Snowdrop: Episode 6

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 9 pm



Written Update: Episode 6

Nadya returns to her desk and has no idea of the mail that Ira sent from her computer. She receives a call from Nicolai asking her to come home quickly as the whole family is waiting for her at dinner. Olya and Lucia are overjoyed to have Nadya at home. Nicolai welcomes her to his house as Grandma Tamara rolls her eyes in annoyance. Nadya asks to freshen up before sitting for dinner when Ira comes from the washroom and hands a towel and bathrobe to her before pulling her in a warm hug. (Pretty Wicked woman!)


At a restaurant, Rita tells Igor that since their father has accepted his girlfriend, who does not belong to the same society as them without any issues, she plans to introduce Boris to him. Igor once again objects her love for Boris since he is a drug dealer. Rita tells him that he is willing to leave his illegal business for her. She then points out that Igor shouldn’t object her love as he too was once into bad business with Boris. Igor then has a flashback in which he remembers being in jail with Boris. Igor gets out on a bail because of his rich father but poor Boris is left behind. He finally warns her to leave him or else he will have to deal with him.


At night, Olya shows Nadya the gifts Nicolai bought her and tells her that he loves Lucia a lot. She then tells that she is afraid of Ira as she rudely snatched a paper from her hand when all she was doing was paste Nadya’s photo on it. Nadya doesn’t take Olya seriously and puts her to bed. She receives a call from Igor completely unaware that Ira is eavesdropping at her door listening to her conversation while gleaming at the fact that Nadya will soon be in huge trouble.


Next morning, Lucia is making pancakes for breakfast when grandma Tamara tells her to take good care of Nicolai’s health as he was in the library the whole night. Lucia tells her that he has been working hard to finish his book titled ‘Law and Justice From The Point Of View Of A Judge’. Nicolai joins them in the kitchen and Tamara tells him that it’s good he is working hard considering the fact that his family has been growing. He tells her that he is working hard only because his publisher is after him to complete his book.


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Irina sneaks into Nadya and Olya’s room and using Nadya’s phone she sends a message mentioning her bank details to Pan Cosmetics competitor asking for a good price in return of the confidential information. Lucia is surprised to see Irina in Nadya’s room. Ira tells her that she was there looking for her hair clip.


Nadya is leaving for work when Ira offers her a lift till their office. Nadya hesitates but then agrees to go when she receives a call from an unknown person asking her to meet him. At first, she refuses but then agrees to meet him at a cafe. Ira notices it and asks her about the phone call to which Nadya says someone from Parfum Allien somehow got her number and has asked to meet her for some reason.


Mr. Panin starts coughing violently and Rita suggests they take him to the hospital. Igor offers to take his dad to the hospital but Mr. Panin says he is only interested in meeting Rita’s boyfriend. Rita tells him that he can meet her boyfriend later in the evening. Mr. Panin tells Igor to cancel his appointment with the doctor as meeting Rita’s boyfriend is more important to him.


Nadya meets a man at a cafe who asks her for the amount she wants in return of the confidential information regarding Pan Cosmetics’ secret ingredients of their latest product. Nadya says she has no idea what he is talking about. He tells her that she had emailed them about the information and texted him her bank account details asking for money. Just then, Rita walks in and the man leaves saying he will talk to her later. Rita sits with Nadya and has a cup of coffee before leaving together for work.


While waiting for the elevator, Rita tells Nadya that she is too frank and trusting which is not a good trait in business as you can never fully trust people. Nadya asks her how can a person work without trusting others and just then Ira walks in. Rita introduces Nadya to Ira and they both shake hands like strangers.


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Rita asks Olek for his report which she submits promptly. On reading his report she points out that the ingredients are not balanced and can cause allergy to the customers. She tells him that Nadya has used aloe vera which is a natural ingredient and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. Before Rita can dismiss him he adds that, had she read the second page of his report she would have known that he has added jojoba as another variant to the ingredients that helps reduce allergy.


Lucia and Olya surprise Nicolai in his office by bringing him a chocolate cake baked by both of them. Nicolai thanks them for the surprise. He tells Lucia that since their families are together they should register their marriage. Lucia happily accepts his proposal.


At the cafe, Tamara’s friends show her pictures of eligible brides for her son but she doesn’t look impressed by any of the profiles. Olya runs in the cafe and closes Tamara’s eyes from behind. Tamara quickly gets up and scolds Olya for her childish behavior and tells her friends that Lucia is her housemaid and Olya is her mad daughter. While driving back home, Lucia asks her the reason behind her strong hatred for her to which she says that she shouldn’t be worried about her but Irina. Tamara tells her that she has to win Irina’s heart as she is looking for a mother for Irina and not a step-mother.


Nadya once again receives a call from the competitor asking her to meet him. On meeting him she tells him that she has been trying to work with Pan Cosmetics for the past two years and why would she want to do something like that. Exasperated, the man tells her to check her email before leaving in a huff.


Boris meets Kevin’s assistant and hands him all the important business documents. The man asks Boris his future plans to which he replies that he intends to get married and start a family. The man offers him a drink but Boris rejects it and turns to leave when he stabs Boris in his back. He leaves saying, “Say hi to you family on my behalf”.


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On his way to Rita’s house, Boris calls Igor and tells him that he will be meeting his parents tonight and that he should also be present. When Igor sees Boris with his sister, he punches him in the face leaving him bleeding on the pavement and drags Rita up to their house.


At home, Rita tells Igor that she cannot leave Boris as he had once saved her life. She tells him that when she was 14 years old the turmoil in their family got to her and she resorted to drugs and it was Boris who helped her out. She says that Boris saved her then and that today it’s her turn to save him. Rita runs down and sees Boris lying on the pavement before passing out before her. She then takes him to the hospital.


Snowdrop Episode 6

Nadya checks her email and is shocked the see the mail sent from her ID to the competitor. She is baffled as she has no clue as to who could have sent that. Irina and Nadya both receive calls from someone and they both rush to the bar where Igor is heavily drunk. Irina reaches him first, he mumbles about being worried because of his sister, and that Rita will ruin his life. She helps him stand and tries to take him home when Nadya comes and he runs into her arms. Ira pulls him off Nadya and asks her to leave right away.


They bring him to the house he had bought for Nadya where he keeps mumbling to Nadya asking her not to leave him alone. On hearing that Ira quickly asks Nadya to leave as her parents will be worried for her. Nadya refuses to leave to which Ira says that she has started living with her family and that her grandma and dad will not like her spending a night out tending to a drunk boyfriend.



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