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Snowdrop Episode 39

Oleg invites Boris for tea. He asks Boris to give Nadya a job at his company and Boris feels amazed at his suggestion. Boris says that he may not hate Nadya as much as he did a few years ago but still looks unsure about the idea of working with her. Oleg tells him that he must try hiring her which will make him understand how honest and hardworking she is.

Nadya rushes to the mall to meet the investigator who is there with a little boy. Nadya first checks the little boy’s hand and feels disappointed to know that he isn’t her son since he doesn’t have a scar on his right arm.  


Snowdrop Episode 39Ira expresses her yearning for a baby and how she has been praying to be able to conceive. She tells Tamara that Igor has left his house and is living separately from her. Tamara asks her to win him over by speaking the truth but she strongly opposes the idea. Ira says that only a baby can bring them close which is why she wishes to adopt a child but Tamara fervently rejects the idea. She tells Ira that even if she does adopt a child she will never be able to love the kid as he won’t be her biological child. Just then, Olya notifies Tamara of her return from the store.


Snowdrop Episode 39Ira sees Olya and asks to talk to her in private. Olya flatly refuses to speak with her but Ira grabs her by her sweater and takes her to her room. She reminds Olya that her family has been taking care of Lucia and her without any complaints which is why she should return the favour by telling Nadya and Igor that she didn’t see Ira in the CCTV footage and only made up a story of seeing her. Olya states that she didn’t make up a story and that she really saw her and Ira forces her to comply but Olya refuses to do so. Frustrated, Ira threatens to throw Olya’s pet turtle Doonia and she finally agrees to lie to Nadya and Igor. Lucia, who has been listening to this confrontation from the adjacent room, moves her fingers slightly.

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Snowdrop Episode 39Boris tells Oleg that he will give Nadya a job in his company which is overheard by Igor. He dissuades him from hiring Nadya and Boris clearly states that if Nadya is talented she will surely find success in his company. Igor sternly orders him to not hire Nadya and Boris tells him that he can use his commanding tone on his wife but not him and he leaves Oleg’s office brushing past Igor.

Igor asks Oleg the reason behind his sudden interest in Nadya and Oleg tells him that it isn’t the first time he is helping her and that he even stayed up a whole night tending to her when she was hospitalised. Oleg sneers that Igor should not concern himself with Nadya as he is now a married man and it would be better for him if he stays away from her.


Snowdrop Episode 39A little boy, who resembles Yaroslav, with his mother visits the food joint where Nadya works. Nadya cannot stop staring at him and she brings him a cheesecake that Yaroslav liked and the boy’s mother rejects it saying that he doesn’t like cheesecake. Paranoid, Nadya asks the mother if her son has a chain around his neck and the woman is surprised to see Nadya behave weirdly. Nadya then tries to check the boy’s arm for a scar and the woman raises an alarm as the other staff members intervene and take Nadya away from the boy. The shop manager scolds Nadya for her behaviour as she continues to address the boy as Yaroslav.

Igor wonders what motivates Oleg to help Nadya and he imagines them sharing a sweet moment like lovers. Upset, Igor chucks papers screaming that Oleg cannot get close to Nadya.


 Snowdrop Episode 39

Policemen confirm Nadya’s identity and they declare that she has just been released from prison. The shop owner is shocked and the woman with the child accuses Nadya of trying to steal her child. The policeman then asks Nadya for her side of the story and she explains that she had delivered a baby in the jail who was taken to an orphanage at the age of three and was later adopted by someone. She says she has been looking for him and hasn’t been able to find him yet. The woman feels sorry for her and withdraws her complaint.

Igor welcomes Maxim to his cabin and asks him if he ever met Ira before the scandal and Maxim tells him that he first met Ira at a convention where they exchanged cards and then he met her 6 months before the scandal. He then asks him if he had met Nadya before and he clarifies that he first met Nadya when she emailed him about the secret information. Igor also asks him if he knows how Nadya found his personal email id and Maxim simply says that nowadays people can hack anybody’s information.

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Snowdrop Episode 39Nadya meets a lawyer and requests him to file for a re-trail of Rita Panin’s murder case. He tells her that it would be difficult as the court already sentenced her to imprisonment but if she finds a strong evidence to prove that the case was fabricated then there is some hope of making the re-trail strong. She decides to return with a strong evidence. The lawyer then asks her the reason why she wants a retrial when she has already completed her sentence and she strongly replies that because she did not murder Rita.

The lawyer’s attitude disheartens Nadya and Katya assures her of finding someone who will help her. It then strikes Nadya that she can seek Kireev’s help as he was the one investigating her case and that if they put pressure on him, he might give them some crucial evidence. Just then Katya receives a text message from Oleg informing her that he has found a good job for Nadya and her. Katya is unable to hide her excitement and she accidently gushes over Oleg for being cool but Nadya has no idea as to what makes Katya so excited.


