Snowdrop: Episode 36


Written Update: Episode 36

Snowdrop Episode 36

Tamara calls Nicolai but freezes the moment she sees Nadya in front of her. Holding the phone in her hand, she asks Nadya to leave at once and Nicolai is stunned to hear of Nadya’s arrival and rushes out to get home. Nadya asks Tamara the reason she is frightened so much and Tamara tells her that the last time she was out of jail she tried to kill Ira so she suspects Nadya to have lost her mind by now. Nadya scoffs that people do lose their minds in jail. Tamara then asks her why she is here as there is no one waiting to receive her at their home and Nadya replies that she has been released on parole owing to her good behaviour in prison and that she is here only to meet her mom and sister.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Tamara sneers that they have been taking care of her mother and her sister as they truly know what good behaviour means. Tamara warns Nadya to stay away Ira and Nadya says that Ira is lucky to have a grandmother like Tamara who always covers up her mistakes. Nadya tells Tamara that she is well aware of Ira’s false accusations against Nadya as Lucia and Olya had found the CCTV CD in her room but Tamara still pretends to know nothing about it. Tamara dismisses her claiming that Olya speaks in the air and that she shouldn’t be believed. Nadya remarks that they both know what the truth is. She then thanks her for taking care of her mother and sister and sarcastically praises her for living under the same roof as the two helpless women. Nadya then walks up to meet her mother.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Nadya kisses Lucia as tears well up in her eyes. She tells Lucia that she is here and Lucia opens her eyes. Olya tells Nadya that Lucia can hear her and Nadya tells her that she will soon take them both away from this house. She says she will find a job and then get a house where they all can live together happily. Olya then offers to make tea for Nadya and excitedly runs to make green tea for her. Once alone, Nadya tells Lucia that she wanted to introduce her to her son but he is missing from the orphanage. She regretfully says that she searched a lot but couldn’t find him. Nadya assures her that she will find her son soon and everything will be alright.

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Snowdrop Episode 36

Tamara calls Ira and tells her to call for police protection for herself and Igor as Nadya has been released from the jail and is currently in their house. Ira scolds her for taking Nadya inside the house and Tamara justifies that Olya opened the door before she could say anything. Just then, Olya comes running to Tamara to inform her of Nicolai’s arrival.

Ira looks panic-stricken and her crew looks worried for her but she insists on finishing the shoot before the presentation.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Nadya asks Nicolai about her mother and he says she suffered an attack and tried to commit suicide after that. Nadya firmly claims to not believe in the ‘suicide’ story. He tells her about the suicide note left behind by Lucia and she counters that the same day her mother had sent a message stating that she wanted to meet her and tell her something important. He says the police did not find any evidence at the accident spot but Nadya still refuses to believe that Lucia tried to commit suicide. She thanks him for looking after Olya and Lucia and requests him to allow them to stay with him till she manages to start earning and he assures her to take good care of her family. He offers to help her find a job or study further and she only asks him if he can return the five years of her life that she spent in prison. Nadya walks away leaving a tongue-tied Nicolai to slump in his chair. 


Snowdrop Episode 36

Before bidding Olya goodbye, Nadya instructs her to keep an eye on everyone in the house especially Ira. She cautions her to be very careful so as to avoid suspicion by the family members.

As Nadya makes her way out, Tamara passes her the phone asking her to speak to Ira. Ira congratulates Nadya for getting out of prison and informs her that she is now works as Pan Cosmetics PR Head and weekly show host. She tells her that she will inform her security guard who will allow her to get in and they can meet her in her dressing room. Ira then gloats over having trapped Nadya too easily.

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Snowdrop Episode 36

Kireev is back from Greece and tells Nicolai that Anna Panin was never in Greece. However, he then hands over a folder containing statements and suggestions by Ana’s friends. He tells him that there is no doubt that Polina and Anna were acquainted with each other but that is all he knows about them. Kireev notices Nicolai’s tense demeanour and Nicolai tells him that Nadya is out on parole. Kireev assures him that even if Nadya gets her hand on any evidence, she will still not be able to prove anything and adds that Nicolai is already there to take care of things as a supreme court judge. Nicolai screams at Kireev to mind his tongue. Kireev suggests they have Nadya sent back to jail and Nicolai discourages his idea saying that she has already been through a lot.      


Snowdrop Episode 36

Boris inquires about the progress in finding Rita’s mother and his friend regretfully informs him that there hasn’t been any major breakthrough. He only knows of a boy who is aware of the last time Anna left her home and has disappeared since then. Boris yells that no matter how difficult it is to get to Anna, he is not going to stop his search.

Polina places a bouquet of flowers on Rita’s grave and tearfully says that she misses Rita her a lot. Oleg follows Polina and she is surprised to see him empty-handed as he had left the house with a bouquet and cake. Oleg tells her the items were for someone else. When she asks him who those flowers and cake was for, he sneers that knowing about the person will make no difference to her.    


Snowdrop Episode 36

Nadya visits Pan Cosmetics office and reminiscences the major happenings during her short tenure at the company. Meanwhile, Olya is eavesdropping Tamara and Nicolai’s discussion where Tamara tells him to be cautious of Nadya. She expresses her fear over Nadya wanting to harm Ira and she asks him to hire a bodyguard to protect Ira. Nicolai brushes off her suggestion saying that Nadya is not stupid to do something that will make her repent her actions.

Ira is at the official presentation of Pan Cosmetics new range of products when she leaves the presentation asking her assistant to call her from the makeup room after 15 minutes. In her makeup room, Ira once again congratulates Nadya for being released from the prison. Ira then locks the door and tells Nadya that she doesn’t think bad of her and Nadya sarcastically remarks that Ira is nice and great to feel so about her.

