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Snowdrop Episode 44Pinning Nadya to a wall, Boris almost strangulates her when Oleg appears out of nowhere and pulls Boris away from Nadya before punching him hard across his face. Nadya runs away the moment she is freed and Oleg runs after her. Oleg catches up with her and she sneers that he missed the whole drama. He apologises to her and she expresses how saddened she feels by the fact that he got her a job in Boris’s company despite knowing how much Boris despises her. Oleg justifies that he got her a job there only to make Boris understand that she is a great human and a hardworking girl.

Nadya does not understand the reason behind Oleg’s sudden interest in her life and he confesses of knowing that Ira had framed her in the spying case. Nadya asks him why he never said anything in those five years that she was in prison and he says that she should now forget the past and move on and that he is willing to support her in starting her life afresh. However, Nadya finds it difficult to forgive him for not helping her when she needed it the most.


Snowdrop Episode 44Nadya starts to leave when Oleg asks her to give him another chance and she flatly denies it and walks away.   

Oleg meets Boris in a bar and berates him for employing Nadya only to take revenge from her. Boris says that he has been containing his anger and frustration for years and Nadya reminds him of his loss because of which loses his temper. Boris then asks Oleg the reason why he favours Nadya so much and Oleg states that he has wronged her by not defending her case despite having evidence that she was not involved in the spying case. Boris asks him about the actual murderer and Oleg replies that he only knows that Nadya is innocent as she had no reason to kill Rita.


Snowdrop Episode 44When Nadya returns home Katya reprimands her for going AWOL on her and Nadya tells her that Boris was Rita Panin’s fiancée and he hates her because she was convicted of Rita’s murder. She tells Katya that just like herself he too lost his love five years ago and has not overcome the grief. Nadya says that she can relate to his pain and Katya asks her if she will continue working for Borilink. Nadya is uncertain about her decision and Katya suggests they start looking for another job.

Nadya hands in her resignation and Boris mocks her for running away from the situation for being guilty. Nadya calmly states that she doesn’t feel guilty as she hasn’t done anything wrong. Boris then crumples her resignation letter and yells that if she isn’t guilty then she can stay back and work for him but if she decides to quit then it is proved that she indeed is guilty of murdering Rita. Katya fumes in anger when Nadya tells her that Boris rejected her resignation and Nadya pacifies her saying that they need the job and the money as no one else will employee them which is why they better continue working for Borilink.

Oleg receives a text from Katya informing him of Nadya’s decision of continuing her work at Borilink.

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Snowdrop Episode 44Nadya presents her preliminary report to Boris who scolds her for unnecessarily preparing a report that he doesn’t even read. Nadya explains that her first boss had inculcated the habit of bringing a new idea every day. She says that she really admired Rita for her work and Boris warns her to not speak of Rita ever again. Nadya then declares that she too despises the person who killed Rita and vows to find the person someday.

Nadya’s manager informs her that her proposed project has been accepted by Boris and that she will participate in a TV competition where she will represent Borilink. Nadya is ecstatic and her peers go green with envy.


Snowdrop Episode 44Ira’s assistant praises her for her contribution to the television show which has helped in increasing the company’s profits. She then tells her about her appearance on a show which is in collaboration with another company. Ira sees Nadya’s photo on the pamphlet as a representative for Borilink and rises in anger as she questions Borilink’s decision of sending a newcomer to a television show.

Ira tries to lure Igor with some chamomile tea but he looks hard to impress. So she tells him how her television show has helped Pan cosmetics and he wryly thanks her for her efforts. She finally gets to the point and informs him of Nadya’s involvement in the upcoming competition and Igor tries to conceal his surprise. She says that Borilink is a new company and that they are foolish to send a newcomer to a TV show. Igor begs to differ saying that talented employees must be valued. He then adds that he doesn’t understand the reason that makes Ira upset and Ira sneers that he must be thinking that she is jealous of Nadya and he advises her to stop interfering in Nadya’s life. He tells her to stop being jealous of Nadya and focus on the baby before stalking out of the room.


Snowdrop Episode 44At the dinner table, Olya hears Tamara and Nicolai discuss ways to help Igor reclaim his position as the director of Pan cosmetics and Nicolai states that Igor still does not trust Ira. Olya swiftly runs to her room and makes a note of everything she heard in a diary that she plans to give Nadya.

