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Snowdrop Episode 58Nadya asks Ira why she ruined her meeting with Anastasia and Ira tells her that she need not worry about Pan Cosmetics as it is her company and she knows how to handle it. She tells her that she has managed to set up a meeting with Anastasia and Nadya looks away displeased. She teases Nadya that no matter how high she tries to fly her legs will never be able to dust off the wipe off poverty from under her feet. Nadya then asks her why she is so afraid of Lucia and her. Ira snaps that she is not afraid of either of them. Nadya begs to differ and reminds her of how she ran to the hospital leaving an important press conference at the office. She tells Ira that she knows that she tried to kill Lucia before leaving in a huff.


Snowdrop Episode 58Anastasia’s assistant hands her a file containing information about Nadya’s background. She tells Anastasia that Nadya was sacked from Pan Cosmetics after she leaked confidential details of the company. Anastasia is surprised that despite such serious allegations against her she still works with Pan cosmetics and Xenia explains that Nadya secured her place with the company after winning a contest with them. Anastasia regrets having trusted Nadya and instructs her assistant to never have her meet Nadya again.

Tamara is worried about Nicolai’s health and she enquires about him at his office. His secretary tells her that she too has noticed that Nicolai looks more stressed than usual and says that the anonymous emails circulating around their company could be the reason. She tells Tamara that the company has been receiving anonymous emails about Nicolai being a corrupt judge and accepting bribes to free a cheating police officer. Tamara nervously laughs at the news and then abruptly hangs up as she sees Nicolai walk in.

Snowdrop Episode 58Nicolai is drunk and Tamara reprimands him for drinking too much. She asks him if he is stressed because of the anonymous emails in his office and he dismisses her notion. However, she does not believe him and tells him that she will find out who is behind the menace and will punish him. Nicolai looks irritated and tells her to back off and allow him to handle his own problems. As he walks away she resolves to find the email sender as she can no longer see her son looking distressed.

Next, we see Nadya type those anonymous emails accusing Nicolai of bribery. Katya does not look happy with the idea and as she does not feel that the emails will make any difference to Nicolai’s career. Nadya tells her that losing respect is also a big deal and that if Nicolai loses his position with the supreme court he will not have any powers.   


Snowdrop Episode 58When Ira returns home, she sees Polina in the living room and deliberately talks loudly to Igor telling him that she has finally got an appointment with Anastasia. Polina looks alerted and asks Ira about it. Ira proudly tells her that she has managed to fix a meeting with Anastasia for Pan Cosmetics. She teases that it will be interesting to see Oleg’s reaction as he had assigned Nadya the job to set a meeting with Anastasia but since her criminal reputation precedes her, nobody wants to work with her. She tells Polina that she can read all the bad stuff written about Nadya on the internet to understand it herself.

Just then, Oleg walks in says that it is Ira’s habit to unnecessarily interfere in others business. He then tells her that she will have to see him in the office the next day and explain her absence from the workshop. Polina is shocked to hear that Ira missed the workshop. Already annoyed at bagging a meeting with Anastasia, Polina gets a chance to vent her frustration as she berates Ira for being irresponsible. She adds that had Ira not been a family member. She would have been fired from the company long back. Ira sneers that whatever she has done till now has only been for the benefit of the company and that Oleg has only misunderstood her.


Snowdrop Episode 58Polina freaks out and scolds Oleg for sending Nadya to Anastasia despite knowing the fact that her criminal record can backfire. She says that next time onwards, it would be better if Ira and Igor represent the company. Unfazed, Oleg calmly tells Polina to relax as he knows that Nadya will handle everything efficiently. Tensed, Polina reminds him about the imminent shareholders meeting and that cracking a deal with Anastasia is his last shot at the coveted seat. But Oleg does not say anything to her.

Next, we see Nadya pen a letter to Ham asking him why he supported her five years ago when everyone else was against her.

Snowdrop Episode 58Oleg receives Nadya’s letter and is about to open it when she suddenly barges into his cabin. He quickly hides the letter in his pocket and gives her a file containing details about Anastasia. She looks sceptical of Anastasia ever wanting to work with her again. He confidently states that Anastasia is a professional businesswoman and that her past should not make a difference to her. Nadya still looks unsure. Oleg then places his hand over her shoulder and assures her that everything will be fine if she prepares a good presentation with the material he has given her and Nadya smiles at his gesture. (GAWD!!! This guy makes my heart flutter. He is so niceeeeeeee! Why the hell is he not the main hero? I don’t like Igor one bit. I like OLEG.)

Nadya returns home and reads Ham’s letter in which he states that he trusts her because she is an honest and hardworking woman. He tells her to believe in herself and as everything will be alright. He asks her if she has now got the answer to her question and Nadya muses that she does have faith in herself. She says she has decided to reveal everything about herself to Anastasia and not be afraid of it. Nadya then relentlessly works on her presentation as Katya forces her to eat her dinner. She then spends the whole night working on her presentation.


Snowdrop Episode 58The next morning, she waits outside Anastasia’s hotel to meet her. Xenia scolds Nadya for waiting for them despite being told not to come before Anastasia again. She begs for a few minutes to explain herself and Anastasia obliges her. Nadya tells her that she was framed for the murder. She says that they were having a good time before Ira interrupted their meeting. Anastasia states that anybody in her place would have done the same thing and then steps into her car without even sparing a glance at Nadya.

Anastasia visits Oleg and they share a warm hug as she complaints of him nothing going to meet her when she arrived in Ukraine. He says that she herself had refrained him from disturbing her. They sit together and he asks her about her hypnosis sessions and she tells him that she was suffering from frequent nightmares. She tells him that the doctor offered to hold her sessions at home which might help her regain her memories sooner which is also a reason why she has returned to her home country.


