Snowdrop: Episode 38


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Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya throws a few bundles of notes on Igor’s table and tells him that Ira and Nicolai gave her the money. Igor looks unperturbed when she asks him if he has no questions as to why they gave her so much money. But Igor looks least interested in her piece of information and Nadya screams that he is avoiding the truth as he is afraid to face the fact that Nicolai is not a respected judge but a criminal and his wife Ira is a dishonest woman. Igor asks her to shut up and leave but Nadya persists that she will shut up only when she exposes the truth. She tells him to ask them the reason why they handed her such a lot of money before making her way out of his room. On her way out, she does not notice Oleg who tries to talk to her before she vanishes in the elevator.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Oleg (wearing the same overcoat and scarf he wore five years ago) runs after Nadya who is walking absentmindedly. He rushes in time to save her from being hit by a car and she leaves without even sparing a glance at him. (Oh nooo….poor chap.) Oleg senses that she is upset about something which is why she looks so lost.

As Tamara sets the dinner table, she asks Ira if everything is fine between Igor and her, because Igor has asked to meet them for the first time. Ira admits that she has no idea about what Igor has on his mind. But she eases Tamara’s concerns by saying that Igor probably wants to discuss something related to Pan cosmetics with them.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Ira asks Tamara if she can opt for adoption in case she is unable to conceive. Tamara asks her if she is sure about adopting and Ira mournfully states that she has been married for 5 years and has still not been able to have a baby. Tamara consoles Ira saying that she is healthy and young and that medical science will definitely find a way to help her as she is sure to see her grandson soon.

Igor arrives at Ira’s house and insists on speaking with them urgently. Seeing the serious look on Igor’s face Nicolai suggests they sit at the dinner table where Igor places the bundle of notes before them and demands an answer for paying Nadya so much money. Tamara who knows nothing about this explains that there must be some misunderstanding as Ira and Nicolai would never give Nadya such a huge amount. Igor then looks sternly at Nicolai, and firmly repeats his question as Nicolai and Ira exchange nervous glances.

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Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya notices Igor’s car parked outside Ira’s house and calls Olya who tells her that Igor is in the hall having some serious discussion with Tamara and Nicolai and that Tamara has strictly asked her to stay put in her room which is why she cannot spy on them. Nadya then heads towards the house.

Igor once again questions Nicolai and Ira about the money when Ira counter questions him if he has been meeting Nadya and Igor nods his head admitting to it. Just then, Nadya walks in and Tamara screams at her for entering her house without permission and Nadya states that the door was open. Ira quickly quips that Igor must have left the door open for Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Tamara is bewildered over the entire scene and demands to know what is happening. Nadya states that she visiting Igor in his office and gave him all the money Ira and Nicolai had given her. Ira rises from her chair and states that she gave Nadya money from her savings. She admits to have hated Nadya and that despite their dislike for each other she only wanted to help Nadya forget her past and start her life afresh which is why she decided to give her the money. Ira goes on to say that she did not have enough of money in her account which is why she sold her jewelry to help Nadya. Tamara is shocked to know that Ira sold her family jewels to help Nadya. Ira then says that despite giving Nadya money she complained of not receiving enough from Ira. Ira asks Nadya if this is true and Nadya agrees that whatever Ira said is indeed the truth. Ira then adds that since Nadya was not happy with the money she had to ask Nicolai to help her with more money.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya applauds Ira for weaving a good story by first proving her a liar, a murderer and now she has also proved that Nadya is a cheater. Nadya then states that she asked an exorbitant amount of money which Nicolai and Ira readily agreed to give without any question. She taunts that next time she will ask all women freed from the prison to visit Nicolai and Ira as they generously rehabilitate women released from the prison. Nicolai disdainfully adds that he gave her to money to buy a house and live with her family as he really loved her mother and Nadya scoffs at the lousy explanation behind his intentions.

