SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review: The Coolest Facial For This Hot Summer

Of all the seasons in a year, I dislike summer the most. In fact, summer is the only season I dread. It is because I sweat like a pig and during summer my sweat glands get hyperactive and work overtime to keep me cool by having my clothes drenched in sweat. Also, I have terribly oily skin and oil and sweat together make the perfect combination for a major breakout. This time I controlled my diet to a great extent and also used acne based products to keep pimples at bay. I tried several new products to keep my skin healthy and clean in this punishing heat. First, I picked up SSCPL’s Cucumber facial kit as cucumber is known for its soothing properties. You may or may not know this already but I personally swear by SSCPL’s products and I have to have every new product of theirs. What better time than summer to try their cucumber facial and here is my experience.


SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review

Name: Cucumber Facial Kit

Price: Rs.150/-

Products: Cucumber Cleanser – 25ml

  Cucumber Scrub – 25g

  Cucumber Cream – 25g

  Cucumber Gel – 25g

                   Cucumber Face Pack – 25g



SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Ingredients



What does it claim?

It treats skin eruptions such as eczema, freckles, and blackheads. It works on wrinkles and prevents skin dryness. It improves complexion and makes skin soft and supple.



How to use?

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review


Step 1: Wash Face With Cucumber Cleanser

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Cleansing Milk

The cleanser or cleansing milk found in SSCPL’s facial kits is always my favourite product. The cucumber cleanser too met my expectation and made my skin squeaky clean. Since the cleanser comes in a small bottle I used it judiciously so as to not run out if it before any of the other products. But even a small amount was enough to clean my face in one wash.

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Step 2: Exfoliate With Cucumber Scrub

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Face Scrub

The granules in the cucumber scrub are round and smooth. I could see an instant shine on my face after using the scrub.


Step 3: Massage With Cucumber Cream

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Face Cream

I usually avoid creams during summer because they are not suitable for oily skin. But here, I gave it a try and massaged my face with the cream and left it on for 5 minutes. After washing it off I was glad I used it as I could clearly see my tan fading. The cucumber cream does not have a strong smell and was not easily absorbed by my skin. Nonetheless, it did a good job of lightening my skin and making it supple.


Step 4: Massage With Cucumber Gel

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Face Gel

The gel feels cool on the skin and was easily absorbed by my skin. I left it on for 5 minutes and then washed it off. By now I could actually take a shade card and show how quickly my tan lightened.


Step 5: Apply Cucumber Face Pack

SSCPL Cucumber Facial Kit Review - Face Pack

My major complaint with SSCPL’s facial kit is the application of the face pack. I find it difficult to remove the face pack and dilute it with rose water before applying it on my face. So, this time I poured the rose water directly into the face pack tub and then applied it to my face. The pack gives an instant glow to the skin which is something you can expect from all SSCPL face packs.



Does it fulfil its claim?

I have already used this facial kit three times before and there is still a considerable amount left for another 3 facials. This is the best thing about SSCPL’s facial kit. It is a total ‘value for money’ product. I had recently been to a theme park after which I was left badly tanned. The cucumber kit effectively smoothed and lightened my tanned skin. A soft radiant skin was an added bonus.



What’s not so good about it?

Paraben free

Instant results

Reduces tan

Makes skin radiant and soft

Easily available across several online shopping sites

Used for at least 5 facial sessions

Reasonably priced



What’s not so good about it?

I previously complained about its lack of availability but that problem has been solved as SSCPL products are now easily available on several shopping sites.

I was not impressed by the brand’s cardboard box holder but this facial kit’s plastic holder looked really nice so I have no complaints here.


I give SSCPL’s Cucumber Facial Kit 5 out of 5 rating. My skin tends to look dull and oily in the summer and this is the first facial that helped me combat the two stubborn problems I have been facing all my life. I am extremely happy with this product and would highly recommend it.



You can buy this kit from, Flipkart or Purplle.

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