Snowdrop Episode 58Anastasia says that her subconscious keeps blocking her past memories which could mean that she must have gone through something painful which is why she is unable to remember it. Oleg tells her that she should not give so soon and that she must find out everything about herself. She then asks him about his mother and he says that they do live together but are not very cordial since he has met her after living several years apart. He says that they do not get along well as he is unable to keep up with her expectations. She says he need not do anything different and that he only has to support his mother all his life. He then asks her why she refused to meet Nadya and she states that he never mentioned that she was a murderer which is not a small thing to ignore.

Katya meets Kolik who tells her that Kireev has asked him to track down Lucia. Katya instantly defends saying that she has no clue where Lucia could be and he assures her that he is not looking for her. He says that he fails to understand why Kireev is after Lucia and wishes to warn Nadya about his intentions.


Snowdrop Episode 58Oleg urges Anastasia to meet Nadya offering to take her guarantee. He tells her that Nadya was jailed for the crime she never committed and that she even lost a son because of powerful people who plotted against her. He says that despite the kind of hardships Nadya has endured, she has never given up on life and that she is similar to Anastasia when it comes to fighting for life.  He then adds that Nadya is talented and deserves a chance. Anastasia finally relents and agrees to meet Nadya once again.

Katya is in a restaurant talking to Nadya about Kireev asking Kolik to locate Lucia. Nadya is convinced that Kireev has been instructed to find Lucia by someone from the Belous family. Katya tells her to inform Boris about the danger Lucia currently faces and just then Boris arrives at the same restaurant as her and overhears her conversation and heads towards her. Katya then hangs up on Nadya without mentioning anything about Boris’s arrival.

Snowdrop Episode 58Kireev gets restless and chides Kolik for his slow progress in locating Lucia. Kolik is right in front of Lucia and Olya but lies to Kireev that he has looked for Lucia is several hospitals but has been unable to find her. Kireev screams at him to work harder and he agrees to do so. He then hangs up and tosses a fruit at Olya and jokes that he is Superman when she asks his identity.

Boris joins Katya at the table and asks her if she was talking to Nadya. She informs Boris about the threat that looms large over Lucia and requests him to ask the hospital staff to not allow any visitor for Lucia. She tells him that a very corrupt policeman is after Lucia and will go to any extent to find her. Boris listens to her carefully and nods his head agreeing to do whatever he can to keep Lucia safe.


Snowdrop Episode 58During the hypnosis session. Anastasia first sees herself with two kids in her house. In another vision she sees man lock her in a car and leave saying ‘bye Anna’. The doctor asks her who is Anna. She sees her younger self and her eyes flutter open and she says that she is Anna.

Two police officers barge into Nicolai’s office. One officer hands him a permission to search his office while his subordinate starts looking through Nicolai’s office.


Snowdrop Episode 58Boris visits Lucia and asks Olya about the strange visitor. She tells him that the visitor called himself ‘Superman’ and left some oranges for Lucia. She describes Kolik and says that she has never seen him before. Boris leaves the room feeling tense about this mystery visitor.

Boris calls Katya and tells her that a policeman by the name Kolik visited Lucia and left some oranges for her. She tells him that Kolik is her friend and that they need not worry about him. He screams at her for spreading the news about Lucia and she calms him down saying that Kolik won’t cause any trouble for them.


Snowdrop Episode 58Xenia hands Anastasia a book of flowers and she spots the flowers she saw in her vision. She reads more about snowdrop and just then Nadya walks in without permission. She continues the description about snowdrop being a resilient flower that grows in the toughest conditions and needs only sun rays to grow. Anastasia has another vision and then suffers a dizzy spell. Her assistant hands her a glass of water and Nadya continues that someone once compared her to a snowdrop for being strong and enduring. Nadya asks to be given another chance and Anastasia recalls Oleg’s words about taking Nadya’s guarantee. She then agrees to listen to what Nadya has to say and Nadya promptly takes a seat.


Snowdrop Episode 58Anastasia tells Nadya that she has never spoken to a criminal before and that she finds this a little awkward. She tells her that she even heard of Nadya selling company secrets to competitors. Nadya says that she must have got this news from Ira which is completely false as she was framed for crimes she had not committed.


Snowdrop Episode 58Nicolai meets with a colleague who tells him that the anonymous letters have reached the Council of Justice who have ordered a strict inquiry in Nicolai’s case. Nicolai rubbishes the rumours and the man tells him that if this is false then he should not be worried about being caught. He tells him that if he has done something wrong then he will certainly be punished according to the court of law.

Nadya tells Anastasia that she did not how manipulative people can be and how an innocent person can easily be proved a criminal. She tells Anastasia that she will surely prove herself innocent and expose the real culprits. Anastasia then asks her about the spying scandal and she tells her that since she will be meeting Ira and Igor soon, it would be better if she asked them this question.


Snowdrop Episode 58As Nadya starts to leave, Anastasia calls after her and tells her that she wishes to test her company’s products for which she will have to apply the products to her face in front of her. Nadya smiles and agrees to oblige her.

Ira and Igor arrive at Anastasia’s suite and Igor excitedly introduces himself and hands her a portfolio of their product ideas. Anastasia however, eyes them suspiciously before turning to Ira and asking her details about Nadya’s supposed scandal. She tells Ira that Nadya works for her company and under Ira herself. But instead of supporting her subordinate, Ira chose to defame her before their potential investor. She asks Ira her intentions behind revealing Nadya’s past. Ira looks shell-shocked and Igor looks away feeling humiliated as Anastasia asks his take on the controversy.


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