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Snowdrop Episode 41Nicolai, Tamara and Ira, are over the moon on learning about Ira’s pregnancy. Igor, however, looks least interested in celebrating the good news. The doctor informs them about the complications Ira could face and that she should be extremely cautious in her first trimester. Tamara instructs Igor to take good care of Ira as he looks on disinterestedly. Nicolai takes Igor out to have a word with him.

He tells Igor that he knows that he wants a divorce from Ira and that he also knows the reason why. He then apologises to Igor for the mess that Ira has created. He tells him that Nadya’s claims are all true and that Ira had framed her in the spying case. However, Nicolai very smartly averts Igor’s questions regarding Rita’s accident and only chooses to express his guilt over protecting Ira in the spying scandal. Looking at Igor’s reaction he begs him to not leave Ira now that she is pregnant. He requests him to give a chance to their baby and their relationship and Igor says that he will think about.


Snowdrop Episode 41Ira is more than happy to shut Polina up as Polina mocks Igor’s and her relationship. Ira proudly shows Polina her sonography report and states that she is young and so is Igor which is why there is no reason they can’t start a family together. She tells her that the doctors have advised her to rest and not take unnecessary stress so she goes to her room leaving Polina amazed at her luck.

Polina muses over Ira’s twist of fate and just then she receives a call from Tamara who tauntingly informs her about Ira’s pregnancy. She tells Polina to quit being mean to Ira and Polina justifies that she has never been mean to Ira and that she treated her the way she deserved to be treated. Tamara sternly tells Polina to take good care of Ira and Polina assures her that if Ira is really pregnant then she will really take good care of her. Tamara then orders Polina to write down the diet plan she has prepared for Ira but Polina abruptly hangs up on her.


Snowdrop Episode 41Nadya and Katya visit the investigator’s office who tells them that Nadya needs strong evidence to re-open her case. He discourages her from re-opening her case and advises her to move on in life.

Dejected, Katya complains that these investigators and policemen are all corrupt and involved with Nicolai and Ira. Nadya, however, looks determined to seek justice and repeats that she will not give up. Just then, Katya and Nadya receive a message from their company confirming of their permanent employment with Borilink and the two women jump with joy.

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Snowdrop Episode 41Olya is wiping Lucia’s forehead when Tamara teases her over going about her daily ritual. Just then, Olya receives a call from Nadya who tells her that she secured a job with Borilink and that she will soon fetch Olya and Lucia from Nicolai’s house. Overjoyed with the news Olya tells Lucia about Nadya’s job which is heard by Tamara. Tamara then tells Olya that Ira is expecting and requests her to not trouble her. Elated by the news Olya promises to not bother Ira again.


Snowdrop Episode 41Ira tries to strike a conversation with Igor using their baby as a pretext but he continues to snub her. She then gleefully tells him that as long as he is with her she will overcome any difficulties and requests him to always be there by her side. Igor replies that he ‘always’ being there for her is not a possibility and she clarifies that she is only referring to their future and he quickly retorts ‘who has seen the future’ before leaving the room. She then receives a text from Lisa (Yaroslav’s adoptive mother) asking to meet urgently.

Lisa tells her that an agent came looking for them under the disguise of an air-condition electrician. Ira surmises that it must be the special detective that Nadya must have hired to look for Yaroslav. Ira tells Lisa that she should leave the country as soon as possible and offers to bear all expenses attached to the relocation process.


Snowdrop Episode 41Oleg receives a text from Katya informing him about the job Nadya and she secured with Borilink. Oleg calls Boris and congratulates him for hiring two new employees. He then requests Boris to keep an eye on Nadya. Oleg’s request confuses Boris who muses that he has an eye on Nadya anyway.

The investigator Nadya had met before arrives at Kireev’s office and tells him that re-opening Nadya’s case is not a difficult task and that if it happens then they both will be in deep trouble. He warns him about Nadya’s determination towards having the case reopened and asks him to exercise caution while dealing with her.

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Snowdrop Episode 41Nadya arrives at her workplace where she finds Kireev waiting for her. He tells her to quit her attempt at re-opening her case but she ignores his request and turns to leave. Kireev then loudly states that it is a shame that a reputed company has hired a criminal who was jailed. Nadya runs back to him and screams loudly that she will definitely expose him and that he doesn’t have a lot of time on him. All this is being noticed by Boris who has been discreetly observing them from his cabin.

