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Snowdrop Episode 54In a fit of rage, Nadya tries to throttle Irina for sending Yaroslav away from her and Irina pleads innocence. The police arrive in the nick of time and separate the two quarrelling women. (Wow! The Ukrainian police are awesome. How do they reach before the crime is committed?) At the police station, the police officer berates Nadya for misbehaving during her parole (I don’t understand why the dubbing artists keep saying ‘payroll’ when it is ‘parole’). He asks them to settle their matter amicably and Nadya starts narrating how Ira had her son killed but before she can explain in detail Ira collapses and the police officer tends to her. Ira requests the officer to leave them alone so they can sort out their differences in private.

Nadya guesses that Ira wants to talk to her so she does not file a case against her for her child’s kidnapping. Ira sneers that Nadya shall not be able to prove her involvement. Nadya tells her that Olya had seen her outside her son’s orphanage and Ira justifies that she visits a lot of orphanages for shooting videos. Nadya then shows her the drawing that Andrei made for her. Ira is stunned to see the drawing and she says that it was a gift from her friend’s son. Nadya questions the reason why she tried to burn it and she says that since her miscarriage she does not want to see anything that reminds her of the child she lost. Nadya however, is adamant on showing the drawing to Igor.  


Snowdrop Episode 54Nadya is distracted by a call from Olya who informs her that Lucia has been moving her hand and leg and that she has even gripped her palm. Nadya is relieved to hear the good news. After she hangs up, Ira quickly offers to settle the matter. She asks Nadya to not mention her son to Igor and in return, she will refrain from filing a case of assault against her. Nadya is hell bent on punishing Ira but then Ira threatens to get her parole cancelled after which she will be imprisoned once again. She reminds her of Olya and Lucia and how they will manage without her. Just then, Igor arrives and looks worried about Ira seeing the bruises on her face. Ira smartly underplays the whole incident so Nadya has to keep mum.


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Snowdrop Episode 54Nadya returns home and tells Katya that it was Ira who helped the Kunitsyn family abscond with her son and that because of her Yaroslav is not alive today. Next morning, Katya wakes up and sees Nadya knit a sweater. On asking her about it Nadya mumbles that the sweater is too big for Yaroslav and that she is trying to alter it for him. Nadya’s weird behaviour scares Katya who then calls Oleg and tells him that Nadya has been acting weird as she sees her talk to Yaroslav. Oleg understands that the loss of her son has deeply impacted Nadya and he decides to visit her.

When Oleg meets Nadya at Katya’s house he sees her altering the sweater she had made for Yaroslav. He asks her about her altercation with Ira and she tells him that Ira used to visit her prison to shoot videos for her company and that she knew of her son. She says that Olya too had seen her outside the orphanage two years ago and then shows him the drawing by her that Ira tried to burn in her room the other day. Oleg remembers seeing the drawing before and confesses that he too was at the airport the day Yaroslav left with his family and that he had seen Ira hold this drawing in her hand at the airport. Nadya’s fears are now confirmed and she is taken aback by the fact that she has no evidence against Ira despite knowing everything about her devious plan. But she firmly decides that she will certainly punish Ira at any cost.


Snowdrop Episode 54Oleg calls Ira to his cabin and asks her about Nadya’s son and she says that she learnt about her son last night. He then asks her about her scuffle with Nadya and Ira tries to brush the matter off but he orders her to stay put and speak about it. When she refuses to divulge the truth he tells her that he knows that she often visited Nadya’s prison and that she very well knew about her son. He then reveals that he saw her at the airport the day Yaroslav was being illegally taken to another country by his adoptive family and that he even saw the drawing in her hand. Ira starts to quiver hearing his revelations but then puts up a strong front and says that he cannot prove anything and that he is only blinded by his love for Nadya. Oleg then tells her that he is now sure that Ira is involved in Yaroslav’s case and declares to cut all ties with her.


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Snowdrop Episode 54Ira calls Nadya to meet her in a mall where rebukes her for telling Oleg about her son. She tells Nadya that now Igor will come to know everything from Oleg and Nadya wonders why Oleg will divulge anything to Igor. Ira tells her that he will speak to Igor as he is his step-brother. Nadya is stunned to learn that Oleg is Polina’s son and stands transfixed as Ira threatens to get her parole cancelled. Gritting her teeth, Nadya says that she is no longer afraid of Ira or of going to the prison, instead, Ira should now be afraid as she will surely punish her for killing her son.

