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Kireev chastises Ira for asking him to kill a little child and she retorts that she never asked him to kill anyone but just wants Yaroslav to disappear from Nadya’s life. He asks her how to make Yaroslav disappear without having him killed but she has no answer to that. She orders him to ensure that Yaroslav never ever meets Nadya at any cost and he agrees to think of a way around it.

Next, we see Kireev listen to a recorder in which Ira is heard saying that she wants Nadya to be away from her son at any cost.


Snowdrop Episode 52Nadya apologises to Boris for leaving work without any notice and he scolds her for her unprofessional behaviour. He tells her to keep her personal matters separate from work and threatens to fire her the next time she fails to fulfil her official duties and she promises to follow his instructions. Just then, she receives a call from the detective who informs her that he has bought tickets to Montenegro and will be leaving soon to find her son. She tells him to be cautious as she does not want the family to harm her child by accident. Boris overhears Nadya’s conversation but does not ask her anything about it.

Ira calls Kireev and asks about his progress in Yaroslav’s case and he demands more money from her. She flatly refuses to pay him anything and he then plays the recording in which she clearly instructs him to keep Nadya away from her son. He then blackmails her to send him money or else he will send the recording to Igor.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Polina meets Boris at a café and asks him about Oleg. Boris assures her that Oleg is fine and that she need not worry too much about him. She tells him about the meeting that he left midway and then the drunk state in which he returned home. Boris tells her that Oleg must have had a drink out of stress and is not a habitual drinker. She asks him if Oleg has any health issues or any personal problems and Boris assures her that he is absolutely fine. Still not convinced, Polina requests him to talk to Oleg to determine what is wrong with him.


Snowdrop Episode 52One of the director’s of Pan cosmetics informs Tamara that he and another director have been invited to dinner by Polina. He tells her that he feels that the sudden invitation might be to discuss the next day voting. He tells Tamara that he can decline the invitation if she does not like it but Tamara encourages him to go for the dinner. She tells him that he can oblige Polina but must support her through his vote. Nicolai is worried that Polina might gain the directors confidence and Tamara assures him that changing votes is not so easy and that everyone knows how unpredictable Oleg can be which is why they have nothing to worry about.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Oleg appears to be packing all of his stuff in some boxes and his secretary asks him what he is up to. He tells her that he is leaving the office as he believes that every person should be in his rightful place and this office does not seem to be his anyway.

Oleg then goes to meet Igor and invites him for a drink as Igor looks baffled at him.

At dinner, Polina apologises to the directors for Oleg’s poor behaviour at the last shareholder meeting. She justifies his action by saying that he had to leave because he was unwell and the directors retort that in business only death is considered to be an emergency. They tell her that though Oleg left the meeting abruptly, it is his mother who is apologising instead of him. Seeing all her attempts fail, she tries to lure them by offering a plan that guarantees a two-fold rise in company profits if implemented. The directors look pleased with the proposal but ask for Oleg and she explains that she and Oleg have difference in opinion regarding the presentation which is why he is absent from the dinner. The two men look convinced and have a look at her presentation.


Snowdrop Episode 52At a restaurant, Oleg tells Igor that he never met his father Anatoly Panin but if he does meet him someday he will never feel ashamed of anything as he knows he gave his best for the company. Igor sneers that had he given his best he would not have left the meeting the way he did last time. Oleg says that it does not matter as he does not want to fight for things that he does not really want in life. He then asks Igor if he and Ira have thought of adopting a child and Igor snaps that it is none of Oleg’s business. Oleg then wonders that telling him about his child with Nadya could prove disastrous so he refrains from saying anything to him.


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Snowdrop Episode 52In Montenegro, Lisa asks her husband about the landlord and he tells her that the house belongs to a man who is currently living in England. He tells her that as long as Ira is paying their rent they should not be worried.

Oleg beats around the bush and asks Igor what he would do in case he ever found out that he has a kid out of wed lock. Startled by the out of context question, Igor surmises that Oleg is talking about himself and Oleg clarifies that it isn’t about him but a friend of his. Igor guesses its Boris and he again clears the air that it is not someone Igor knows. Oleg then asks him if she still has feelings for Nadya and Igor evades his question as he leaves to return to work. Oleg the muses that since Nadya hasn’t told Igor about their child, it would be better if he too does not speak of it.


