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Written Update: Episode 51

Snowdrop Episode 51Katya calls Nadya and tries to console her but Nadya yells back fretting over losing her son. Oleg discreetly observes her as he is taken aback to know about Nadya’s child.

Oleg returns to his office where he finds Polina furiously waiting for him. She berates him for leaving the shareholders meeting abruptly and demands a good reason for doing so. She goes on on a tirade of how Igor seized the opportunity and impressed the shareholders while Tamara gave him full support but Oleg pays no heed to her as he prepares himself a drink. He scolds him for being immature and he yells at her to leave him alone.


Snowdrop Episode 51Content with his performance at the shareholders meeting, Igor is in high spirits when he reaches his cabin. He then finds a missed call from Nadya but before he can do anything he sees Ira arrive with a bouquet of flowers for him. Ira is surprised to see him look gloomy and she says that he shouldn’t be gloomy especially after his performance at the meeting and the fact that Oleg ran from the meeting. He corrects her that Oleg did not flee but had to leave after he received someone’s call. He then asks why she didn’t attend the meeting and she says that had to meet a friend who was leaving for a foreign country. She then lovingly massages his back and tells him that Tamara has invited them over for dinner to celebrate his speech.


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Snowdrop Episode 51Fighting back her tears, Nadya asks the detective if filing a complaint with the Ministry of External Affairs will help her get back her son but he says that it won’t help as they have no proof that her son was illegally adopted and that they have no idea where the family has migrated to. He tells her to give him some more time as he is sure to find a way to help her.


Snowdrop Episode 51At dinner, Tamara and her family celebrate Igor’s successful speech at the meeting and Tamara is confident that the shareholders will vote for Igor to become the new CEO of the company. But their mood is spoilt when Nadya’s arrives to meet her mother and sister. She asks them to continue with the dinner as she meets her mother upstairs.

After dinner, Ira asks to speak privately with Nicolai as Igor waits for her in his car. Ira complaints about Nadya’s presence in the house. She tells Nicolai that her blood boils with rage whenever she sees Nadya and that she cannot stand the way she looks at Igor.  She then calmly tells him that her relationship with Igor is slowly getting better and that she does not want to risk it again. She suggests Nicolai leave Lucia in rehab so that Nadya does not visit them again. Nicolai turns down the idea saying that he has observed the improvement in Lucia’s condition and that there is a good chance she recovers faster in a rehab centre. He says that if she recovers she might start speaking against Ira like before which will cause them a problem. Ira then has no option but to allow Lucia stay in her house.


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Snowdrop Episode 51Igor is in his car when he sees Nadya leave. He tells her that he couldn’t receive her call earlier in the morning as he was busy in a meeting and tells her to never contact him again. She assures that she will never disturb him again and strides off.

Seeing Igor and Ira return home happily with a cake, Polina teases them for celebrating Igor’s success too soon. With conviction, Ira says that Igor will certainly regain his position as the CEO of Pan Cosmetics and Polina passes a snide remark. Annoyed, Igor asks Polina what exactly she wants from him and she says that he does not have the capability to lead a company like Pan Cosmetics. Ira jumps in defence of Igor and mocks Oleg’s sudden disappearance from the meeting. Polina clarifies that he had to leave to attend some urgent business but for Ira, nothing can be more important than the shareholders meeting. Igor tells Polina that Oleg is a little slow and that she needs to keep a close eye on him. They go to their room as Polina silently cries.


Snowdrop Episode 51The detective explains to Nadya how the Kunitsyn family had planned their escape. He tells her that they had booked flights to Paris as well as Montenegro. The flight to Paris was only to mislead them and that they have actually gone to Montenegro under the family name Kosmenko. He then states that they surely have some outside help as they do not have the resources to carry out such expensive plan. Nadya wants to go to Montenegro to fetch her son herself but she cannot leave the country as the police department has seized her passport. The detective offers to go but needs capital for it. She asks him to give her some time so she can arrange for the finance to send him to Montenegro.

