Snowdrop: Episode 33

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Written Update: Episode 33

Snowdrop Episode 33

Trembling, Olya tells Nadya that she had the CCTV footage with her but Ira snatched it and destroyed it in front of her. Nadya tries to catch Ira but Veera stops her and pushes her into the car. Nadya makes Olya promise to take care of herself and Lucia as her car speeds past leaving Olya crying after her. We then see that Oleg has been witnessing this from a distance.

Nicolai scolds Olya for roaming around without informing him. Ira consoles Olya saying that she missed meeting her sister Nadya and Olya sulks that Ira is a liar. Nicolai asks Ira and Olya to go home as he waits with Lucia. Olya refuses to leave and insists on staying back with Lucia.


Snowdrop Episode 33

Polina is unhappy to see Oleg drink alone at home. He reads a few sad lines from a book and asks her if she has every felt helpless in love. He asks if she ever felt the strong urge to help someone but not be able to do so. Such an experience eats you from within and suffocates you and he says he has been feeling something like that. Worried, Polina asks him the reason for his stress and he replies that there is no use telling her about his problem as she will never understand. Polina sheds a tear blaming herself for his depressed condition. (Her voice sounds different.)

Polina taunts Ira for coming home before sunset and Ira asks Polina to back off. Polina then inquires about Lucia’s health and she tells her she is suffering because of Nadya and that as long as Nadya is alive nobody can ever be happy. Polina quips that this is what usually happens as parents often suffer for their children and that even Ira’s mother died because of Ira. Infuriated by the snide remark, Ira walks off to her room.    

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Snowdrop Episode 33

Nadya tells her eager ward-mates that she wanted to hold her mother’s hand and talk to her but she couldn’t do so since she is in a coma. She then visits the church and prays to God asking Him to give her the ability to forgive her enemies as she has no energy left in her to seek revenge. She requests the Almighty to fight on her behalf as she only wishes to live peacefully with her son.

Igor visits Lucia in the hospital and meets Olya who is more than happy to see him. She tells him about Nadya’s visit. He notices some bruises on her hand and she reluctantly tells him that Ira did that to her when they had a scuffle over Lucia’s purse that contained the CD which Ira broke. She goes on to tell him that Ira had hit Lucia because of which she suffered a paralytic attack and that she fears that Ira might do the same to her. Igor consoles her saying Ira will never harm her again and she warns him of Ira being a menacing woman.


Snowdrop Episode 33

Igor reprimands Ira for beating Olya and snatching her CD. He asks her about the CD’s contents and Ira replies that it was a cartoon CD and that she didn’t want Olya to watch cartoons so she took away her CD. (See….I told you Igor is a first grade duffer. Why didn’t he ask Olya about the CD? Why is he asking Ira what was there in it? Igor you foolish man!) Ira gets emotional and says that Igor still cares about Nadya and not his wife. Frustrated, Igor leaves the room in a huff.

Oleg joins Igor at the bar and says that he sympathises with him as it isn’t easy to live with one woman and love another woman. He says that Igor still hasn’t gotten over Nadya and Igor disses him for interfering in his private matters. He says that he doesn’t like Oleg for the fake show he puts up and Oleg retorts that Igor puts a bigger show than him by marrying one woman and loving another woman. Igor agitatedly grabs Oleg by his coat and Oleg remarks that Igor is a coward and that he cannot admit his love. He tells him that it isn’t too late and that one decision can change his life but Igor walks off paying no heed to Oleg.

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Snowdrop Episode 33

Nadya writes a letter to Katya requesting her to take care of Olya and her mother Lucia who is currently in a coma. Reading about Nadya’s mother’s condition Katya immediately rushes to see her. She visits Lucia in the hospital and gifts Olya a box of sweets. She tells Olya that as long as Nadya is away she will be with them instead of Nadya. Oleg too visits Nadya’s mom and introduces himself as Ham. He pulls out a book and reads to Lucia.


Snowdrop Episode 33

Katya writes to Nadya informing her of her mother’s improving condition. She tells her about Ham who seems like a good guy to her as he takes good care of her mother by bringing her medicines and reading interesting books to her. Nadya tells Xena about Ham visiting her mom even when she never mentioned anything about her mother to him. Xena says she is lucky to find a guy who selflessly takes care of her family and Nadya sits back wondering who Ham could be.

