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Snowdrop Episode 48At the hospital, the doctor informs Ira and Igor that Ira has miscarried the baby owing to the injury. Ira begs him to check again in case he made a mistake but the doctor regretfully states that she probably might never be able to conceive again. Ira blames Igor for her miscarriage saying that Nadya and he are responsible for her accident. She sobs saying that she had only asked him for a child and he took that away from her. She wails in despair cursing him for killing her baby. Just then, Tamara and Nicolai walk in and are stunned to hear of Ira’s miscarriage.


Snowdrop Episode 48At the hospital reception, Polina’s spy inquires about Ira who is admitted to the hospital. The receptionist says that she cannot divulge any details to him and that if he is a relative then he can talk to Ira’s doctor about her condition. The receptionist is then called for some work and the spy quickly checks the hospital register where he reads that Ira has suffered a miscarriage.

Ira bawls her eyes out as she mourns her child’s death. Tamara tries to calm her down and asks her what lead to the accident. Ira narrates how she caught Igor and Nadya at the hotel where they had booked a room for themselves. She says that when she tried to stop Igor from running after Nadya, she stumbled and fell over the stairs. Tamara chastises Igor for putting Ira at such a risk despite knowing her condition. She reminds him of how much she supported him for Ira’s sake and this is how he returns the favour. Igor feels guilty and tries comfort Ira but she screams at him to vanish from her sight. With a heavy heart, Igor leaves the room as Nicolai glowers at him.


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Snowdrop Episode 48Nicolai meets Igor outside the hospital where Polina’s informer prying into Ira’s accident, stands closer to them to overhear their conversation. Nicolai admonishes Igor for being so negligent with Ira. He admits that they have done some things in the past that were wrong and have even apologised for the same but the child was not at fault and did not deserve to die. Igor says nothing as Nicolai returns to the hospital.

Polina receives a call from her spy who informs her about Ira’s miscarriage. She is shocked to hear of the turn of events and looks distressed about it.

Holding her pillow like a baby in her arms, Ira silently grieves her loss when something occurs to her and she suddenly leaps out of her bed to peek outside the window.


Snowdrop Episode 48At the breakfast table, Polina informs Oleg of Ira’s miscarriage and he looks sad to hear of the news. He asks her about the hospital where Ira is admitted to so he can pay Ira a visit but she dissuades him from meeting her saying that she will be visiting her and that he should concentrate on his work now that Igor too won’t be able to come to work. Oleg, however, does not approve of Polina’s advice and leaves the table without having breakfast.

Tamara feels worried when she finds Ira missing from her ward. She chides Igor for leaving Ira alone and he rushes out to look for her. Meanwhile, Ira is by her mother’s grave where she asks her mother for her baby. She asks her mother if she still hasn’t forgiven her. She then recalls how, when she was a little girl, she ran from her mother who chased after her and ended up being hit by a car which led to her demise. She remembers Nicolai holding her responsible for her mother’s death. (Oh nooo… Now I understand why Ira is such a possessive and difficult woman. How traumatised she must have been as a child. I feel so so bad for her now)


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Snowdrop Episode 48Tamara reaches Nadya’s office and screams at her for meeting Igor and causing Ira’s miscarriage. Katya tries to intervene but she seems invisible to Tamara who lambastes Nadya for ruining their life. Nadya feels bad hearing of Ira’s miscarriage and she clarifies that she was at the hotel to meet Polina to clear some misunderstanding. Nadya’s manager and Boris observe the whole commotion from a distance. Tamara threatens to sue Nadya for ruining Ira’s life and Katya interjects that she can do whatever she wants.

Oleg calls Boris to ask if he purchased a bulk of shares in Pan cosmetics on his mother’s instructions and Boris tells him that though Polina did advise him to buy their shares, he did it only because he felt it was a good investment. Boris then asks him of Nadya and Igor’s scandal and tells him how Tamara came to his office and created a scene blaming Nadya for Ira’s miscarriage. Oleg gets defensive and says that Tamara is just exaggerating and blaming Nadya unnecessarily.


Snowdrop Episode 48Igor tries to get in touch with Ira but her phone remains unavailable. He enquires with her team but they too have not received any message from Ira. Oleg barges into Igor’s cabin demanding to know why he called Nadya to a hotel room and Igor brushes him off saying that he does not need to explain himself to anyone and stalks out of the cabin.

Tamara meets Polina and asks her if she had invited Nadya to the hotel room and Polina admits that she had arranged for a meeting with Nadya because she wanted to talk to her about her relationship with Igor. She tells Tamara that she was worried about Nadya and Igor’s relationship and wanted them to cut all contacts with each other. Tamara then asks her what made Igor visit the hotel and Polina sneers that she is no psychic to know what prompted Igor to visit the hotel.


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Snowdrop Episode 48Kireev questions Kolik about the progress he made investigating about the person who tipped the police of his gambling and Kolik lies that the call was made from an unregistered number and that there is no information about the caller. Kireev looks tensed to have someone tail him and Kolik advises him to give up on his vices as that kind of money will take him nowhere. Kireev looks annoyed by Kolik and mutters to himself that he never really liked him and that Kolik is certainly hiding something from him.

