Snowdrop: Episode 29

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Written Update: Episode 29

Oleg attends the prison function and sees Nadya recite a quote from her favourite book. Sensenich invites him inside the hall but her prefers standing at the door. He listens to Nadya’s recital and leaves before she can notice him.

Nadya’s ward-mate praises her recital but Nadya’s says she has no talent but is only a magnet that pulls troubles to herself. She questions the purpose behind her life and Xena consoles her saying that she too used to question her existence and used to be agitated most of the time but from the time she met Nadya she felt different like as if she has received a new lease in life. Just then, Veera enters the ward with a bouquet of flowers for Nadya. Before leaving she tells Nadya that ‘the guy’ seems very good. Nadya is happy to see the flowers and hopes that it is from Igor.


At a club, Oleg tells Boris that today he has everything he had once dreamt of having but is still discontent as he feels that something in missing in life. He says he needs love in life. He adds that initially he only intended to help ‘her’ and has no idea when he actually fell for ‘her’. He asks Boris about his work and Boris tells him that he is out of work. Oleg assures him of finding a position for him to work with Pan Cosmetics given his lack of educational qualifications.

Oleg brings Boris home for another drink and Polina yells at Oleg for missing an important meeting. Just then, Igor walks in and Polina scolds him for not informing her about his absence last night. Igor asks with a sneer if she is upset about his absence last night or his presence this night. He remarks that he is aware that the day he goes missing nobody will be happier than her but she isn’t that lucky as today he has just returned home and soon he will reclaim his company.


Boris tells Igor that he met Nadya in prison and he informed her about his dismissal from Pan Cosmetics. He tells Igor that he is selfish and has nothing to do with Nadya now that he is happily married to someone else. Igor loses his temper and calling Boris fraud, he tells him not to give him lessons on life. Boris snarls that Igor need not feel dismayed as yet because there is still a lot of trouble awaiting him.  

Ira is happy to see Igor back in his room and carefully suggests that they should spend more time together as they are now married to each other. She tries to seduce him but he shows no interest in her and goes off to take a shower. (Oh c’mon!!!! However, evil Ira might be she most certainly isn’t unattractive and I refuse to believe that Igor has no interest in her, not even when she undresses in front of him.)

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Polina incites Boris by reminding him of Rita’s death that was caused by Igor as he seethes in anger. She then tells him that she has big plans for him with Pan Cosmetics.

Ira tells Polina that she has invited journalists to help her improve Pan Cosmetics image and Polina mocks her attempt at trying to get close to Igor.


Igor informs the directors of Pan Cosmetics about his return to the company. He apologises for his mistakes and says that he wants to still be with the company that was his father’s dream. Oleg muses that Igor and he are similar in nature as they are brothers after all.

Ira tries of paint a happy image of her marriage in front of the journalist when she receives a message from Kireev who mentions that Nicolai has asked him to keep an eye on Polina.


Nicolai tells Ira that he has asked Kireev to conduct a background check on Polina as she has proof against Ira in the company spying case. Ira is shocked to hear this and asks Nicolai to tell her about Polina’s secret involving Igor biological mother and Nicolai warns her from messing with Polina.

Ira looks disoriented as she leaves her father’s study. She trembles and gasps for breath as Tamara tries to keep her stable on the couch. Tamara immediately calls the doctor who tells her that Ira needs to take care or else she will suffer a nervous breakdown or even worse conditions in future. Tamara orders Ira to stay with her for the next two weeks but Ira persists that Igor needs her and that she wants to be with him.

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Katya shows Nadya a copy of Ira’s interview with a magazine and tells her that Ira has been giving interviews with all the leading magazines and papers talking about her life with Igor. (That is the most poorly photoshopped image I have seen in my entire life. Is the show budget so low that they can create a decent fake magazine image? Katya….you shouldn’t have brought the magazine. Sigh!)

Nadya and her ward-mates watch Ira’s interview on TV in which she advises young girls to look for love and not just a rich husband. Angry with Ira’s fake marriage bliss interview, Xena switches the TV off saying that Ira is clearly lying about her life because if she was really happy with Igor, she wouldn’t have felt the need to publicize it on national television.


Nadya gifts Veera a handmade toy for her son. She then tells Veera that she wants to work with the orphanage as she is pregnant and the experience will help her a lot. Veera doesn’t promise her but assures her of putting in a word for her with Sensenich about it.

Polina mocks Ira’s interview and tells her that she has become a laughing stock as people clearly see through her fake interviews. She says that Ira only talks about her happy marriage sans her husband which makes her statements appear fake. She orders Ira to get herself busy with some suitable job and quit moving around like a socialite. Ira tells her that she is planning to have a baby and that stress is bad for her health and Polina jeers that she is well aware of the fact that Igor doesn’t sleep with her.


Oleg joins Igor for lunch and suggests that they should celebrate his comeback. Igor looks unimpressed at Oleg’s attempt at friendship. He throws some money on the table before leaving in a huff.

Ira invites Igor to accompany her the orphanage. He asks her about the address and she says that all she knows is that it is somewhere outside the city.

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At the orphanage, bags slip out of Ira’s hands as she is stunned to see Nadya with the kids. The cameraman ensures that he captures this awkward moment between the two erstwhile friends. Ira regains her composure and starts distributing gifts amongst the kids. Ira playfully asks a girl about her favourite toy and she refuses to play with Ira. She screams that she won’t play with Ira as she is a bad person and pushes her to the ground before running away with her cell phone. (Ha!)

Ira runs out of the room looking for her phone. The girls hands Ira’s phone to Nadya and tells her that Ira is evil and she deserves to be punished. (I wonder how this little girl knows that.) The crew ensures that they shoot this too.


Igor who has been waiting outside the orphanage till now calls Ira on her phone which is answered by Nadya who informs him that Ira’s phone has been left in the orphanage. Igor is surprised to hear Nadya’s voice and he asks her how she is doing but she disconnects the line unwilling to talk to him.

Ira demands an explanation from the crew who tell her that they didn’t inform her in advance as they wanted a real reaction from her. She then asks them to leave her alone and has the cameras shut out of the room.


Ira walks up to Nadya who hands her her phone as the cameraman quickly re-enters the room and starts capturing Ira’s encounter with Nadya. Nadya explains that the girl took her phone only to play with it. Ira yells at Nadya to stay away from her. Nadya sneers that she knows Ira is suffering and all she wants from her is an apology. Ira mocks her request saying that Nadya is a criminal and that she doesn’t want to stand another minute next to her. As she turns to leave she sees Igor standing behind her.

Igor stands glaring as Nadya. Ira tells him that they are being shot by the crew and that they should leave immediately but he barks at her for bossing over him. Frustrated, Ira leaves the room and Igor follows her after a few seconds. Nadya rubs her hand over her belly and tells her unborn child that he is his father. (Whoa!! That was an amazingly awkward confrontation. Loved it!!)


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