Nadya tells Nicolai that she read his book which mentions about the importance of a judge being fair in every trail but since he doesn’t follow his own preaching it is better he quits pretending to be an honest man and tears the pages of his book and flushes it down his toilet as he sent his step-daughter to jail to protect his own daughter. This revelation shocks Igor whose eyes widen as Ira and Nicolai squirm.

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Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya tells Nicolai to confess to his crime as she is willing to forgive him if he does so but Nicolai instead yells at her saying that this is how she repays the man who looked after her mother and her sister. Ira screams at Nadya saying that she will not tolerate her disrespecting her father. She then asks Igor to follow her upstairs where she shows Igor a bedridden Lucia and tells him that her father has been looking after Nadya’s mother and sister since she was in jail and despite that she only accuses them of crimes they didn’t do.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Igor walks down to Nadya and asks her what she wants from him. He says he knows Ira’s family since childhood and that her family is now his family which is why he has no reason to trust Nadya. Nadya reveals that the whole family knows that Ira had framed her in the spying case as Olya and Lucia had found the CCTV footage in Tamara’s room which was later destroyed by Ira. Ira asks Nadya if she has any witness to her claims and Olya says she herself saw the CD in which Ira entered the office room in Nadya’s absence and then Ira destroyed the CD right in front of her.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya goes on to say that Ira didn’t know who killed Rita but deliberately gave a false statement in court only to send Nadya to jail. (Whaaaat? Nadya still doesn’t know that Ira killed Rita? :O ) Unable to face Nadya’s accusations, Tamara orders Nadya to leave her house right away as she slaps Nadya hard across her face. Nadya screams that Tamara can never change the truth and Nicolai intervenes asking Nadya to leave their house. But Nadya refuses to leave saying that she is there to meet her mother.

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Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya goes up to meet Lucia where Olya shows her the diary where she noted the stuff Ira and father spoke about Nadya. Initially, Nadya seems to enjoy the diary but then she reads something that makes her speechless.

In a bar (actually the ONLY bar in the whole of Ukraine), Nicolai tells Igor that he can relate to pain. He tries to gain Igor’s trust by repeating that Ira is a good girl and that she will never cause anyone any harm. But Igor still looks shaken by Nadya’s claims and he asks Nicolai about the CD and Nicolai denies having any knowledge of it. Igor counters that Nadya may be lying but then what about Olya and Nicolai justifies that Olya does not lie but she loves Nadya too much and will believe whatever Nadya tells her.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya and Katya are in a café where Nadya tells her everything that happened at Ira’s house and Katya’s says she did the right thing by confronting them. However, a disheartened Nadya states that people are all mean and selfish and that money has the power to actually cover a person’s crime. Just then, Oleg walks in and Katya excitedly waves out to him and addressing him as Oleg, not Ham, she reminds Nadya that Oleg has taken her to the hospital when she had collapsed in Pan Cosmetics. He joins them and Nadya gazes at Oleg suspiciously. Oleg tries to talk to Nadya who recalls the day she begged him to help her prove her innocence in the ‘spying’ case while he rudely brushed her off. Looking at the befuddled look on her face he reminds her that they had worked together in Pan cosmetics and she berates him for behaving badly with her when she pleaded for help. She tells him that her life has been ruined and had he helped her back then, things today would have been very different for her today.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Oleg and Katya put an inebriated Nadya to sleep in Katya’s house. Katya apologises to Oleg for Nadya’s insolent remarks and tells Oleg that it’s time he reveals that he is Ham who supported her when she was in jail. Oleg takes Katya aside and tells her to continue keeping his identity a secret and requests her to keep updating him about her whereabouts. Katya tells him that Nadya has several interviews lined up the next day and Oleg expresses his confidence in Nadya’s ability to do well in all of them.