After avoiding Katya’s call all evening, Oleg finally calls her and asks to meet her. Making an excuse to Nadya, Katya leaves to meet Oleg.

At the restaurant, Oleg looks visibly upset. He asks Katya about Nadya’s child and she tells him that Yaroslav was born in jail and was sent to an orphanage as Nadya served her sentence but when Nadya was released on parole he was already adopted. She tells him that the family who adopted him is very dangerous as they have been dodging them to keep Yaroslav away from them. Oleg then asks her if Yaroslav is Igor’s son her positive answer shakes him even more.


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Snowdrop Episode 51Boris finds Oleg playing piano at a restaurant. He then joins him at his table and they have a drink. Oleg rants about the woman he likes and how she is still entangled with her ex and Boris consoles him that at least the woman he cares about is alive and that he can do whatever it takes to keep her happy unlike him whose girlfriend is no more. Oleg seconds Boris’s thought and staggers his way to the piano before running his fingers through it.

When Katya returns home, she sees Nadya make some notes for something and Nadya tells her that she is calculating the amount required to visit Montenegro to bring her son back. She says she will take a loan if needed but will surely find her son.


Snowdrop Episode 51Oleg reaches home completely sloshed. He bumps into Igor and remarks that he pities him. Igor then retorts that it is he who pities him. Seeing Oleg back home, Polina asks to have a word with him and Oleg slurs that he doesn’t want to talk to her. She follows him to his room and chastises him for ruining the shareholders meeting. He clownishly begs her to leave him alone and she slaps him hard asking to get grip on life as they are about to lose everything.


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Snowdrop Episode 51Nadya visits a bank where the manager rejects her application for a loan. She asks if this is because of her criminal record and he admits to it. She says that she was falsely accused of a murder and that now she has a stable job and is in a position to pay it back. The manager still refuses that they cannot take a risk.

Helpless, Nadya barges into Igor’s cabin and he asks her to leave at once. She says she needs his help but he refuses to listen to anything and starts to leaves the cabin as Ira stares at her from the other side of the door.


Snowdrop Episode 51Ira admonishes Nadya for constantly approaching her family and Nadya says she just wanted some money. Ira sardonically asks her to beg for money and Nadya pleads her to lend some money. Ira pulls out a bundle of notes and hands some to Nadya and drops a few to the ground. Nadya gulps her self-respect and collects the note from the ground as Ira continuously showers money on her. Oleg sees Nadya pick notes from the ground as Ira smirks but he leaves without anybody noticing him. Nadya picks up all the notes Ira threw and then leaves promising to return the money soon.


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Snowdrop Episode 51Oleg calls Katya and asks her if Nadya is in need of money. She tells him that they need money to go to Montenegro to get her son back. He asks her for her account number so he can transfer her the money and she requests him to not tell Nadya that he knows of Yaroslav. He promises to not divulge anything to Nadya.

At dinner, Ira tells Igor that Nadya tried to meet him to ask for some money. She says she gave Nadya the money after she blackmailed her promising to not trouble her and her family again. Still insecure, Ira makes Igor promise her that he will never meet Nadya again no matter what she says to him and he happily obliges his wife.


Snowdrop Episode 51Katya shows Nadya her bank balance and tells her that Ham has lent her the money to help Nadya. Nadya then shows her the money she got but does not mention that she got it from Ira. Katya then mournfully says that the orphanage official did not allow her to take Yaroslav with her and Nadya suggests she find a man who can help her with the process.

Katya then calls Kolik and asks to meet her and he happily agrees without a second thought.


Snowdrop Episode 51Ira meets Kireev and tells him that she sent Yaroslav to another country and then gave money to help Nadya. He berates her for her cheap ways and tells her to never contact him again. She tells him that she has Yaroslav adopted by a very good family who take good care of him but he criticises her for separating a mother from her child. She offers him money to help her and he instantly starts singing a different tune and asks how he can help her. She then tells him that she does not want Nadya to meet her son ever again.

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