 Snowdrop Episode 39

Nadya and Katya join Boris’s telecom company where their manager gives them instructions on the new job as a sales person for their telecom services. Nadya tells herself that she will work hard for the sake of her son.

Ira meets Yaroslav who is now Adrik and gifts him a box of cars. As he plays with his gift she looks at him longingly wishing to have a son like him.


Snowdrop Episode 39Nadya is at her counter selling data plans. A lady stops by but is immediately pulled back by her husband who recognizes Nadya as Rita Panin’s murderer. Nadya’s manager scolds her from losing a potential client so easily. Boris observes Nadya from a distance and the manager tells him that she is not performing well on her first day. Boris tells her to keep her for some more time and fire her only if she is unable to make any sales. He then muses that letting Nadya go would be a big mistake as he has managed to get a hold on her with great difficulty.

Just then, he receives a call from Igor and Boris tells him that Nadya is right before his eyes and has been performing well in her work.


Snowdrop Episode 39Tamara meets Polina tries to persuade her to help her sort Ira and Igor’s differences. Polina, however, says that the differences can only be sorted if they have a baby. Polina then tells Tamara that sorting things out is challenging because Ira is an extremely selfish and self-centred person which is why reconciling will be difficult for her.

Customers flock Nadya’s counter when she freezes on seeing Kireev who asks her if she still remembers him. She replies that there is no way she can forget him as he is the one who ruined her life. Kireev raises his voice as he asks her if she is still on parole and that murderers like her must spend their whole life in prison. Hearing this the customers quickly leave the counter. Nadya yells at him for speaking about her criminal record in front of her customers and he tells her that he has heard about her plans of reopening the case and wanted to help her with evidence.

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Snowdrop Episode 39Angry, Nadya yells at him calling him Major Kireev and he is surprised that she knew of his promotion. She tells him that she knows a lot about him that he can create fake evidence to frame a person. She tells him that she will surely fight against him and prove the court that she was framed for Rita’s murder.

Kireev calls Ira and informs her about Nadya selling mobile plans in a mall. He teases her saying that she will soon be meeting Nadya in court as she is dead serious about re-opening Rita’s case. Ira looks irritated and determines to do something about Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 39Oleg meets Nadya at her booth and asks her if she remembers meeting him the other day at the restaurant and she says she does. He apologises to her for that mistake in the past and she apologises back saying that she had a bad day which is why she was rude to him. Now that they are fine Oleg offers her a bottle of juice.

Igor, who has been observing them for a while, loses his patience and rushes to them. Igor grabs Nadya by her arm and takes her aside as Oleg takes care of the counter in Nadya’s absence. Igor orders Nadya to quit the job where she has to stand all day with a fake smile on her face. Amazed at his sudden interference, Nadya firmly tells him to keep out of her matters. He tells her that he believes whatever she tells him and she mockingly asks him since when has he started to believe her. Just then, Ira reaches the mall and is surprised to see Igor with Nadya. Nadya tells Ira to take her husband away as she has a lot of work to finish.


Snowdrop Episode 39Tamara informs Nicolai about her meeting with Polina and expresses concern over Polina’s attitude over the whole issue and feels that Polina herself wishes to see Igor separate from Ira. Nicolai tells her that it is best that they divorce each other as their marriage is doomed anyway. But Tamara blames Nadya for creating a rift between Igor and Ira. She then suggests they have a word with Igor and Nicolai tells her she can do whatever she feels is right for Ira.

Igor visits the security room and asks to see a CCTV footage of a day five years before and the security person tells him that it is impossible to retrieve that footage as the system automatically deletes footage after ten days. He asks for the person’s details who took a copy of the video and the security officer hands him a list. The list contains three names, his lawyer Valentin, Ira, and Oleg. Igor’s face hardens on seeing Oleg name in the list.


Snowdrop Episode 39Igor confronts Oleg regarding the CCTV footage and demands to know what he saw in the video. Oleg tells him that all he needs to know is that Nadya wasn’t there in the video and refuses to divulge anything more. Igor asks him the reason why he stayed mum over the issue for so long. He says his statement could have saved Nadya and Oleg calmly apologises for his mistake as Igor rolls his eyes over Oleg’s indifferent attitude.

Desperate Ira calls Boris and berates him for hiring Nadya, the one who murdered his girlfriend. Boris replies that Oleg had asked him to hire her and he too was looking for employees which is why he selected her for the job. He then chides her for being insecure about her relationship and asks her to allow him to handle his business before hanging up on her.


Snowdrop Episode 39Ira informs Polina that Oleg helped Nadya secure a job with Boris’s company and Boris readily agreed to hire her. Polina is stunned to know that Oleg and Boris are siding Nadya. Ira tells her that Nadya is a shrewd woman. She states that she will handle Igor and requests her to keep an eye on Oleg. Just then, Oleg walks in and Polina asks him if he helped Nadya find a job.

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