him that Olya has been separated from her family and that she gave the police his number. Ira is at the breakfast table with Oleg and Polina so she pretends to be talking to a friend and hangs up without listening to what Kireev has to say. Angry, Kireev calls up the police station and says that he has found Olya’s family and gives them Ira’s number.

In her attempt at winning over Polina, Ira shares a joke that amuses neither Polina nor Oleg. Her phone buzzes as she receives a call from the police station asking her if she knows Olya and Irina hangs up saying they called the wrong number.  


Snowdrop Episode 27

Nicolai reminiscences the good times spent with Lucia and her family and recalls her blaming him for falsely framing her daughter Nadya to save Ira. He regrets his actions and admits that sending Nadya to jail was his life’s biggest mistake. (What is the use regretting now? It changes nothing for Nadya or anybody else. If your conscience is not letting you be, then just go and own up, which I am sure you will never do. Rot in hell Nicolai.)

Tamara notices that Nicolai looks low-spirited and she says it is not a good thing for him to be drinking so much. She says she is aware that he misses Ira now that she is married but Nicolai corrects her that this has nothing to do with Ira. He expresses his regret over his behaviour with Lucia’s daughters and Tamara criticises him for obsessing over Lucia and her daughters and tells him that she will find him a woman more suitable than Lucia for him.

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Snowdrop Episode 27

In his speech, Nicolai states that people have been losing faith in the judicial system owing to corruption and that they need to win back people’s trust and faith. He says that people’s lives are connected with the judiciary system and that no innocent should ever be unfairly punished. (Ha! Look who’s talking.)

Seeing Nicolai’s speech on TV Olya screams that he is her dad. The inspector asks her if she is mistaken about it but she says she can identify him correctly and that he is her dad. The policeman calls Nicolai and confirms his relationship which Olya as Nicolai says that Olya is his friend’s daughter and that she is supposed to be in an orphanage. He then tells him that he will be there soon to see her.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Nadya crumples the newspaper containing an article glorifying Nicolai’s career and congratulating him for becoming a part of the supreme court. Xena tears the papers and discourages her from entertaining thoughts of revenge as it will only ruin her child’s life just the way things went for her.

Oleg receives a call from the French cosmetics representative and she informs him that her company is eager to work with his company. His secretary comes in with his letters and he feels disappointed for not receiving a letter from Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Katya tries to record Kireev’s meeting with his client at a cafe. Mid conversation he notices Katya and walks up to her and snatches her phone. She grapples with him for her phone and threatens to report him to the police and he tells her he is police and she gives him a hard knee to the groin. As he winces in pain she quickly collects her broken phone. He threatens to take her to the police and she grabs him and placing his hand on her waist, challenges him to do so. She says she will file a counter complaint accusing him of attacking her. She then leaves hurriedly praying that he doesn’t really file a complaint, unaware that she has left her wallet behind which is then collected by Kireev.

Olya is ecstatic to see Nicolai in the police station. She jumps with joy and tells the policeman that she wasn’t lying and that the famous judge Nicolai is really her dad. Nicolai asks Olya to wait outside as he speaks with the policeman. He tells the policeman that Olya is his friend’s daughter and that since her mother is in the hospital Olya is supposed to be in foster care.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Ira and Tamara are waiting for Nicolai as they have planned a surprise dinner party to celebrate his appointment with the Supreme Court. However, their excitement dies on seeing Olya with Nicolai who tells them that Olya will be living with him for a few more days.

Ira takes Olya to her room and asks her how she got officer Kireev’s number. To evade her question Olya starts screaming that Ira hit Lucia and that because of her Lucia is in the hospital. Ira shushes her by covering her mouth as she hears Tamara welcome Igor into the house. She threatens Olya of not being able to ever meet her family in case she ever opens her mouth against her.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Ira asks to postpone the dinner party as she pretends to feel unwell. In the car, Ira informs Igor that Tamara has promised to help him with his work. She adds that he need not worry as she, Nicolai and Tamara have his back and he gratefully thanks her for it.