At the hospital, Igor tells Tamara that Ira hasn’t returned to her ward and has been ignoring his calls. Tamara tells him that she met Nadya who told her that she was at the hotel to meet Polina and that Polina even confirmed of her meeting with Nadya. She then asks Igor what made him go to the hotel. Hearing of Polina’s involvement, Igor surmises that it was all her doing and immediately leaves the hospital to sort out certain things.


Snowdrop Episode 48Nadya recalls the whole incident where Igor looked worried for her in the hotel room and notes that Polina had conveniently missed their meeting. She is sure that someone is plotting against her but is not aware of who it could be. She receives a call from Igor and agrees to meet him outside her office for five minutes.

Igor asks Nadya why she sent him that SOS and she denies sending him any message. He shows her the message he received asking him to rescue her and she tells him that the number does not belong to her. He asks her if she was there to meet Polina and she answers in affirmative. She then expresses her sympathy for his loss and he mournfully states that she has no idea what he is going through right now. He then suggests they cut all ties and move on in life as they can never be together and he walks away as Nadya looks at him tearfully.


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Snowdrop Episode 48Katya tells Oleg that Tamara created a scene at the office by accusing Nadya of Ira’s miscarriage. She tells him that Igor’s stepmother Polina, (completely unaware that Polina is Oleg’s biological mother) had called her to the hotel room to discuss something confidential and that Nadya has no clue why Igor was there. Oleg is surprised to know of Polina’s involvement as he sits back pondering over the matter.

Kireev finally gets his hands on Katya’s personal information as she was the one who informed the police of the gambling den. He wonders why she is after him and why Kolik tried to conceal her identity from him. Just then, Kolik walks in and Kireev quickly hides the printout of Katya’s personal details. Kireev eyes Kolik suspiciously and when Kolik asks him about it Kireev answers that he need not worry and that he will not do anything to him.


Snowdrop Episode 48Igor reaches home and asks Polina why she called Nadya to the hotel room and then messaged him. She justifies that she only wanted to see if Igor still cared for Nadya and she had no clue that Ira was following him. He berates her for plotting against him because of which he lost his unborn child. Polina defends that he himself is responsible for Ira’s accident as he wanted to meet Nadya and that she had not planned on Ira’s accident. Oleg who has been overhearing the conversation orders, Igor, to speak respectfully with Polina but Igor just stalks off in anger after expressing his contempt for the mother-son duo.


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Snowdrop Episode 48Polina admits to having planned on Igor and Nadya’s meeting only to prove their relationship and to tell them to not meet each other as she was worried about Ira finding out. She says that was her only intention and that matters got out of hand before she could do anything. Oleg derides her attempts at interfering in other’s life and pulling Nadya in her plan. Polina points out that Oleg is upset because she involved Nadya in her plan. Disgusted, Oleg reminds her that Igor and Ira lost their baby and that Igor is right in blaming her for the loss. He says that he supports her only because she is his mothers and stalks out of the room.


Snowdrop Episode 48Enraged, Tamara storms into Lucia’s room and screams at her for running their life. She yells that Ira suffered a miscarriage and that Lucia’s daughter Nadya is a murderer and must be kept in jail. She hurls at Lucia everything that comes in her hand but Olya shields her mother and begs Tamara to not hurt Lucia. In tears, Tamara tells Olya that she doesn’t want her and her mother in her house anymore and leaves the room in anger.

Tamara then calls Nicolai and rants that Ira’s accident is all Nadya’s fault and that she met her and found out that Polina had called her to the hotel and that Polina is behind this whole thing. Nicolai finds it difficult to believe Tamara’s claim and dejectedly states that there is no use blaming others as they have already lost the baby. Tamara firmly says that she will get to the root of the whole incident and will punish the one who made Ira suffer.


Snowdrop Episode 48Katya meets the boy who she thought was Yaroslav in the orphanage and she gives him the gifts she bought for him. In a hushed tone, the boy shares a secret with her. He tells her that the people at the orphanage call him Yaroslav when actually his name is Andrei. He says that he was known as Andrei when suddenly everyone started addressing him as Yaroslav. Katya asks him to not mention this to anyone and keep the secret between them. The boy nods his head obediently as Katya understands that Andrei’s identity has been swapped with Yaroslav.

Ira calls Lisa and Andrei to a mall. As they leave they just miss bumping into Nadya’s detective. The detective then enquires about Yaroslav and his adoptive family from a neighbour pretending to be from a child welfare clinic.


Snowdrop Episode 48At the mall, Ira muses that since she has lost her child because of Nadya, she too will never be able to see Yaroslav. Ira tells Lisa that she has arranged for the visa and ticket and that she should leave with her family as soon as possible and Lisa agrees to do as said.

Nadya meets Nicolai in a restaurant where she repeats that she was at the hotel as Polina had called her there. Nicolai tells her that he only wanted to confirm that Polina had called her there and that she has no connection with Igor. After Nicolai leaves, Nadya receives a call from Ira who asks to meet her immediately.

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