SSCPL Herbals Activated Charcoal Powder Hair Mask Review: Tonnes Of Herbs Offer An Abundance Of Benefits

I think I should declare this month as SSCPL month because I purchase everything they sell and now I have a shedload of their products to review. But that is how I am. When I like something I just start collecting it. For instance, I love Japanese fiction and cannot stop purchasing books by Japanese authors. Check out my book review section or even my Bookstagram and you will know what an obsessive Japanese fiction fan I am. Does that make me a ‘professional collector’? Maybe not professional but habitual for sure. 😉 

You may be aware that a few months ago I had been to a beauty exhibition where I learnt about a lot of new beauty brands and purchased a lot of products at a discount. I bought the SSCPL Herbals Activated Charcoal Powder Hair Mask at that beauty exhibition for a huge discount. I have already reviewed their charcoal face mask and you must be knowing how much I loved it. I have been using the charcoal hair mask regularly for the past three months and here is my experience with it.      

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Powder Hair Mask Review

Name: SSCPL Herbals Activated Charcoal Powder Hair Mask

Price: ₹500/- for 250 gms (I got it for half the rate at the exhibition bwahahahaha


SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Powder Hair Mask Review

Here is the ingredient list and some of the benefits it offers.

Activated Charcoal – detoxifies the hair and scalp

Henna – reduces hair fall and adds shine and volume to hair

Jatamasi – strengthens the hair

Bhringraj – prevents premature greying, balding and splitting of hair

Brahmi – stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair roots

Methi – enhances hair growth and strengthens the hair

Anarchilka – fights dandruff and controls hair loss

Shikakai – cleans dirt and dust from hair and promotes hair growth

Japakusum – clears pore clogs and dandruff

Nagarmotha – treats itching and scalp disorders

Raktachandan – controls inflammation and premature greying

Amla – fights against split ends, premature greying and frizzy hair

Neem – strengthens hair roots and fights against dry and itchy scalp

Argan – minimizes frizz and split ends

Rosemary – fights inflammation of scalp and hair follicles

Phew!! That’s a lot of herbs.

What does it claim?

The 14 herbs and activated charcoal present in this hair pack help to treat various hair and scalp conditions. It promotes overall well-being and health of hair and scalp.


How to use?

Take the required amount of powder in a bowl. Mix with water to create a consistent paste and apply to dry or oiled hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with regular or lukewarm water.

Does it fulfil its claim?

Since I bought this hair mask at an exhibition, I got the full-size product in a big cylindrical container. The container holds a plastic pouch that contains the powder. This brand mostly sells its products to salons which is why you may not find a smaller box for now. The powder is grey in colour and has a smooth texture. I always take the powder in a mixing bowl and add some regular water to it.

SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Powder Hair Mask Review

The mask has a pungent herbal smell which I find slightly unpleasant. But the powder is made up of a lot of natural herbs that offer tonnes of benefits so I ignore the smell. Also, the smell disappears after a wash so I am fine with that. I apply the paste to dry or previously oiled hair and leave it on for around 30-40 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. I suffer from a hair thinning condition because of which I always look for products that can boost hair volume and make it look shiny and healthy. After using this hair mask for a couple of months I can safely say that it is very effective at boosting hair volume. By that, I do not mean that it makes the hair thicker. But it gives a lift at the roots and keeps the hair from falling limp. It makes my head look full of hair. My hair also looks glossy each time I use this mask. It did not work on my hair fall but I am not blaming it because the reason for hair fall is different and no hair mask can control that. If you too suffer from hair fall then please do consult a good dermatologist to have your condition detected and treated. For me, this hair mask is a total hit as it helps me with my hair volume concerns and makes my hair look healthy and shiny.    


What’s good about it?

Contains natural ingredients

Effective against dandruff

Adds volume to hair

Makes the hair soft and shiny

Works on chemically treated hair



What’s not so good about it?

Unpleasant smell


I give SSCPL Herbals Activated Charcoal Powder Hair Mask 4 out of 5 rating. This hair mask helps to add volume to hair and makes it soft and shiny. It contains a lot of herbs that treat a lot of hair and scalp conditions. Do give it a try.


You can purchase SSCPL Herbals Charcoal Hair Mask directly from their website – SSCPL Herbals.


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