SSCPL Herbals Aloe Vera Gel Review: The Ideal Solution For Your Winter Skin Woes

I know I know yet another SSCPL Herbals product but I promise this will be the last one for this year. 🙂 Since the temperature has been dropping with each passing day, it has become imperative to use a moisturiser to keep my skin from drying. I have sensitive oily acne-prone skin, which is why I cannot use just any moisturiser. Gel-based moisturiser is the only option for my skin type. Also, I was highly impressed by SSCPL Herbals Aloe Vera Facial Kit and had promised to try more aloe vera products in my October Alphas post so here is my experience using SSCPL Herbals aloe vera gel.    


SSCPL Aloe Vera Gel


Name: Aloe Vera Gel

Price: Rs 100/- for 150 gms


SSCPL Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients


What does it claim?

It claims to improve blood circulation and make the skin soft, smooth, and supple. It also claims to improve complexion and reduce tanning.


Does it fulfill its claim?

I have been applying this gel every night for over a week and I am happy with the result. Its gel formula gets quickly absorbed into my skin and leaves it dry and smooth. In the morning my skin feels soft and appears a tone lighter. It does not clear blemishes but does effectively makes the skin look radiant. 

SSCPL AloeVera Gel Review3


What’s good about it?

Paraben free

Works wonders for oily skin without causing a breakout.

Suitable for all skin types.

Makes the skin look light and radiant.

Makes the skin soft and smooth.

Hydrates the skin providing much-needed moisture.

Can be used under makeup.

Reasonably priced.


What’s not so good about it?

Smells weird (like most herbal products).

Comes in a plastic tub that requires you to dip your fingers to remove the gel.



I give SSCPL Herbals Aloe Vera Gel 5 out of 5 rating. It is one of the best moisturising gel for oily skin. It has worked great for me and I would definitely recommend this gel.  


You can buy SSCPL Herbals Aloe Vera Gel from Amazon or Nykaa or Purplle.



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