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Snowdrop Episode 50Polina hands Oleg a file containing the statistics and study of their new market strategy. She asks him to present it at the shareholders meeting the next day but he flatly refuses to oblige her as he is against presenting someone else’s idea. She explains that the shareholders meeting is very important and that he does not have ample time to prepare a good presentation but he only retorts that she still considers him to be a slacker. She tries to convince him otherwise but he looks far from convinced.

Meanwhile, Ira gives Igor a file containing details of how Oleg’s aggressive management strategy has cost the company. She advises that, at the shareholders meeting he should not only talk about his strengths but must also highlight Oleg’s shortcomings which is the only way to gain an upper hand over Polina and Oleg. Igor is pleasantly surprised by Ira’s good work and thanks her for it. She tells him that they should start their work life and personal life afresh and assures him of helping him regain his CEO position with Pan cosmetics.


Snowdrop Episode 50Instead of working on the presentation, Oleg’s mind is occupied by thoughts about why Polina called Nadya to the hotel room. He then decides to tell Nadya that he is Igor’s step-brother and Polina’s biological child.

Nadya excitedly hugs Katya and tells her that she will soon be united with her son Yaroslav. She tells Katya that the detective informed her of Yaroslav’s foster family taking him to Paris and that he has a few friends in the customs department who will help stop the family from leaving the country. Katya cannot contain her excitement and jumps with joy. Just then, Nadya receives a call from Oleg who calls to meet her.


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Snowdrop Episode 50Nadya looks unusually happy and Oleg asks the reason for her good mood. She does not mention anything about Yaroslav but instead tells him that Polina had met her earlier. She expresses her disgust for the vile Polina because of whom Ira lost her baby and people suspect her of having an affair with Igor. She says she dislikes the whole family as they feel only they are intelligent while the rest of the people are foolish. Nadya’s impression of the Panin’s make him cautious and he refrains from saying anything that will make her hate him too. He then tells her that he asked to meet her only to check if she is fine and she assures him that she is absolutely fine.


Snowdrop Episode 50Oleg returns home completely sloshed. In an inebriated state, she goes around sticking star stickers in the house. Polina reprimands him for getting wasted a night before his big meeting with the shareholders. He instead questions how many times is he supposed to forgive her. Polina is surprised and asks him what he is talking about. He says that it was despicable of her to try to trap Nadya. She justifies that whatever she does is for his benefit but he dismisses her saying that she is a very wicked and horrible woman. She tries to reason with him but he only asks her if she will love him even if he no longer remains the CEO of Pan cosmetics. She says she is his mother and always wishes the best for him. She tries to explain the implications of losing his position to Igor but he shushes her and goes to his room.


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Snowdrop Episode 50When Nicolai returns home, Tamara complaints of Nadya being in their house to visit Lucia. Nicolai is reminded of his chat with Lucia’s doctor who had told him that Lucia’s health is improving but he cannot guarantee full recovery. Tamara cribs about Nadya’s family still mooching off them and she says that Nadya now has a job and can afford to look after her mother. Just then, Nadya walks down the stairs and greets Nicolai. Nicolai asks her about Lucia’s health and she replies that though there has is no marked improvement in Lucia’s condition, she is glad that at least she is still alive. 


Snowdrop Episode 50As Igor is busy working on his presentation, Ira brings him low-calorie dinner. Igor is impressed by her food and her work and asks her how she managed to collate the information and she answers that she can do anything to see him happy. They both lovingly feed each other and then clink their glasses before enjoying their drink.

Nadya is charged up and excited while presenting her new telecom plan. She proposes a start-up plan for mothers and their children whereby mothers can check their children’s location through their phone and can call them at subsidised rates. Boris is highly impressed by her idea and guesses that she has plans to meet someone special which is why she looks so cheerful. She admits to having plans and says that she will be happy with him approving her proposition.


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Snowdrop Episode 50Before going into the meeting, Igor reads his father’s last letter to him and promises to never ruin his name and have things just the way he ever wanted it to be. Ira visits him and regretfully informs him that she would not be able to attend the meeting as she has someplace to be. He feels worried and she assures him that she is absolutely fine and has some matters to take care of. She kisses him goodbye as she looks suspiciously at her.

The Kunitsyns stuff their bags in a taxi and are on their way out when the detective ambushes Viktor and asks him about their adopted son. Viktor assumes him to be from the child welfare department and pushes him away to escape with his family in the cab. The detective notes down the cab’s number when he receives a call from someone and he tells that person that he too will join her at the hospital.


Snowdrop Episode 50Nadya reaches Boryspil International airport when she receives a call from the detective who tells her that the Kunitsyn family ran away when he approached them and her son too was with them. She says that the family still has 8 hours for the flight but he informs her that the family won’t be departing from Boryspil but will be leaving the country from Kiev (Zhuliany) International Airport. She says that she has already reached Boryspil and that she can’t make it to Zhuliany in such a short time. He then tells her that he cannot help her at the moment as his wife is admitted to a hospital and is in labour and would be delivering twins before the scheduled time. He advises her to contact the border guard service who will be able to help her out.