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Snowdrop Episode 27

Tamara criticises Nicolai for bringing Olya home in Ira’s presence. She asks him to send Olya back to the foster home but he refuses to do so. He says that when Lucia starts feeling better he will get her home too. Tamara fumes over his decision but he walks off pay no attention to her complaints.

Nicolai receives a letter from Nadya in which she sarcastically congratulates him for his promotion and Ira’s marriage and asks him to meet her in prison at least once.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Nicolai meets Nadya in the prison and asks her if she has been eating well as she looks weak. She snarkily replies that thanks to him they feed her thrice a day. She criticises him for dumping her mother twice and sending Olya to an orphanage. He justifies that Lucia is admitted to a very good hospital and that Olya now lives with him. He promises her to ensure that she doesn’t receive any punishment for fleeing the prison. However, she disses his act of charity and screams that no matter what he does she will not spare him and have her revenge.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Oleg writes a letter to Nadya expressing his feeling of triumph for finally achieving what he has been for working for years. Just then his secretary (In the same outfit. I wonder if that cream and black outfit is her uniform because that is the only thing she wears on the show. ) says there is a good news for him and he lights up hoping to see a letter from Nadya but feels dejected to know that the French officials are here to sign the contract with him. (Aww….he is so eager to hear from Nadya. I totally ship their pair. Nadya deserves someone like Oleg and not that dumb-head Igor.)

Igor tries to convince an investor to invest in his new product but sadly the man shows no interest in Igor’s proposal. Igor is surprised to receive a call from someone congratulating him for bagging an international project and he accepts the wishes.


Snowdrop Episode 27

At an official press meet, Oleg announces Pan Cosmetics’ collaboration with French Parfums as Igor looks on. Oleg states that the company will now be producing more eco-friendly products that will ensure good health of their consumers. (Swaaaaaag! Oleg you nailed it. That is why I like you so much! Burn Igor burn!!)

Angry, Igor asks Zora the reason why he was not informed about the collaboration. Zora explains that he himself was not aware of it and that the international department works too discreetly. Tamara visits Igor in his office and informs him that she is willing to invest in his cream.

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Snowdrop Episode 27

Pavlik tells Polina that Oleg impressed everyone by striking a deal with the French company. He says that Igor’s secretary told him Igor is having a tough time with his new cream as several investors have pulled back their support. He then adds that Tamara had visited Igor and Polina recalls Oleg telling her that Igor’s marriage to Ira is a compromise as Tamara shall help him win investors in lieu of his marriage to Ira.

Nadya sees a snowdrop in the prison compound and writes to Oleg that someone once compared her with the flower as it survives in the most dry conditions and grows towards the sun. She now understands why she was compared to the flower as living in the four walls she too longs to see the sun. She adds that when someone tramples the snowdrop, it straightens out itself and blooms even brighter and that is its strength and you can learn a lot from the flower. Oleg recalls not helping Nadya when she needed him and looks guilty about it.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Polina congratulates Oleg for bagging a big deal but he looks upset as he walks in his room without a word. Polina confronts him and he tells her that he may not know anything about Rita’s accident but he is fully aware of the spying incident and he wants to tell everyone about it. He regrets not telling it in court. Polina yells that nothing can bring Rita back so there is no use thinking about it and that he should concentrate on his work. He tells her that he is obliged to help Nadya and Polina pacifies him saying he has had a long day at work and that he should rest. Before leaving the room, she casts a quick glance at the drawer where the CCTV footage is kept.


Snowdrop Episode 27

Next morning, Oleg takes the CD and thinks to himself that he needs to do stuff to bring forth the truth. Oleg hands over the CD to Nadya’s new lawyer and tells him that the prosecutor accused Nadya of having a motive to kill Rita and that this CD will negate his claims and she can be proved innocent while the person benefiting from Rita’s death will be exposed.


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