Snowdrop: Episode 31

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Written Update: Episode 31

Nadya thinks back of the time when Igor visited her in the prison and derided her attempt at helping him and decides not meet him as she doesn’t want him to know about the baby. Igor waits for a few more hours before leaving with a heavy heart.

With great difficulty, Lucia writes a note –

Please help me. My daughter Nadya is in trouble. She has been framed by Irina who is the real murderer. I can prove it. Please convey this to the police. The real culprit must be caught. I want everyone to know the truth.

A nurse brings Lucia her medicines and food. Through actions, Lucia begs her to read the note.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Oleg tells the union leader of the company that they currently need to focus on their budget and suggests to get processes automated so they can cut down on manpower which will reduce their expenses. The man indicates that their employees have been with the company for several years but Oleg justifies that he has to take tough decisions in business sometimes.

Lucia is practicing walking with the help of a bar setup when Nicolai enters her room and is surprised to see her progress. The nurse tells him that not only is Lucia able to walk but has also been scribbling and she hands him the note she last wrote. Nicolai explains the nurse that Lucia has lost her mind since Nadya was sent to jail and has been accusing everyone of the murder. He pays the nurse to keep mum about the note. Lucia is surprised to see Nicolai and she struggles to speak but trembles violently. Nicolai quickly leaves the room to not agitate her further. (Wow! She acted so well. I felt squeamish seeing her struggle so hard)

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Snowdrop Episode 31

The news about Oleg firing employees reaches Igor and he barges into Oleg’s cabin and argues over his decision. Oleg dismisses him for being too emotional and Igor yells that the company’s employees are like family and that firing them unceremoniously will cause the management to lose their trust. Oleg scoffs that Igor may be his brother but he need not take any advice from him. Igor counters that they were never brothers and that they will never be so.

Ira complains about Igor not paying any attention to her. She tells Tamara that Igor had gone to visit Nadya in the prison and Tamara expresses her astonishment over Igor’s love for his sister’s murderer. Tamara then offers some tips and tricks for Ira to get close to Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Nicolai brings Lucia home and tells his family that she is in the initial stages of recovery and that she is progressing well so the rest of her treatment will be done from home. Ira and Tamara fuss over the arrangement and Nicolai takes Ira to his study to have a word with her.

Ira criticizes Nicolai for bringing Lucia home and he shows her the note she scribbled in the hospital. He tells her that Lucia was doing fine in the hospital but he had to bring her home before she could divulge anything to anyone in the hospital.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Olya is overjoyed to see Lucia. She complains of her pet Doonia being lazy and says that she now has a tutor who praises her work. Lucia tries to speak but fails and Olya tells her not to stress too much as it will cause her pain. Olya requests her to get well soon so they can chat for long.

In a hushed tone, Olya tells Lucia that the CD Nadya had been looking for is kept in Tamara’s room. Lucia gestures her to hush as Nicolai enters the room. Olya smartly changes the topic till he leaves the room.

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Snowdrop Episode 31

Nadya holds her baby and wonders what her mom Lucia would be doing at that moment. She wishes for Lucia to be fine and visit her soon so she can have her meet her son.

Polina asks Oleg where he was last night and he lies that he was in a client meeting. She sneers that he can have as many affairs as he wants but he will only marry the girl of her choosing. He questions her intention behind it and she says that he is too naive to understand fast women. He rhetorically adds that if she was that worried for him then why did she abandon him in his childhood? And Polina is left with no answer.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Disturbed by Lucia’s letter Ira spends the evening drinking and hoping for Igor to return to her. However, Igor is at his office working till the next morning.

Igor inquires about the progress of their new product and Maria expresses her displeasure over Oleg’s interference in the process. She informs him that Oleg has asked them to halt the process as he intends to makes changes in the product.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Oleg offers Boris the position of Security Head at Pan Cosmetics which he readily accepts. Boris goes on to tell Oleg that he has been looking for Rita’s biological mother as she had mentioned something about her before dying but their conversation is cut short as Igor barges in Oleg’s cabin and questions his decision of reorganization. He tells Oleg to stop firing people and interfering in the development process of his new product but Oleg does not budge from his decision. Furious, Igor remarks that the day he regains his position as the CEO of the company her will fire Oleg the same way he fired the employees of his company.

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Snowdrop Episode 31

The moment Tamara leaves the house, Olya and Lucia quickly sneak into her room and Olya checks her drawer where she had seen Tamara keep the CD but is unable to find it there. Lucia opens the locker door and Olya tries a few numerical combinations till she finally succeeds in open it with a number she sees on Ira’s wedding card. (I guess the combo was Ira’s wedding date.) She finds the CD in the locker and happily hands it over to Lucia.

They check the CD on a laptop and are appalled to find Ira in the footage. Lucia tells herself that Nicolai and Tamara have been protecting Ira because of which Nadya had to go to jail. She is now determined to send Ira to jail.

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Tamara returns from her outing and is shocked to see her locker open. On checking the locker she sees the CCTV footage CD missing and immediately informs Ira about it.

Olya and Lucia wait at the reception of Pan Cosmetics and try to contact Igor but he doesn’t answer his phone. Olya hears someone talk about a courier office in the building and runs off to inquire about it.



Snowdrop Episode 31

At the courier office, Olya sends an urgent telegram to Nadya. Ira guesses that Olya and Lucia must have taken the CD to Igor and she quickly makes her way to Pan Cosmetics where she spots Lucia sitting alone at the reception. She asks Lucia if she wanted to show the CD to Igor and then drags her out of the building.


Snowdrop Episode 31

Olya returns from the courier office only to find Lucia missing from her place. She finds Lucia’s walking stick lying on the floor and feels worried for Lucia.

Ira stops her car on a deserted highway. Lucia struggles to get away from her and Ira follows her abusing her for causing her trouble. Lucia tries to run farther away from Ira and stands on a cliff.

Cut to, Nadya receives the telegram in prison in which Olya has written that Lucia and she will be visiting her soon as they have some good news to share with her.

Lucia is unable to balance herself on the cliff and Ira tries to grab the CD from her when Lucia loses her balance and falls off the cliff.    

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