Polina’s snitch informs her of the fight between Ira and Nadya which led Ira to the police station. He tells her that the police reached on time and arrested both the women but Ira did not file a case against Nadya so the matter was closed. Polina is surprised to know that Ira, who was desperately trying to get Nadya arrested, refrained from filing a case against her when she had the golden opportunity to do so. She then decides to dig deeper into the matter to know why exactly Ira spared Nadya this time.


Snowdrop Episode 54Igor meets Oleg and gives him his report on the project lines and their problems that will be discussed at the next company meeting. Oleg however, seems a little lost as he blankly stares at Igor. Igor narrates the problems that the company currently faces but Oleg is unable to hear anything as he is thinking about the fact that Igor is totally unaware of his son’s demise. As Igor starts to leave, Oleg compliments that Igor is very efficient in his work but Igor leaves saying that he will see him at the meeting.

At home, Polina hands Oleg a newspaper which contains an article about a very rich businesswoman named Anastasia, who has expressed her desire to invest in a Ukrainian cosmetic company. She tells him that having her on board will help the company tremendously which is why he must do something about it. Oleg jokingly praises Polina’s strategic planning skills before agreeing to talk to Anastasia.


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Snowdrop Episode 54At Ira’s house, Tamara hands her a file which contains details of Anastasia and tells her to talk to Igor about it. Ira sees the opportunity in the proposal and excitedly runs back home to inform Igor about it.

Ira hands the file containing Anastasia’s details to Igor and tells him about her plans to invest in a cosmetic company in Ukraine. Anastasia’s images stir something inside Igor who observes her image more keenly.


Snowdrop Episode 54Anastasia arrives in Ukraine and taking a deep breath she tells her assistant that she has returned to her country after many years and everything looks very different than before.

At the breakfast table, Igor reminds Oleg about the shareholders meeting and Oleg starts criticizing Ira’s PR department. He says that the PR department lacks initiative and creativity and that their competitors are moving ahead while they are still where they were. Igor tries to defend Ira about Ira intervenes and takes responsibility for her department’s sluggish performance and assures to work harder.


Snowdrop Episode 54Ira tells Igor that she has decided to organise a TV reality show in search of a brand manager for their company. She tells him that they can get many ideas from the applicants which will only help the company. Igor looks pleased by her idea and she tells him that her team has already begun their work on the presentation.

Nadya meets Boris in his cabin where he tells her that the company profits have risen 25% and that he has decided to give her a pay hike and appoint her as a sales manager with the company. She says she will not be able to work with him anymore and hands in her resignation. He chides her for throwing away everything she has worked for and leaving without considering the growth opportunities. With tears in her eyes, she thanks him for whatever he has done for her till now and says that her life has taken a drastic turn whereby she no longer needs a job but only needs to survive to fulfil the promise she has made to herself. Boris feels concerned and asks her about it but she leaves saying that she will bring justice to Rita.


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Snowdrop Episode 54Boris informs Oleg about Nadya’s resignation and Oleg feels disturbed. Just then, Igor calls him for the meeting and Oleg tells him to handle the meeting saying that he would not be able to attend it and he leaves looking disoriented. Ira looks surprised at Oleg’s exit and Igor tells her that Oleg has once again asked him to take care of the meeting and approves her plan.

Oleg meets Katya and informs her about Nadya’s resignation. She has no inkling of Nadya’s decision and wonders where Nadya must have gone at this time. Oleg says he knows where she could be right now and they both leave in his car.


Snowdrop Episode 54At an over bridge, Nadya tells herself that she will avenge her son’s death and that she will stay strong and fulfil all the promises she made to him. Oleg and Katya spot her on the bridge and Katya runs to her saying that she was worried for her. Nadya says that she is fine and that she will not do anything to herself as she has to have justice for her son.

At the shareholders meeting, Ira proudly presents her new PR plan where her idea for a reality show has gained a lot of attention and hundreds of applicants have already signed up for it.


Snowdrop Episode 54Katya scolds Nadya for going AWOL but Nadya only looks at Oleg. She then asks Oleg why he never told her that he is Igor’s step-brother. She tells Katya that Oleg is Polina’s son and that he had evidence that could prove her innocence in Rita’s murder case but he withheld it and never helped her. Katya too is shocked by the revelation and Nadya says that once before Igor had fooled her by pretending to be a poor student in college and now his brother is hiding facts from her. Katya sides Oleg saying that he has helped her a lot and Nadya acknowledges his help and questions the reason behind Oleg’s silence. Katya leaves them alone to sort out the matter. In a café, Oleg apologises to Nadya for all the trouble his family has caused her and tells her that five years ago he really wasn’t aware of certain things and that now things are different. He then confesses that he wants to be with her and that he loves her.

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