Snowdrop: Episode 34

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Written Update: Episode 34

Snowdrop Episode 34

Ira is surprised to see Nadya with her son and suggests the crew member to shoot in another location with better light. Ira remembers Nadya telling her about seeking revenge from her on her release and fears that she will separate Igor from her with the help of her kid. Veera tells Nadya that Yaroslav will soon turn 3 years old and she will have to give him away either to an orphanage or the father of the child. She rejects the option of sending him to Igor saying that he will be safer in the orphanage than in Igor’s house.

Ira questions Oleg’s reason behind sending her to shoot in Nadya’s prison and he tells her to not mix her personal life with her professional life. He tells her she should learn to trust her husband more because if Igor wants to go to Nadya he will do it any which way. She thanks him for his unsolicited advice before leaving in a huff.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Ira then visits Igor’s office and coerces him to join her for dinner. He refuses as he has a lot of work. She adamantly sits next to him saying she will wait for him to finish his work.

Boris visits Polina at her home and tells her that due to some problem he may not be able to pay off her debt soon. She offers to help him and he says a problem from his past has emerged and that he will handle it himself.


Snowdrop Episode 34

At a restaurant, Igor longingly looks at a family where the parents are lovingly feeding their little son. Ira sees him watch the family and says she wants kids of her own, which annoys Igor who tells her that a child is a huge responsibility and that he isn’t prepared for it now. She stares at him furiously and says his only problem is that he doesn’t want a child with her. Igor ignores her remark and asks her to eat her food.

Oleg walks in and asks Polina about Boris who he just bumped into after three years. She tells him that Bori’s business has been doing well but it seems like he is facing some problems and Oleg guesses it has to do something with his past and Polina agrees that he was referring to his past.

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Snowdrop Episode 34

Tamara holds a dinner party for her family. Her friends come in with bouquets of flowers to congratulate her for winning an award from the Academy of Sciences. Igor congratulates Tamara and Olya cries saying that Ira is a bad girl and that he should not befriend her. She repeats that Ira is menacing and that she always troubles everyone. 

At night, Ira tries to seduce Igor but he discourages her advances. She emotionally blackmails him that she never asked him for anything and that she wants a baby to complete their family but Igor once again says that he isn’t prepared to take up the responsibility of a child. She continues to nag him till he leaves the room in exasperation.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Ira visits Olya in the hospital and asks her to tell Igor that Ira is nice to her and that she said bad stuff about her only because she was angry with her. Olya refuses to comply with her demand but Ira scares her saying that her mother’s treatment is funded by her family and that if she doesn’t do what she says then her mother might die. Frightened, Olya agrees to speak good about her to Igor.

As Ira leaves the hospital, she spots Oleg at the reception holding a bouquet in his hands. She wonders what brings him there and follows him only to see him enter Lucia’s ward. Ira tattles on Oleg to Polina and she loses her cool hearing about Oleg visiting Nadya’s mother.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Nadya is feeling low as she will have to send her son to the orphanage. Xena suggests she send Yaroslav to his father Igor who might accept him. Nadya says Igor may accept him but his wife will not. She then thinks of a way out and asks Katya to be her son’s guardian but Katya regretfully declines her saying that she has to visit the police station every day and that she herself is on parole which is why she cannot afford to look after a child. She promises to visit Yaroslav daily and take him lots of gifts.

Polina meets Oleg in his office and asks him his reason for visiting Lucia. Her evades her question saying that he doesn’t want to talk about it. She screams at him for neglecting his job and doing unwanted charity work. Oleg cleverly diverts the topic and tells her that she needs to relax by doing so Zumba or yoga or shopping. He tells that her she can fall in love that will fill her life with colours. She forgets about the main topic and laughs at his suggestion.

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Snowdrop Episode 34

Boris hands over a bag full of money to his former boss when the police ambush the three men. They handcuff Boris’s boss who tells Boris that he will divulge all his previous secrets to the police. Boris stands with his hands behind his head wondering what exactly happened as he hadn’t alerted the police. Just then, a car stops by and Oleg walks out of the car.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Ira reaches Mother and Child Care Centre and calls to check if Igor will be there soon. But Igor disconnects her call without speaking to her. She then calls Tamara and tells her about it.

Boris thanks Oleg for saving him. He asks him how he knew of it and Oleg tells him that he got a hint from his mother who worries about Boris. He tells him that he did some research and got to know about those men troubling him. He says his friends in the police department had been after the men for a long time and that because of Boris they were able to catch them red-handed. He then tells Boris to not worry about his boss revealing his past secrets as he has spoken to his police friend who will take care of things for him. Oleg makes Boris promise to be his friend and not keep things from him and Boris gladly promises to do so.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Tamara visits Igor in his office and rebukes him for ill-treating Ira. She asks him about his problem with having a baby and he repeats that he isn’t prepared for such a responsibility. Tamara calls Ira and tells her that Igor didn’t budge. She says that perhaps there is something wrong with Ira’s behaviour and she needs to work on that.

Dejected, Ira sits on a bench when a couple sit beside her. The lady looks distraught and she tells Ira she has lost her child and that she will not be able to conceive again. Ira then suggests the couple to adopt but the lady says that they cannot afford to adopt as they have a loan to pay.

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Snowdrop Episode 34

On returning home, Ira calls the prison and inquires about Nadya and her baby. The prison official tells her that Nadya’s son will soon be handed over to an orphanage as women are not allowed to keep children above three years with them in the prison. This information rings a bell in Ira’s head.

Ira meets the couple she met at the center before and offers to help them adopt a son. The man looks suspicious of her offer and she says she is helping them because she can afford to do so. She says she had met the little boy before and wanted to adopt him but her husband refused as he wants to adopt a baby girl. She tells them that the boy is endearing and that they will definitely want to adopt him.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Veera retrieves Nadya’s chain with a ring from her belongings and hands it over to her. Nadya ties the chain around her son’s neck and tells him to always wear it as it will protect him.

Nadya tearfully bids her son goodbye and promises to meet him as soon as she gets out of the jail. She constantly apologises for letting him go away from her and repeats that she will come to see him soon.


Snowdrop Episode 34

Ira sees Veera bring Yaroslav to the orphanage and visits the orphanage on the pretext of wanting to adopt a child. The lady gives Ira a file containing records of the kids up for adoption but Ira’s eyes dart towards another file and the lady tells her that the file is of children whose parents are currently not in the position to look after them. The lady receives a call and leaves to attend an urgent matter. Ira quickly takes the two files and swaps Yaroslav’s picture with another boys picture as she adds his picture to the file containing details of kids up for adoption. (No way! Ira now I personally feel like killing you. Please don’t mess with the little boy. What has he done? Ira you are pure evil.)

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