Snowdrop: Episode 30

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Written Update: Episode 30

Snowdrop Episode 30

Nadya’s ward-mate expresses her contempt for Ira and how she planned the meeting to make it awkward for Nadya. Xena tells her that had she been present there she perhaps wouldn’t have attacked Ira but also wouldn’t have let her off so easily. They sympathise with Nadya for having gone through a tough time and decide to cheer her up.

Igor chastises Ira for the orphanage incident. He screams at her for creating new problems for him. Ira justifies that she does stuff only to improve his company and his image and he scoffs that he doesn’t need that. He rummages through his drawer and asks her if she meddled with his things and she accepts to have gotten rid of things that reminded her of his past relationship and asks him if she doesn’t matter to him but Igor leaves the room with a sigh.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Nadya’s ward-mates decorate the ward to cheer her up and celebrate the Maslenitsa festival. They make a tiara for Nadya and Veera. Xena sings a song to celebrate the day. A prison guard brings a parcel for Nadya. The box contains baby toys and clothes along with a letter from Katya (Did you think it was from Oleg? haha I did 😉 who writes that she is excited to see Nadya’s baby. The three happy women then break into a dance and sing happily together.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Oleg reads the book that Nadya had gifted to Igor and recalls the passage she recited at the prison function. He thinks to himself that something inside him changed. He sits in front of his PC and wonders if what he is doing is the right thing to do. Be he doesn’t really care and starts writing on a postcard.

Nadya receives a box full of toiletries and a letter from ‘Ham’ hoping for her to enjoy his gifts. Her ward mates go gaga over Nadya’s secret admirer’s gifts and tease her about it as Nadya barely manages to conceal her joy. Sensenich thanks Oleg for the toiletries and Oleg asks him if they need anything more like books and he will be happy to bring that for the prisoners. Sensenich says that he will prepare a list of the things needed and will let him know. However, Sensenich eyes Oleg suspiciously the moment he walks out of the room.

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Snowdrop Episode 30

Polina berates Oleg’s secretary (who finally appears in a new outfit) for not keeping a tab on Oleg’s whereabouts. Polina leaves the cabin after threatening to fire her.

Tamara tells Ira to have the herbal medicines on time to be able to relieve stress and Ira tells her to ask her doctor to prescribe her medicines that will prepare her body for pregnancy. Polina overhears her conversation and mockingly remarks that the easiest way to get pregnant is to get close to Igor but since he is not interested in her it is better that she stops dreaming about it. Tamara hears her comment and asks Ira to meet her at home immediately.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Showing Polina’s picture, Kireev talks to an old acquaintance of Polina inquiring about her past. The lady tells him that Polina was like a wild cat in her youth and had several affairs with men. She adds that Polina got pregnant at a young age and her partner dumped her soon after that. She tells Kireev that Polina left her baby in her mother’s care and married a wealthy man and she hasn’t been in contact with her since then. He then asks her if she knew of any Panin and she tells him she had a client of the name and that Polina was friendly with her. As Kireev leaves the showroom he identifies Boris and wonders about the reason that brought Boris there. He surmises that Boris is there to find out information about Rita’s biological mother.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Tamara is appalled at the lack of intimacy in Ira and Igor’s married life. She expresses her dismay over Igor’s decision to sleep separately from Ira and she decides to talk to him but Ira calms her down saying that things will get better soon. Tamara asks her if Igor is still in love with Nadya and she gets her answer when Ira has nothing to say to her on that.

A Few Months Later…..

Nadya (with a more swollen belly) is cleaning a table in her ward when she stops to breathe and Xena quickly makes her rest on her bed. Her ward-mates start cleaning to make her feel comfortable and in her mind she tels her child that she cannot wait for him to see the beautiful world.

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Snowdrop Episode 30

Oleg smiles reading a letter from Nadya where she mentions her desire to meet him.

Nadya suffers from terrible cramps in her sleep and screams in pain. That very moment Igor wakes up with a start in his room, feeling uneasy. Ira checks for Igor’s temperature and notices that he is having a fever.

Nadya’s water bag bursts and her ward-mates frantically try to alert the prison wardens. Oleg stands outside the prison unable to wait till the next morning to meet Nadya.

An ambulance arrives at the prison and Oleg wonders if Nadya is fine.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Unable to sleep Igor grabs a bottle of alcohol and starts drinking. Ira stops him from doing so but he pays no heed to her and continues drinking.

Nadya yelps in pain in the labour room before passing out. In an unconscious state, Nadya dreams that Lucia, Olya, and Igor are by her bedside and encouraging her to deliver the baby safely. Nadya gains consciousness and screams for her mom as she pushes hard for the baby.

In the hospital, Lucia determined to live for her daughters, manages to move her limbs and stand on her feet on her own.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Nadya cries with joy as she delivers a healthy baby boy. Oleg wonders what has got into him as he spent the whole night staring at a wall. He thinks that staring at the wall made him feel close to Nadya and he leaves at the crack of dawn. (Yeh thoda zyada hogaya. Aisa kaun karta hain? He didn’t even meet her after waiting the whole night.)

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Snowdrop Episode 30

Igor visits the prison to see Nadya but Veera does not let him meet her. He is desperate for see her but she refuses to allow him but he adamantly stays back unwilling to leave without seeing Nadya.

Xena and Lindka (Nadya’s ward-mate) are happy to see Nadya’s newborn baby. Xena gives Nadya some condensed milk and asks her to feed the baby when Veera walks in and informs Nadya about Igor waiting to meet her.


Snowdrop Episode 30

Xena and Lindka debate over Nadya’s decision to meet or not to meet Igor. Lindka puts forth her opinion that perhaps the child’s bond with his father has brought him to the prison while Xena opposes her overly romanticised notion and says that he is here only for some selfish reason. They then ask Nadya her decision and she smiles unable to believe the timing of Igor’s visit.



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