Snowdrop Episode 52Katya meets Kolik and tells him that she wants to adopt a boy from the orphanage but is unable to do so as she is on parole. He asks her why she was imprisoned and she hesitatingly reveals that she was in prison for stealing. She justifies that she was young and stupid which is why she broke the law but has now learnt her lesson and assures to never repeat her mistake again. She asks him if he can help her with the adoption and he seems sceptical about it considering the strict laws around child adoption. Katya is almost in tears and he consoles her saying that he can put in a recommendation for her for which she will have to regularly attend the police meeting which will help clear her image and she happily agrees to it.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Polina ambushes Oleg the moment he returns home. She tries to give him a pep talk on how he should present himself at the meeting the next day but he makes it very clear that he is not interested in being the CEO of Pan cosmetics as it is not his rightful place. He says that the position belongs to Igor and that he will make a name for himself on his own, without Polina’s help. Polina screams that he is acting selfishly by thinking only about himself and not considering the kind of efforts she has put into helping him have the position. But he does not budge and she leaves the room in a huff.

However, Polina hasn’t given up and she calls someone and tells that person that she has some juicy personal information about Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 52Next morning, the Tamara is seen fuming in rage as she reads a gossip article about Igor. The newspaper article contains images of Igor and Nadya meeting at a hotel along with the headline that states that he is having an affair with an ex-convict despite being married to Ira. Tamara notes the timing of the news and is certain that the news has been published on the day of the voting only to ruin Igor’s chances at resuming his position with the company. Tamara is also sure that this news has been leaked by Polina so that Igor loses to Oleg at the meeting.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Polina is pleased to read the article. She receives a call from Tamara who berates her for the unethical move at trying to beat Igor. Polina shoots back that she has no idea what Tamara is talking about. She says that even if the news has been published it isn’t any false news. She blames Igor for the whole fiasco and Tamara hangs up abruptly, unable to listen to her talk gibberish.


Snowdrop Episode 52Distraught, Ira shows the news article to Igor who is stunned to see his picture with Nadya in the newspaper. He calms Ira down saying that she need not worry about it and that he will take care of it.

When Nadya reports to work the next day, Boris shows her the newspaper article about her and she looks utterly surprised by it. He tells her that though she is a good employee, such scandals affect his company’s name. She says she has no clue how the article was published and he guesses that this is probably Polina’s doing.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Kireev reaches work and goes through the circulars kept on his table. He reads about a Ukrainian family of three being charred to death in an accident. He assumes that it could likely be the family Yaroslav was adopted into and quickly starts to research about the case.

In Montenegro, Lisa frets over the fact that someday Ira might stop helping them financially after which they will be in a fix and she urges her husband Viktor to do something about it.


Snowdrop Episode 52The atmosphere is tense at the shareholders meeting. The voting commences and every member casts his or her vote. The results show a tie between Oleg and Igor and as per the company rules, incase of a tie the next voting shall happen three months later.

After the meeting, Igor confronts Oleg regarding the cheap shot he took at him to win the position at Pan Cosmetics. Oleg looks perplexed by the accusation and Igor and tells him that such tricks will not help him in the long run. Oleg asks him what he is being accused of and Ira taunts Oleg for being cheap in his tricks. She says that such low blows can only be planned by him and his mother Polina. Polina hears Ira and tells her that if she has any evidence against her she herself will own up to it but till then she should not make any assumptions of her own.


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Snowdrop Episode 52Tamara walks in from behind and says that no matter what happens Igor will eventually become the head of the company. Polina sniggers that she should not be over-confident about Igor and that only time will tell who shall take over the company.

Kolik shows Katya the recommendation form he prepared for her and tells her that it has been written well and should definitely help her with the adoption process. Katya jumps with joy and thanks him for the help. He adds that she will soon be free from probation and will no longer be on parole which means she has officially been acquitted of all the charges and is now a free person. Excited, Katya jumps on Kolik who is leaft flabbergasted by her sudden reaction and freezes in place unable to understand what to do next.


Snowdrop Episode 52Katya apologises for losing control on herself and then asks him if he likes her. Caught off guard, he blushes beet red before admitting to his feelings for her. Then asks him out for a date. Caught off guard for the third time in a minute, he only manages to nod his head to her.

Kireev meets Ira at a café where he hands her the death certificate of Kunitsyn family and photo evidence of them dying in a fire.



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