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Snowdrop Episode 50Nadya hails a cab and calls the border security force and informs them of the Kunitsyn family who have kidnapped their son and are leaving the country from the Zhuliany airport. She says she does not know of their flight number and tells them that they probably are leaving for Paris.

At the shareholders meeting, Oleg present the statistics showing the growth of the company in the past five years since he assumed the role of CEO. He reminds the shareholders of the fact that he was handed the company when it was in a tumultuous situation because of which he had to take some difficult decisions. He says that the company did not perform as highly as he had expected but he is still happy with the results. He gives himself a ‘B’ grade for his performance as the CEO of Pan cosmetics.


Snowdrop Episode 50Nadya panics as she is still far from the airport and if she does not make it on time, she will probably lose her son forever. She calls Katya and screams at her to help her find some solution. Katya asks her to calm down as she thinks of finding a way to stop the family.

Yaroslav is emotional as he leaves his aunt Ira behind. She tells him that she can’t accompany him as her husband cannot leave his work. He presents her a portrait drawn by him and hugs her before asking her to visit him soon and Ira assures that she will see him soon.


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Snowdrop Episode 50Oleg tells that over the last 5 years Pan Cosmetics has taken over several small companies which have benefitted Pan cosmetics. He says that they have launched 7 new lines of products of which one is a huge success in the French market. He adds that the company is now counted amongst the top 5 in the country and that they recorded a good profit in the last quarter. Oleg’s phone buzzes but he silences it as he goes on with the presentation. He then receives a text message from Katya asking him to help Nadya who is in a very difficult situation. He reads the message and keeps his phone aside, but is unable to concentrate on the presentation and he then onward only repeats what he has already stated in the meeting. Feeling unsettled, Oleg then apologises to the shareholders and stalks out of the room.


Snowdrop Episode 50Polina requests the meeting be postponed as the current head of the company had to leave abruptly to attend some important work. However, Tamara opposes that Oleg has already presented his speech and that they should not cut short the meeting for his sake. She then asks Igor to start his presentation and he is happy to do so.

Igor confidently takes Oleg’s chair and starts his speech by appreciating Oleg’s work and his contribution to the company. But then he points out the flaws in Oleg’s management skills and says that the company could have performed much better had Oleg’s decision not cost the company a hefty price. Tamara adds fuel to the fire and claims that Pan cosmetics is surviving on its own and not because of Oleg. Igor states that the company’s financial condition is not great and despite that, the company has taken over 10 small companies resulting in an expenditure of 10 million dollars which could have easily been avoided. Boris leaves his seat to have a drink while Polina seethes in anger.


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Snowdrop Episode 50Viktor and Lisa thank Ira for her help and promise to take good care of Andrei. The last and final announcement for the flight is made and the Kunitsyn family leave bidding Ira a goodbye. Ira then muses that Nadya will now never meet her son again.

After Igor concludes his speech, a director of the company congratulates Igor for his excellent presentation as Polina hangs her head in annoyance.

Tamara taunts Polina for Oleg’s abrupt exit and she sneers that the kind of work Oleg has done in the past 5 years, Igor can never even think of doing something like that. Polina then leaves the room in a huff as Tamara congratulates Igor for his brilliant presentation.


Snowdrop Episode 50Oleg reaches the airport before Nadya and frantically looks around when he sees Ira smirking at herself. However, he chooses to ignore her and continues his search. Nadya barely misses Ira as she rushes to the airport.

Oleg argues with the lady at the ticket counter to give him information about the flight carrying the Kunitsyn family as the little boy with the couple is being illegally taken abroad. The lady, however, refuses to divulge any information and asks him to seek help from the border security force officials.


Snowdrop Episode 50Nadya makes it to the airport where she inquires about Kunitsyn family at the border security force and the official tells her that the flight to Paris has taken off as there was no Kunitsyn family in the list of people boarding the flight.

In a flashback, we see that Ira had very shrewdly booked an evening flight for the Kunitsyn family leaving for Paris from the Boryspil airport and simultaneously booked an afternoon flight for the family under the name Kosmenko for a flight to Montenegro from the Zhuliany airport. (Jeez!! Ira you are a genius.) At the airport, Ira tears the tickets to Paris bidding goodbye to Nadya and her happiness.


Snowdrop Episode 50Unwilling to give up, Nadya tells the border security force official that the family could have booked tickets under another name and begs him to check records for a couple leaving the country with a 5-year-old boy. Without even checking, the man tells her that there is no such family in his records and Nadya breaks down screaming for help as her son is being taken away from her. Disheartened, she slumps to the ground as Oleg, too shocked to learn about her child, turns away to avoid being spotted by her.

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