SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand And Foot Mask Review: Just The Solution You Were Looking For Smelly Feet And Skin Tan

My hands and feet do a lot of work which is why I love pampering them. I love indulging in foot spa the most as it makes me feel truly relaxed and rejuvenated. I follow my foot care regime more religiously during the summer and the rainy season. Summers because my feet get sweaty and tend to stink when I wear shoes. Rains because I do not know what kind of water my feet come in contact with while walking on the roads so I ensure that I keep my feet clean all the time. For the past few weeks, I have been using the SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand And Foot Mask and I gotta tell you that I adore it. I have used their other variant i.e. Clove Cinnamon Hand And Foot Mask and have loved that one too. Keep reading to know what makes me addicted to these hand and foot masks.

Seaweed Foot and Hand Mask Review

Name: SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand And Foot Mask

Price: ₹125/- for 150gms  


What does it claim?

This hydrating mask with Seaweed Extract makes skin beautiful and radiant and imparts a natural glow. It not only helps prevent skin drying but is also effective for sebum control.

(As mentioned on the company website)


How to use?

First, wash your feet or hands with a cleanser and pat dry. Then apply this mask all over your hands, feet and nails. Wait for 15-20 minutes till dry. Wipe off with a hot towel or wash off with lukewarm water. 


Does it fulfil its claim?

Whenever I use this mask I do it as a part of my foot spa regime so I will explain the whole process. You need not follow the entire procedure as the mask can be used individually too. Also, I usually use this mask on my feet but you can use it on your hands too.

I first soak my feet in warm water containing a few drops of a foot cleanser and then gently scrub my feet with a scrub. (The cleanser and scrub I use are of SSCPL herbals but you can use any other brand.) I then use a towel to pat my skin dry before applying the SSCPL Seaweed Hand and Foot Mask. The clay mask is white in colour and feels creamy to touch.

Seaweed Foot and Hand Mask Review

Seaweed Foot and Hand Mask Review

The mask has a heady scent, like 99% of SSCPL products, which is the biggest plus point of it and an essential feature for a foot-care product. I then leave the mask on for 20 minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth. The reason I wipe it off with a cloth instead of washing it off with water is that the clay mask is a little difficult to wash off and you require lots of water to ensure that every trace of it has been cleaned from your skin. So, it is better to soak a piece of cloth in warm water and wipe it off. After wiping off the mask I noticed that my skin felt velvety soft to touch. My skin looked brighter and my tan also looked slightly reduced. I’m sure if I use this mask regularly, I will be able to get rid of the tan completely and quickly. My feet now smells so much better which is what I love the most about this mask. (I am not saying that it cures feet stench. It doesn’t. It provides much-needed relief from smelly feet.) I am out in sneakers most of the time and in summers my feet tend to stink but this mask does away with the unpleasant stench which is why I give it a big thumbs up!

Seaweed Foot and Hand Mask Review

(I admit, I suck at applying masks. 🙁 )

What’s good about it?

Contains natural extracts of seaweed

Hydrates the skin

Lightens tan

Does not contain paraben

Free of bleach

What’s not so good about it?

Nothing at all. It does exactly what it says so I have no reason to not like it.



I give SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand And Foot Mask 4.5 out of 5 rating. This mask keeps hands and feet soft, refreshed and hydrated. Do give it a try if you want your hands and feet to look and smell fresh.


You can buy this product from SSCPL Herbals or Purplle.


**A PR sample product but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.


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