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Holding a CD in her hand, Nadya tells everyone present that Ira tried to frame her. She then shows them a print out of the hate comments that all came from the same IP address that belongs to Ira. (Someone please tell me how does Nadya get entry into the company?) Ira dismisses her team and they leave looking aghast at the drama that unfolded before them.

Once alone, Nadya remarks that during her time in prison she only thought of ways to unmask Ira but now she needn’t worry as Ira will do that herself. She says she knows what a pitiful life Ira lives as Igor doesn’t love her, her employees respect her only because she is married to Igor and she is constantly plagued by fears of Nadya exacting her revenge and taking it all away from her. She adds that she pities her child who has to grow in a fearful and spiteful environment. Ira screams at Nadya commanding her to leave and Nadya leaves after telling her that they both know who amongst them is the real murderer.


Snowdrop Episode 42Ira meets Larissa in a café where Larissa complaints that Oleg showed absolutely no interest in her on their date. She tells her that Oleg was constantly on his phone and was texting someone. She then states that she believes Oleg is in love with someone and seems to have no place for another woman in his life. This revelation gets Ira thinking and she immediately calls Polina to share the news.

Polina visits Oleg in his office and rebukes him for rejecting yet another girl. She tells him that it is necessary for him to meet a good woman to stay happy in life and Oleg counters that it is his prerogative to decide what makes him happy. Exasperated, Polina starts to leave but then stops in her tracks and asks him if he is still helping Nadya and he clears the air saying that he was helping her only because he had introduced her to Boris and was only ensuring that she was doing well.


Snowdrop Episode 42Katya sees Kireev in the mall and decides to follow him. (She just got a new job and she leaves the counter to follow Kireev….wow! So much dedication to helping a friend.) She sees him enter a night club and wonders what business he has in a nightclub during the day. She then tricks the nightclub’s bouncer into believing that she is a singer-dancer and has to get in the night club for some work. Inside the club, she stands by the bar observing Kireev who is playing a game of card with his friends.

Nadya’s conducts a customer survey based on which she creates a presentation proposing of new telecom plans catering to certain target customers. Larissa mocks her presentation but the manager looks impressed with Nadya’s idea and shushes Larissa as she wishes to hear what Nadya has to say.

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Snowdrop Episode 42Nadya’s manager praises Nadya’s efficiency as she informs Boris of the new plan she proposed for their starter pack. Boris enquires the attitude of the old employees towards Nadya and she tells him that not many people have a problem with Nadya as she is a friendly person. But Boris still instructs her to keep an eye on her.

Katya tells Nadya that she had followed Kireev to a casino where she saw him lose a lot of money while gambling. She tells her that Kireev probably is a heavy gambler for which he needs a lot of money. This little information about Kireev has Nadya thinking as she thanks Katya for helping her.


Snowdrop Episode 42Excitedly, Katya blurts out that she has to inform Oleg about Nadya’s successful presentation. Nadya is surprised to know about Oleg’s involvement in finding her a job and Katya justifies that Nadya wouldn’t have taken up the job had she not concealed the truth from her.

Ira and Oleg finish their discussion regarding her show and she starts to leave when his phones buzzes. She waits right outside the door to eavesdrop on his conversation. Oleg answers the call and Nadya thanks him for helping Katya and her find a job. He tells her that if she truly wants to thank him, she can do so by having dinner with him. Ira decides to have Igor see Nadya meet Oleg at the restaurant so he gets the message that Nadya is no longer available for him.


Snowdrop Episode 42Nicolai calls Kireev to inquire about the progress he has made in finding Igor’s biological mother and Kireev states that finding a woman who went AWOL 30 years ago is not a joke and that it will take some time to do so. He then tells Nicolai about Nadya visiting the police station to re-open her case. He adds that she was looking for the original document and photographs related to the case. He then tells Nicolai that he did speak to Nadya but she refused to budge and he is sure she will come after them at any cost.