Nadya’s manager informs Boris of the employee’s displeasure over Nadya being selected for introducing the company’s product on TV and Boris suggests they keep a competition where the winner will be selected to represent the company on TV.

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Snowdrop Episode 44Polina invites Boris for lunch hoping to extract some information about Nadya and Oleg. She also invites Ira expecting her to help her in getting out information from Boris.

Nadya’s manager announces the competition to the team. To be able to win the opportunity to be on TV the employees will have to come up with a project that will increase the number of clients by 10%. The closer the employee is to the target, the higher will be his chances to be on TV.

Boris thanks Polina for the lunch and Polina asks him if he hired Nadya on Oleg’s insistence and if Oleg likes Nadya. Boris answers that he isn’t sure about Oleg’s feelings for Nadya and that he hired Nadya because he was looking for employees and Oleg suggested her name. Just then, Ira walks in and asks Boris why he selected Nadya, a newbie, to present his company products on TV Boris rudely asks her to mind her own business.


Snowdrop Episode 44Ira’s snitch in Borilink, Larissa informs Ira about the competition for making it to the television show. Ira thanks her for the information and muses to not allow Nadya come on television.

Nadya is conducting a customer survey at a mall when Oleg tries to talk to her but she ignores him. She tries to convince people to fill the form and offers a free pen in return. In order to help her, Oleg stacks bottles of cold drinks right beside Nadya’s booth and offers a free cold drink to anyone who fills her survey forms. His trick works and people flock her booth to fill the form. A detective observes Oleg and informs Polina of whatever he sees at the mall. Polina looks extremely unhappy knowing that the director of Pan cosmetics is distributing cold drinks at a mall and she wonders what makes him do so.


Snowdrop Episode 44Nadya asks Oleg why he is there and he says he has a lot of cold drinks to distribute. Seeing her annoyed he offers to leave the cold drinks with her but she says that he can stay behind provided he ensures that her boss doesn’t get a whiff of it and he happily agrees to seal his lips.

Igor mocks Oleg’s work ethics when he sees Polina instead of Oleg in the cabin. He remarks that Oleg can quit if he has no interest in his work and Polina sarcastically states that Oleg is at a mall helping Nadya fill her questionnaires which is also a very important task that he is performing. She leaves the room in a huff as Igor is left behind pondering.

Igor reaches the mall where he taunts Oleg for shirking his duties as the director of Pan cosmetics and spending time distributing free lemonades at a mall. Oleg counters that Igor too is slacking at work as he is busy following Oleg. Just then, a man gifts Nadya something and compliments her. Igor and Oleg witness this and give him a stink eye. (Awww……that was so cute!! Seeing the two step-brothers eye the man angrily was the best scene in the whole episode.) Oleg then suggests Igor go home and tackle his pregnant wife but Igor retorts that he is here to fill the questionnaire and Oleg cheerfully encourages him to do so and submit it to Nadya but Igor teases that he will take the paper with him and keep it close to his heart. As Igor leaves, Oleg teases him for forgetting the free lemonade.    

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Snowdrop Episode 44Ira meets Igor and apologises for their fight. She invites him for dinner and Igor rudely turns her down saying that he will be late today. As he leaves the cabin, Ira notices Nadya’s questionnaire on his desk. She calls Nadya and scolds her for meeting Igor behind her back Nadya reprimands her for not trusting her husband before hanging up on her. Angry, Ira calls Lorik and confirms of his participation as the company’s representative at the upcoming competition.

Nadya works overtime and dozes off on her seat. Oleg brings her a box of pizza and cold drinks but seeing her asleep he covers her with his jacket and quietly completes her work. When Nadya wakes up she is surprised to see the food on the table but the jacket gives her a clue of who visited her while she was asleep.


Snowdrop Episode 44Next morning, Nadya tells Katya of how Oleg brought food for her and completed her work while she was sound asleep in her chair. Katya teases that Oleg is crushing on Nadya and Nadya justifies that Oleg is just a good person trying to help her. Katya then urges Nadya to work hard so she can prove her abilities to all those who did not trust her.

Ira visits her home where she barges into Lucia’s room and forces Olya to accompany her to have some pastries. Olya refuses to leave with her but Ira doesn’t take a no for an answer and drags Olya out of the room.

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