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Snowdrop Episode 40Polina asks Oleg if he really helped Nadya find a job and he nonchalantly replies that Nadya was just out of prison and needed a job and Boris was looking out for new employees. She demands to know the reason why he helped Nadya as the timing cannot just be a coincidence. He instead asks her if she will always despise Nadya and Polina says she has no reason to love her. Oleg defends Nadya saying that he doesn’t believe she is guilty of what she was accused of and reminds her that she was innocent in the spying case.

Oleg then goes to Ira’s room and advices her to apologise to Nadya for sending her to jail. Ira acts all innocent in front of him and he tells her that Igor had visited him seeking answers to a lot of questions. Blood drains off Ira’s face and Oleg repeats that she should seek Nadya and Igor’s forgiveness before it is too late. Ira however, doesn’t like his unsolicited advice and tuts him for supporting Nadya despite all that she has done to them. He asks her the reason behind her hatred for Nadya and she says it because Nadya is in love with her husband.


Snowdrop Episode 40Oleg says that he never tried to cause a rift between Igor and her then why does she dislike him and Ira replies that Oleg took away Igor’s company from him because of which Igor has been on sleeping pills as he is too stressed about it. She too suffered a nervous breakdown only because of Oleg’s attempt at snatching away Igor’s company from him. Polina overhears Ira’s accusations and asks her to see her in her room right away as Oleg stands looking lost in his thoughts.

Polina lambasts Ira for blaming someone else for her shortcomings. She reminds Ira that despite being married for 5 years she has always evaded responsibility and always neglected her husband.


Snowdrop Episode 40Ira tearfully claims that she has helped resurrect Igor’s career and Pan cosmetics but Polina yells that Igor’s career was ruined by Ira in the first place. She screams that Nadya and she have only pushed the company down the drain. She tells her that Ira is the only reason behind Igor’s problems and that it’s time she returns to her granny and continues living her princess life as no one in their house is willing to pamper her.

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Snowdrop Episode 40Nadya returns home after a long day at work. Katya happily tells her that her first day at work was good as she sold some starter packs. Nadya tells her first day wasn’t great as people balked at the idea of buying something from a murderer. Katya looks irritated at people’s attitude and Nadya brushes off the negativity and optimistically says that someday it will all get back to normal and she will earn lots of money and have her son back into her life. Katya then forces Nadya to eat some food. She then regretfully says that Nadya is talented but is low on luck. She states that had she been in Nadya’s place she would have given up by now and Nadya strongly says that she hasn’t given up as yet as she has to find her son, prove her innocence and help her mother and Olya.

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Snowdrop Episode 40Next morning, Nadya meets an expert who looks surprised to know that despite the supposed accident her car suffered no dent or scratches and Nadya emphasizes that her car was not involved in the accident. She asks him for the pictures of the accident site and the man tells her that he too has never seen them but Kireev has and Nadya raises her eyebrows at the mention of his name.

Polina’s harsh words reverberate in Ira’s ears and she helplessly calls Tamara complaining of Polina’s frequent attempts at breaking her and Igor up. Tamara calms her down saying that this is a regular fight between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law and that she shouldn’t take things to heart. She suggests Ira visit a spa and offers to go shopping with her but Ira declines it saying that if she leaves the house Polina will get an opportunity to bitch about her to Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 40Nadya visits Kireev and demands to see the pictures he took of the accident site and he scoffs that he discarded them after she was proved guilty. He then rambles of how she should forget about the past and move on. Just then, Kireev’s assistant, Kolik walks in and he hears Kireev mock Nadya as she says she will not stop fighting. Kireev’s assistant hands him some documents and catches up with Nadya asking to have a word with her.

Some distance away from the police station, Kolik tells her that he wants to help her and Nadya dismisses him saying that he must be having some personal problem with Kireev. She looks at him with distrust and starts to walks away as he screams that he is fed up with all this. He tells her that he has been working with Kireev for the last 6 years and despises his wrong ways. He says that Kireev accepts a lot of bribes to do wrong work and that he is willing to testify against him in the court but that will cost him his job which is why he wants to help her. She tells him that she needs all the documents related to her case and he gives her the address of a prosecutor who will have the original documents.

Next, we see Nadya exit a building with a big folder in her hand. She then calls the investigator and inquires about his advancement in finding Yaroslav and she feels elated to know that the family that adopted Yaroslav has been found.


Snowdrop Episode 40Pretending to be conducting an employee survey, Ira meets with the security person and asks him some random question about the working conditions at Pan cosmetics. She then asks him if anybody had visited him looking for a five years old recording. The security guard says that Igor had come looking for it. He also tells her that Igor had asked for a list of people who had requested for the recording and she asks him for the same list. Next, we see her looking out for Igor who is nowhere to be found. 

Nadya is selling mobile plans when she spots Oleg and nods her head acknowledging his presence. We then see Polina receive a call from someone informing her that Oleg was again spotted near Nadya.

