Snowdrop: Episode 60

Written Update: Episode 60

Snowdrop Episode 60Tamara arrives home (does not even notice the fact that the door was unlocked. How convenient!) and calls Nicolai to ask if their plan worked. Nicolai tells her that the Court of Justice member and he had a good chat and his wife loved the painting he gifted. Tamara says that she is glad to hear that as the painting was expensive enough to buy a house downtown. She tells him to not worry as they will slowly win over the council members and will have this issue resolved soon. She hangs up and goes to her room unaware that Nadya has secretly heard her conversation. Nadya then quietly sneaks out of the house.

Snowdrop Episode 60Nadya gives a sample of her mother’s writing along with her supposed suicide note to the detective. He says he knows an expert in graphology and assures to hand it over to him for examination.

Anatasia fondly recalls Nadya helping her when she had a panic attack. She tells her assistant Xenia that sometimes a hug helps a person overcome a difficult situation. She narrates how she was once in a very critical condition where her full body was marked with burn scars and in such a time a doctor helped her through it. She says that he was very caring and that they eventually got married. The 15 years that she spent with him were the most wonderful years of her life before he passed away. She says that till date she can never forget the first time he hugged her. (What? Anastasia probably had lost her memory back then and the doctor married her without even finding out who she really was? Which sane doctor does that? What if she was a criminal? How could he marry just anyone?)

Olya updates Nadya on Lucia’s health progress and Nadya tells her about the note she found. Olya furiously states that Lucia never intended to commit suicide and that the note is fake. Boris walks in and overhears her conversation.

Snowdrop Episode 60Unaware of Boris’s arrival, Olya feels startled when he sits behind her on the bed. He asks her about the suicide note and she promptly answers that the note is fake and a handwriting expert will surely prove it. She feels flustered realising that she was supposed to keep this information a secret. Boris then imitates her and pops a candy in his mouth. She quickly gets to her feet and scolds him for eating candy which is bad for health. Amused, he only grins back and she leaves to check on Lucia. (Aww….I’m not sure if they will become a couple going forward but for now, I like to see them together.)

Nadya writes an email to the news reporter, Anton who had covered her story back when her trial was on. She informs him of her decision to reopen her case and asks to meet him.

Snowdrop Episode 60At the hypnosis session, the doctor asks Anastasia to remember a pleasant moment where she was extremely happy. She visualizes her younger self, having a good time with two kids and a man who is probably their father.

The doctor asks her if she felt happy and she opens her eyes before admitting that she does feel great. She realises that she had two kids and rises from the chair wanting to look for them immediately but the doctor holds her back advising her to not make a haste in such matters.

Anton meets Nadya and expresses his regret over not publishing her side of the story. He admits that most of his reports were held back by the publishing company. He says that the news company twisted information to make her look like the villain. She asks him if he is willing to publish her story now and he agrees to do so provided she has enough evidence. He tells her he has been offered to anchor a new TV show where he can help get her story across.

Snowdrop Episode 60Igor meets Anastasia at a restaurant where he tries to mend fences with her after their disastrous last meeting. But she is in no mood to talk to him. He tries to hand her the presentation he had prepared to show her but right on cue Xenia arrives and bails out Anastasia on the pretext of a meeting. Anastasia starts to leave and tells him that she will be meeting him next at this company’s conference where Nadya will be doing her makeup. She then clearly states that if he ever wishes to contact her again it should only be through Nadya. (Ohhoo… poor Igor. It’s OK, once she remembers who he really is then she might regret this attitude toward him.)

Snowdrop Episode 60Igor visits the PR team and announces of Anatasia’s presence at their company meeting the following day. Ira feels excited hearing the news but her happiness disappears when Igor openly wishes Nadya good luck with the makeup tomorrow. (Look at him! He is beaming with joy as he talks to his favourite Nadya. Hehehe. Still in love with her it seems.)

Snowdrop Episode 60Polina tries to strike a conversation with Anastasia at a jewellery shop but she snubs her and leaves after refusing to talk to Polina who is a complete stranger to her. (I know Polina deserves this but I feel bad whenever she fails because I know she’s on Oleg’s side and she does such stuff for his benefit and since I too am on Team Oleg I always support everything she does for his sake.) 

Nadya is having a conversation with Oleg when she receives a call from Olya who tells her that the suicide note was written by Ira and not Lucia. When Nadya turns to talk to Olya, Oleg quickly removes a box of chocolates and places it on the table.

Meanwhile, Ira forces her way into Anastasia’s room with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

Snowdrop Episode 60Nadya tells Oleg of how each time she tried to file a case against Nicolai, he has found his way out by bribing the officials. She says she even handed over evidence against him but he might get away once again as he has managed to impress an important member of the Council of Justice. Oleg consoles her saying that he has something in mind and she should not be upset over these failures.

Ira barges into Anastasia’s room and apologises to her with the bouquet. She tries to tell her something about Nadya but Anastasia flatly refuses to listen to her. Desperate, she begs Anastasia to allow her to do her makeup but Anastasia refuses to allow her to do anything saying that she does not trust her a bit.

Snowdrop Episode 60Anastasia asks Ira what problem she has with Oleg’s family and why she is trying to malign his name. She denies her accusation and says that she is only protecting Pan Cosmetics reputation. Anastasia says that allowing Nadya to apply makeup is her personal decision and she does not see how it will affect their reputation. Left with no answer, Ira stomps out of the room in anger. Ira curses Anastasia as she leaves the building and is enraged to see her bouquet fallen on the street. (Hahahahahaa…. Anastasia threw her bouquet out of her window.)

Snowdrop Episode 60Kireev calls Ira to meet him as he has some information to share with her but she rudely dismisses him and hangs up the phone. He manages to catch hold of her outside her office. She fumes in anger and refuses to talk to him. He explains that he has some information about Polina who is a very shrewd woman and she must beware of her. Ira is not interested in knowing anything about Polina and she leaves without listening to him.

In the PR cabin, she sees Nadya testing makeup before using it on Anastasia. She notices a tub and Nadya tells her it contains a special cream which she has prepared for Anastasia. Ira scoffs at her idea of using an untested cream and Nadya defends that she has tested it and it will suit Anastasia. Ira looks at the tub a little longer before leaving it back on the table. (Hmmmm…..looks like our hot devil has a plan.)


Snowdrop Episode 60When Ira returns home, she immediately calls the pharmaceutical laboratory and orders a 100 ml of B poison extract in pure form. (She knows Anastasia is allergic to it as she heard it when she had gone to meet her in the hotel.) She lies that she needs it for some research purpose and the person across the line agrees to send it over the next morning.

Oleg meets Boris and tells him that he needs an artist who can create an exact copy of something and Boris agrees to help him out.

Igor’s absence from home drives Ira crazy and she assumes that he is neglecting her on purpose now that he has Nadya. What she does not know is that he is in a late night meeting with some of the board of directors preparing for their presentation.

Snowdrop Episode 60The parcel containing B poison extract arrives and Ira quickly collects from the reception. She rushes to the makeup room and injects the extract into the cream Nadya had specially prepared for Anastasia. In a haste, she accidentally hurts her finger with the injection needle. She then turns to see Nadya enter the room.

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