Nadya’s co-workers who heard Kireev, start fussing over Nadya’s past. One lady, who we later come to know a Larissa, then leaves a rude note on Nadya’s desk which Nadya crumples and dumps in the dustbin. Larissa continues bullying Nadya who then tries to explain that she isn’t a criminal and was framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Her co-workers continue to taunt her when Nadya sees Boris arrive at the door.


Snowdrop Episode 41Nadya is stunned to find out that Boris is the owner and Director of Borilink. She asks him the reason why he hired her and he states that he owed a friend a favour which is why he hired her. He scolds her for leaving her work and loitering around and she replies that she wishes to work but her co-workers do not seem happy to have her there. He then rudely states that she can return to her work if she wants to and Nadya walks away without another word.

Tamara tells Ira about Nadya’s new job and Ira wonders why Boris hired her despite knowing that she was convicted of murdering Rita. Ira then decides to create havoc in Nadya’s life as she visits Boris’s company website to type malicious information about Nadya.

Katya gets into a scuffle with her co-workers who are again creating a fuss over Nadya’s past. Their manager arrives and the co-worker tells her about the kind of stuff written about Nadya online and how she will ruin the company’s reputation. Just then, Nadya arrives and the manager asks her to leave right away.


Snowdrop Episode 41A young boy meets Ira asking her for an interview but she scolds him for meeting her without any prior notification. As he starts to leave, she calls him back and tells that she will help him in his report but it won’t be about her.

Nadya’s manager coaxes her to quit but she refuses to budge saying that she really needs that job. The manager looks unhappy with her stubbornness and leaves angrily. Later in the evening, Katya informs Oleg about Nadya’s dismissal from the job. Oleg assures her of finding a way to help her out with it.

Polina overhears Oleg request Boris to keep Nadya in his company and not fire her and is worried about his interest in Nadya’s life.

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Snowdrop Episode 41Polina surprises Ira by inquiring about her health. She then tells Ira that she wishes to have a smart and beautiful grand-daughter for which she will ensure that Ira has a comfortable and stress-free environment at home. She then tells Ira that she has been worried about Oleg lately who doesn’t seem to have a personal life. She requests Ira to introduce Oleg to any good friend of hers and Ira look happy to help Polina.

Nadya’s manager hands Boris a hard copy of all the malicious stuff written about Nadya on the company website which is sure to ruin their reputation. She then hands him a CD of a news report where the reporter (the same guy who had asked Ira for an interview earlier) discusses Nadya’s criminal activities and how she ruined Pan cosmetics and is on her way to ruin Borilink. Boris doesn’t react much to it and the manager is shocked at his cool reaction. He tells her that such gossip should not affect them as he too has been a convicted criminal. He asks her to ensure that they continue spreading such news about the company so he can use it to his advantage and project his company as an open-minded firm that doesn’t believe in prejudices.


Snowdrop Episode 41The manager then announces that the company follows a tolerant attitude and that anybody speaking any ill about Nadya will be fired. Larissa doesn’t look happy with the announcement and leaves with her bag. Katya and Nadya feel relieved. Katya then tells Nadya that she spoke to a programmer friend of hers who told her that all the malicious content on Borilink’s website has been tracked back to one IP address which means that one person has been trying to malign Nadya’s name and that they will track down that person soon.

Larissa is at a café where she happens to spot Ira. She joins Ira at the table and cribs about how the company she works for has sided with Nadya and asked them to not speak a word against her. Seeing her dislike for Nadya Ira offers to help her push Nadya out of the company. She tells her that she has to only keep an eye on Nadya and give her as much information as she can about Nadya and in return, she will introduce Larissa to Oleg who is a Director with Pan cosmetics.


Snowdrop Episode 41Nadya receives a call regarding the location of the person the IP address belonged to and we only hear her say, ‘I knew it’.

Ira’s team surprise her with gifts and flowers as they congratulate her for the baby. Just then, Nadya walks in and insists on talking to Ira in front of her team.

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