Ira is shooting for her TV show when she suddenly winces in pain with her hand over her abdomen. The director asks to call for an ambulance but Ira insists on finishing the shoot weakly assuring him that she is fine.


Snowdrop Episode 33

From the CCTV, Boris notices Maria keep some important documents in a drawer. He sneaks into the room in her absence and tries to open the drawer containing confidential data. Boris manages to break in the drawer and holds the folder containing confidential data when Maria walks in and is stunned to see Boris holding the folder.

Igor jeers that he knew a criminal like Boris would do something of this sort someday but he didn’t know this would happen so soon. Boris sneers that he wants Igor to suffer and never live in peace. Oleg walks in and Igor questions his decision of hiring a criminal as the security head of the company. Unaware of Boris’s past record Oleg is disappointed that Boris kept this from him and he permits Igor to do whatever he wants to with Boris. Igor fires Boris but does not file a police complaint so as to avoid any more scandals. Just then, Igor receives a call informing him of Ira’s admission to a hospital.


Snowdrop Episode 33

At the hospital, the doctor tells Ira and Igor that Ira’s condition could be a case of cervical mucosa because of which she must be irritated and must be getting into unnecessary fights. He says that they have been able to control her condition with medicines but it very likely to aggravate which could lead to hormonal imbalance and infertility.

Ira is shattered by the medical reports and cries to Tamara expressing her grief over having slim chances of ever bearing a baby.

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Snowdrop Episode 33

Polina meets Boris in a restaurant and offers him a loan without interest to start his new business. She explains that she is doing so for Rita’s sake as she would be happy to see him settled.

3 years later….

Nadya and her ward-mates are playing with her son Yaroslav in the prison orphanage when Veera hands over pictures sent by Ham to Nadya. Xena tells her that she thought Ham was a liar and would disappear soon but seeing his consistency she now feels that he is a good guy. Xena guesses that Ham must be ugly which is why he refrains from revealing his identity and Nadya counters that Katya told her he is very handsome. Nadya’s son injures himself while playing and they take him to the doctor.


Snowdrop Episode 33

Yaroslav receives stitches for his injury and Nadya blames her ignorance for his pain. The doctor corrects her that such things often happen to children and that she shouldn’t hold herself responsible for it.

In the hospital, Oleg talks to an unconscious Lucia and confesses his feelings for Nadya to her. He gushes over Nadya’s beauty and tells her that he knew she was different from the moment he first saw her. (Aww….Oleg you are such a lover boy.)


Snowdrop Episode 33

Boris informs Polina of his new deal with a big contractor and she invites him home to celebrate. As he leaves to meet her his former boss confronts him saying that they have been waiting for three years to meet him. He demands money from Boris who tells him that he owes nothing to him and his boss says that he had spent a lot of money on his education and training and now is the time for him to return that favour.

Ira tries to seduce Igor but he resists saying that he is too tired. (What? Since when did men start saying that? Igor!!! You are such a Dodo.) He explains that he is helpless and Ira suggests that they see a doctor to help them and he refuses saying that there is no such problem with him. She screams at Igor for not being able to get over Nadya even after 3 years and frustrated he gives in to her demand and agrees to give her what she wants. (We see them tussle for a glass of alcohol but we are not shown what exactly happens next. I guess Zee edited that part out where they probably sleep together.) Next, we see Ira disappointed over a failed pregnancy test.

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Snowdrop Episode 33

Ira’s show completes 3 years and she suggests that they have a special anniversary episode on yacht party. Tthe director appreciates her idea but rejects it. He tells her that the show’s sponsor Oleg has asked to shoot a special episode in the jail where she can do makeup for female prisoners. (hahahahha…. Ghum firke firse jail pe aa gaye.) Ira refuses to co-operate but the director reminds her that the show is sponsored by Oleg who has increased the budget for the next year and that rejecting his idea will put the show in jeopardy.

In the jail, Ira is looking for Nadya who is nowhere to be found. She then hears Nadya’s voice and sees her feeding a kid and call herself his mom.

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