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Snowdrop Episode 40Oleg walks up to Nadya and tries to scare her but she doesn’t flinch even slightly. Oleg then shows her some survey forms of her customers who are satisfied with Borilink services. Nadya asks him why he did so and he answers that he did it to help her as s friend. As Oleg talks to Nadya we see someone shoot him discreetly from a distance. Suspicious of the sudden change in his attitude towards her, she declines his help. Pretending to be annoyed he dumps the survey forms in the dustbin and she quickly retrieves the forms saying that people have paid for it. Her reaction amuses Oleg and he tells her that she is a good employee which brings a smile to her face.

We then see Ira spy on Nadya and call Igor asking him his whereabouts. (Hahaha….she went to the mall expecting to catch Igor with Nadya. Insecure woman!!)


Snowdrop Episode 40Ira comes home running to see Igor. She cozies up to him but he looks disinterested in her and gets straight to the point. He asks her if she deliberately framed Nadya in the spying case and she vehemently denies it. He says that there is enough proof against her but she tries to deviate the topic. Exasperated, Igor says that they should opt for a divorce as they are not happy together but Ira starts trembling at the mention of divorce. She blames their unhappiness on Nadya and Igor says that it is all Ira’s fault. Like a crazy woman she keeps repeating that they are happy together but Igor refutes her claim and leaves her by herself in the room.


Snowdrop Episode 40Olya is in her room with Lucia, reading out a story to her when Ira suddenly enters the room and starts hitting Olya with her purse. She screams at her for speaking ill about her to Igor and heads towards Lucia to hit her but Olya shields her and Ira continues hitting Olya blaming them both for her divorce. Tamara comes on time and stops Ira. Ira slumps to the floor and mournfully tells Tamara that Igor has decided to divorce her. Tamara takes Ira to her room and Olya tells Lucia that she will inform Nadya about this. 

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Snowdrop Episode 40Olya calls Nadya and tells her that Igor is divorcing Ira. When Nadya asks her how she came to know of it, Olya tells her that Ira had come angrily to their room and hit her and Lucia with her bag blaming them for her divorce. Nadya is stunned to know that Ira hit them but Olya calms her down saying that Tamara took her away and that Lucia and she will now get back to reading a fairy tale.

Ira is bawling her eyes out and Tamara calms her down with a soothing essence. Ira cries that she cannot live without Igor but Tamara pacifies her saying that Ira’s grandfather had also left her three times but always returned to her and each time he returned their love only blossomed. She offers to talk to Igor and asks Ira where he could be right now. Ira imagines him spending a sweet moment with Nadya in the mall and she starts trembling violently before abruptly running out of the room like a maniac as Tamara chases after her.


Snowdrop Episode 40Ira visits Nadya’s booth in the mall and makes a mess of it by throwing everything around and smashing the booth. Nadya calls Igor and asks him to take Ira with him but Ira snatches the from her hand and shouts at her for talking to her husband. She screams at Nadya for trying to steal Igor from her and Nadya screams back at her for hitting Olya and Lucia. Ira contemptuously states that she won’t even mind killing them as she hates them. Nadya tells her that Ira had her imprisoned so she could marry Igor and now that he wants to leave her she still blames Nadya for her breakup. Ira says that Nadya may be able to live without Igor but she can’t. She starts hitting Nadya when she suddenly loses consciousness and collapses to the floor.


Snowdrop Episode 40Nadya’s manager tells Boris about the ruckus Nadya created but Boris ignores her complaint and asks her to clear the mess and get back to work. Igor reaches the mall and asks for Nadya. Boris tells him that he doesn’t know where Nadya is and blames Ira for the mess doing. Igor repeats his question and Boris tells him that Nadya took Ira to the hospital after she passed out.

In the hospital (Dr. I Somow Clinic…..the only clinic in the whole of Ukraine), the doctor tells Nadya that Ira collapsed due to exhaustion and that it is a common thing in pregnancy. Nadya looks stunned to know that Ira is pregnant. The doctor tells Nadya about the precautions Ira should take in the first two months of her pregnancy. Ira gains consciousness and overhears the doctor say that she is pregnant.  


Snowdrop Episode 40Ira is ecstatic and thanks the doctor when she looks over at Nadya who continues to stand transfixed in her place. Ira mockingly asks Nadya if she heard what the doctor said and she repeats that she is pregnant. She says that Igor will now love her and they will have a baby together. Nadya leaves the room as tears streak her face.


Snowdrop Episode 40Igor bumps into Nadya outside Ira’s ward and Nadya asks him to be with Ira as she is pregnant. Igor looks at her in disbelief and she congratulates him before leaving.

Nicolai and Tamara come running to see Ira when she excitedly reveals that she is pregnant. Nicolai and Tamara jump with joy on hearing the good news.  


Snowdrop Episode 40Igor is still sitting out of Ira’s ward lost in deep thoughts. Meanwhile, Nadya is strolling alone, crying as she misses her son Yaroslav.

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