Oleg is all nerves when Nadya arrives at the restaurant. However, before they can even start speaking to each other, Igor and Ira arrive at the same restaurant. He notices Oleg and Nadya and sits with his back facing them.

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Snowdrop Episode 42Oleg suggests they go to another restaurant if Nadya’s feeling uncomfortable but she assures him of being fine as it is just the matter of a dinner. Ira blabbers on and on as Igor tries to catch a glimpse of Nadya. Ira then leaves the restaurant to attend a call from Nicolai. Nicolai tells her that he has revealed the truth about her involvement in Nadya’s spying case to Igor and Ira flops on a chair in shock. She starts crying hysterically saying that Igor will surely leave her now that he knows of Nadya’s innocence. Nicolai tells her to beg for forgiveness from Igor and assures her that he will not leave her as they have already discussed it.


Snowdrop Episode 42Tamara overhears Nicolai’s conversation with Ira and chastises him for creating a rift between Igor and Ira. Nicolai, however, justifies that Igor was intending to divorce Ira and that this was the best thing to do for Ira. Tamara remarks that he is clearly doing this for someone (hinting at Nadya) and that he doesn’t even care about his own family. Ira returns to the restaurant only to find her table empty as Igor has already left.

Katya creates a fake identity card and visits the casino demanding to meet the owner. She manages to meet Aleksis who is the henchman of Boris’s ex-boss. She lies that she is a secret agent and currently working on Kireev’s case. She orders him to co-operate with her on the case but he is too smart for her trick and catches her bluff instantly. He commands his men to grab hold of her as he examines her ID card. He identifies it as a fake ID and has his men to throw her out of the casino.


Snowdrop Episode 42When Ira returns home, Igor reprimands her for deliberately taking him to the restaurant where Oleg and Nadya were having dinner. He expresses his amazement at her jealousy and she says that this isn’t jealousy. She tells him that she is aware that Igor knows about her involvement in Nadya’s spying case and he starts to leave angrily. She requests him to explain the reason why she did that and he stays back wanting to hear her reason.

She confesses her love for him. She tells him that even she doesn’t know since when she has been madly in love with him and had only dreamt of marrying him. She says the day he proposed Nadya in his new flat, she was right there and he has no idea how it broke her heart to see him propose to another woman. She asks him to forgive her as she framed Nadya only to get close to him but she had no idea that doing so would create a rift between them. Igor looks unmoved by her confession and tells her that she should apologise to Nadya.

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Snowdrop Episode 42Oleg brings Nadya to a place overlooking the bay and he tells her that it is his favourite place as it is a very peaceful place. Pointing out to a stream of lights across the bay he tells her that that is the light of Pan Cosmetics building and she sighs that it is too far for her to get there. He then requests her to forget the unpleasant past and move on as he is willing to do whatever she wants to see her happy. He promises to fetch the stars for her and she thinks to herself that she doesn’t wish for stars but only her son. He then brings her a toy star and tells her that he fetched her a star and she laughs at his childlike behaviour. He then asks her to look at the sky and tells her that all the stars in the sky are hers and she smiles at him as tears glisten her eyes. He then drops her home and looking at the sky, he hopes to have more such nights with her.


Snowdrop Episode 42Polina’s informer informs her about Oleg’s date with Nadya and sends her photographs of the evening. Polina muses of finding a way to separate Oleg from Nadya.

Next, we see Igor grabbing Nadya (who is still in the same clothes as yesterday) as someone secretly clicks their pictures. Igor asks her if she is with Oleg to exact her revenge on him and Nadya says Oleg helped her and she is just grateful to him. He tells her that he knows the truth behind the spying case and apologises to her. He goes on to say that he can’t do much now that Ira is pregnant which is why he is forced to be with her. She is surprised to hear him speak like that and says that she survived 5 years in prison only because she had the courage to survive just like a snowdrop. She tells him that he will repent his decision of turning his back on her and betraying her. She then leaves after saying that she will not spare him for doing what he did to her.  

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