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Snowdrop Episode 36

Nadya says Ira hasn’t changed a bit and reminds her of their first meeting in a restaurant with their whole family. She says that everyone present that evening looked happy except Ira and back then she couldn’t understand what her problem was. Ira replies that she too was wondering what Nadya’s problem was and why was she trying so hard to gel with them and Nadya answers that she was trying hard only for her mother’s sake. She says she only wanted to see her mother happy with Nicolai and Ira states that she never wanted that to happen. Nadya scoffs that she knew of her dislike for them as Ira wanted to have everything for herself and that she can never see other people happy.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Nadya jeers that Ira wants people to serve her like slaves and dance to her tunes. Ira yells to stop Nadya and states that she is Igor’s wife and that he loves her. Nadya says that she will definitely expose Ira after her mother gets well and Ira mocks that her mother will never be able to speak as she is paralysed and will not even remember anything now. She screams that Nadya will never be able to prove her guilty as she has no proof and that the world already knows of Nadya as the murderer.

Ira’s assistant knocks on Ira’s door asking her to be there for the presentation. Ira quickly rises from her chair and smashes the flower vase next to her. Ira’s assistant knocks on her door and when she receives no answer she panics hearing the glass shatter and calls the security to break open Ira’s door.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Ira walks to the door and slits her arm and screams for help. She blocks Nadya from getting to the door while screaming frantically for help. The security person arrives with a duplicate key and opens the door. Next we see Igor’s assistant run to Igor and inform him about someone threatening Ira and he immediately rushes to see Ira.   

We then see Ira crying for help accusing Nadya of trying to kill her whereas Nadya stands by raising her arms in submission. Hearing Ira’s screams reporters quickly reach her makeup room and snap images of Ira crying with her arm slit.


Snowdrop Episode 36

A reporter questions Nadya if she really murdered Rita or if she was framed and just then Igor makes his way through the crowd and is by Ira’s side. Ira thanks Igor for coming on time as she feared Nadya killing her. Igor glares at Nadya who stands calmly looking at the drama unfold.

Frustrated, Nadya tells the reporters that she was framed for Rita’s murder. Reporters quickly take notes as she goes on to say that she has just been released on parole and it is obvious that she would not want to jeopardise her freedom by hurting someone. She states that Ira shut the door, smashed the vase and cut herself only to ensure that Nadya goes back to jail. She screams that had she intended to kill Ira she wouldn’t have come to her office to do so. She states that this is clearly a trap to put her behind bars.


Snowdrop Episode 36

A reporter questions Nadya if she still intends to prove herself innocent like she did five years ago and she replies she still wishes to prove her innocence. She firmly answers that the real culprit is in the office and she will ensure that all those who plotted against her are soon exposed.

The security personnel escort Nadya out and ask Igor if she has to be handed to the police. Igor instructs the security head to bring Nadya out and calm down the reporters. He dresses Ira’s wound and she looks unhappy with his decision of letting Nadya go. Igor justifies that he doesn’t want a police case right now.

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Snowdrop Episode 36

Oleg happens to pass by when he spots Nadya. He bails her out from the security and she collapses in his arms. Oleg has her admitted to a hospital and wonders about the kind of trials Nadya has to go through almost every day.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Ira yells at her assistant for not calling the police despite Ira urging her do to so. The lady explains that she did call the security. She tells Ira that she followed the company rules of informing the security first but Ira slaps her hard across her face and fires her from the job.

Kireev who has been watching Ira scream at her assistant mockingly praises her performance. She repeats that Nadya tried to kill her and he chaffs that she can tell her stupid story to her stupid husband. (haha….even Kireev knows Igor is stupid.) He states that her case is ridiculous as Nadya evidently had no intentions of killing her but it was Ira who clearly wants to send her back to jail.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Kireev teases Ira for being afraid of a frail woman like Nadya. He tells her that if she really intends to send her back to jail, she should think of a better plan but since she is not capable of devising a smart plan she should take help from someone and he offers to help her whenever she needs him. Ira thinks of his offer contemptuously and decides to take care of her problem herself.

Oleg is on a call updating himself over the entire incident and he comes to know that Nadya’s fingerprints are nowhere in the room and that it is very likely that Ira must have deliberately cut herself. He talks to Nadya who is fast asleep and tells her that she is clearly innocent and that Ira had planned the whole thing to trap Nadya. He lovingly runs his hand over her head and promises to always protect her from all harm.


Snowdrop Episode 36

Ira waits for Igor who returns home heavily drunk. He staggers to his room and drops on his bed. Ira complaints that she had been waiting to celebrate his birthday while he inconsiderately returned home drunk. She yells at him for being hung over Nadya despite being married to her. Igor yells back that she should be happy now that he is living the way she wants him to live. She looks shocked by his accusation and calmly tells him that she only wanted them to live happily together. He lovingly calls her closer and she gladly obliges. He then grabs her by her hair and asks her about the ‘truth’ that Nadya wants to expose. Ira says nothing and he screams at her to be honest with him.  


(Sorry for the late update but A Love Story has been taking a lot of my time which is why dedicating time to this show has become difficult. Also, compared to the fast paced Turkish drama this Ukrainian show seems really dull. I have started to dislike Snowdrop only because Ira has been having her way all through the show while Nadya has only been suffering for no fault of hers. After a point seeing someone suffer unnecessarily gets to you and you tend to lose interest in the show. And that is exactly what has happened to me. Snowdrop isn’t boring, it is just a little draggy. But, I know that people love this show a lot so I will definitely cover the written updates for all the episodes.)

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