6 Things You Must Never Ever Say To Your Boyfriend If You Do Not Want To Lose Him

Men may be less emotional and more practical of the two sexes but there are certain things that affect them more deeply than you can imagine. Words are a woman’s sharpest weapons against a man. A word can cause more harm than any other object. When you are angry you may not think twice before saying something hurtful and may even forget whatever you said once you have cooled down but some words sink deep and continue to scratch at the wound for a long time. And then you wonder why your man has been acting weird and mean towards you. So here is a list of the things you must refrain from saying to your boyfriend at any cost especially if you love him. 


1. “You Are Better Than My Ex”

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Your intention may be to pay him a compliment and tell him how great a guy he is. But sadly, for men, comparison with your ex or any other man is insulting. Mentioning your ex-boyfriend is catastrophic enough that you also compare your boyfriend to him. Instead, talk about him only. He will feel more important if you say something like “I am lucky to have found you” or “You are such a good person”. Keep the focus on him. Don’t make him feel that you are still hung upon your ex. 


2. “Do You Love Me?”

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Always get this one point straight, if he is with you, it clearly means that he loves you. No guy would waste his time on someone he doesn’t really love. We women want men to cherish us and keep reminding of how much they love us. For that, you will have to read his minor gestures that will show you how much he feels for you. Asking him a direct question like this makes him feel cornered. He will feel that you are testing his feelings for you. It is very simple, if you are in a relationship and you do not feel loved or appreciated then he is not the guy for you. But when he makes efforts to keep you happy, then hold on to him tightly. Do not throw unwanted bouncers at him.


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3. “You Are Not Man Enough”

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Just strike this sentence off your brain to never be able to speak it in front of your guy. It is like raising the red flag before a bull. Only in this case the bull may or may not strike you fatally but will definitely never forgive you for it. It is something that can cause a wound deep enough to want to shut you out of his life. This is the worst way to insult a man. So, no matter how angry you are NEVER ever say something like this to the man you love.


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4. “You Are Good For Nothing”

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You may not really mean these words but you have no clue how it can shatter a man’s confidence. For a man, it is important that is girlfriend finds him dependable and reliable. A guy likes to protect and help his woman. But if you say that he is of no use to you then it will break that sensitive protective armour that he uses to rescue you. Do not be so cruel to a man. Avoid saying something this wounding.


5. “All Other Boys Can Do That Then Why Can’t You”

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‘All other boys’ do not look at you the way he does. ‘All other boys’ do not hug you the way he does. So do not expect him to be like ‘all other boys’. Men are generally expected to be good at like fixing a bulb or driving but that doesn’t mean every other man should excel in it. Some men may not enjoy doing such stuff. It does not make him less manly. Again, do not compare him with ANYBODY. What others find difficult may be a child’s play for your guy. So do not think he is excessively flawed if he is unable to do something simple. Each one has his own strengths and weaknesses. Do not look down upon him for it.


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6. “Her Boyfriend Looks So Hot”

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Whenever you feel like saying something like this, first try to imagine your guy saying the same thing to you or imagine him checking out another girl’s derriere. How would it feel? It would suck, right? Jealousy may work once or twice but not always. Making your boyfriend feel jealous too often can shorten the life of your relationship. Yes, there are several attractive men out there and there is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty. But you do not always have to share it with your boyfriend. What are girlfriends for?


For men, words are deadlier than a gun. They are simple, uncomplicated beings that take words at its face value. If you truly love your man then avoid saying any of the above-listed things to your boyfriend and see how he will value you for life.


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