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Snowdrop Episode 38

Igor is unable to forget Nadya’s criticism and he starts packing his clothes as Ira frantically tries to stop him from doing so. Igor states that since Ira won’t go back to her father’s house it is better that he leaves since he cannot live with her anymore. Ira begs Igor to stay back but her pleas fall on deaf ears as he leaves the house.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Polina witnesses their fight and taunts Ira for letting Igor go instead of leaving the house herself. She jeers that Ira has no pride or self-respect and that she has forgotten whatever Tamara has taught her. Ira optimistically promises Polina of working on her relationship with Igor and Polina mocks her saying that she this isn’t the first time she hearing her say that. Annoyed, Ira retracts to her room.

Next morning, Nadya asks the investigator about his progress with Yaroslav’s case and she feels disheartened to hear about his slow progress. Katya asks her to eat some breakfast but Nadya refuses saying that she is not hungry. Katya brings the food tray to her and rushes to see who is at the door and returns with a big parcel in her hand. The parcel brings a smile on Nadya’s face. The parcel holds a dress, a toy soldier and a note from Ham stating that he is sending the dress for her interview and his lucky charm i.e. a toy soldier so that it brings her good luck just the way it has always done for him.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Nadya goes to several firms for interviews and manages to impress her interviewers with her good knowledge but the moment they come to know about her past, they deny her employment with their company.

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Snowdrop Episode 38

Dejected, Nadya tells Katya that she was rejected by five companies only because they didn’t want to hire someone with a criminal record. Katya tells her to not give up hope and shows her an advertisement in the newspaper regarding a job opportunity with Pan Cosmetics in the development department. Katya boosts Nadya’s confidence saying that she is a good chemist and that she should try again with the company. Nadya is reluctant but then decides to give it a try as she is not guilty of anything that will deter her from trying for a position with Pan cosmetics.

At the interview, the director lambastes Nadya for having the audacity to apply with the company after ruining it a few years ago. Nadya firmly refuses to take responsibility for Pan cosmetics downfall and screams to be given a chance to prove her capability. But the directors are in no mood to listen as they drag Nadya out of the interview room.


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On her way out Nadya pleads with Dmitri to give her chance but Dimitri tries to push her out when Oleg intervenes. Oleg calls Dimitri aside and Dimitri tells Oleg that Nadya is the spy and murderer because of whom the company’s share prices had crashed a few years ago. Oleg sides Nadya saying that she is a good chemist and an excellent specialist and that spending time in prison must not have affected her abilities. Oleg tells Dimitri to give Nadya a chance but Dimitri refuses to accept Oleg’s suggestion saying that nobody from the company will support his decision and that even Polina will object having Nadya in the company. Dimitri then moves over to Nadya and this time refrains from touching her but politely guides her to the exit as Oleg looks on.


Snowdrop Episode 38

Ira is shocked to see Nadya leave Pan Cosmetics building and she rushes to meet Igor. She asks Igor about his whereabouts last night (Ira can’t you see Igor has had a haircut which means he was with his barber last night. Duh!!) but Igor doesn’t look keen on answering her. She requests him to return home when his phones buzzes and she hands him the receiver. Igor tells the caller that he wants to enquire about the spying incident that happened in his company five years ago. Ira looks nervous as Igor tells his caller that he is willing to meet him anytime.

Ira meets Kireev in a mall and asks him to find another way to send Nadya back to prison as she has disrupted her rather peaceful life. However, Kireev berates Ira for being selfish and targeting Nadya. She sneers that Nadya won’t be sparing him and he retorts that she need not worry about him as he knows how to deal with people like Nadya. (why have they changed Kireev’s voice again? It’s so annoying.)


Snowdrop Episode 38

At a press conference, a journalist asks Boris the reason why he still hasn’t gotten married despite being young, charming and successful. Boris looks uncomfortable with the question but evades it as he excuses himself telling that he has some important business to attend.

Katya tells Oleg that she has got Nadya a job with a burger joint and we see then see Nadya serve a couple at a burger outlet when she receives a call and we hear her exclaim that Yaroslav has been found.

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