Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend Review: A Chick-Lit Novel You Will Regret NOT Reading

Julia Corning, who had once accepted her fate of living the lonely life of a spinster, is now on a completely different journey in a totally different lane. After being fired from her last job, she starts working with a bakery and eventually ends up buying the bakery. She has also found love in life and is now the girlfriend of a hot businessman who is totally smitten by her. So, basically, life looks a lot more sorted than it was a few months ago for Julia. If that is what you think then you are wrong. In this humorous sequel to Thirty-two Going On Spinster, Julia’s life sees more ups and down than it did in the last ten years.

After reading the first book in this series, I had my expectations high from this book. I was expecting a lot more wackiness from Julia. So, how did the book fare? Read on, I’m getting to it.   


Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend by Becky Monson

Publisher: CreateSpace

 I LIKE Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend Because,

…I fell in love with Julia in the first book and now I absolutely adore her. I enjoyed the way her story progresses in this book. The book starts with Julia planning her sister and best-friend Brown’s wedding. In the middle of the book, Julia participates in a television cupcake making competition which is a laughter riot with stress and tension bringing the amusing best out of Julia. And finally, the two weddings happen with Julia being on the verge of a breakdown because of the tumultuous changes in her life. I loved the parts where Julia hopes for things to fall into place the way it does in romantic movies or novels. I feel Julia in those moments because every romance reading girl has hoped for that moment where life takes her by a pleasant surprise. There is nothing superficial about Julia as she is as real as a girl can be. 

…Julia continues with her amusing antics in this book too. There is wackiness to everything she does and not laughing at her inner thoughts is the toughest challenge for any reader. She commits childish blunders like any one of us and gets out of sticky situations in the most hilarious manner. Her apprehensions, however illogical they may seem, are real and that is what makes her character so relatable.


I Do NOT Like Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend Because,

…I felt the story drags a bit in the book. For instance, there are scenes that are explained too much in detail and could be cut short to keep up with the pace of the narration. Other than that I see no flaw in this book.  


Favourite Quotes in Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend

“Is it? Because I kind of feel like running for the hills.” I throw out a nervous laugh, since I’m honestly only half joking. Okay, I’m like one-eighth joking. I could totally run for the hills. What does “running for the hills” even mean? What hills? I’m picturing myself running for the hills of Austria and spinning around like Maria from The Sound of Music, singing “the hiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiiiive” only not with Nazis chasing me. So maybe those aren’t the best hills to run for.”


“One time after a heated argument at dinner with the family, she came down to the basement apartment at my parents’ house (when I used to live in their basement), and said, “Mom told me I was rude to you at dinner. I don’t think I was, but sorry if I was.” And then she ran back upstairs. I yelled, “Apology accepted!” up the stairs, but I’m pretty sure she had run lightning fast to her bathroom and immediately jumped into the shower to scrub any apologetic feelings she had off of her body before the hives set in.”


“I was apparently not the first contestant to throw up on Cupcake Battles. I was, however, the first person to be caught on camera doing it. The others made it to the bathroom. I. Am. So. Freaking. Lucky.”


“I don’t primp. I don’t like staring at the mirror for long amounts of time. Eventually I start to see things I don’t want to see, like fine lines and sun spots. It’s best to avoid the mirror as much as possible.”


“Anyway, it’s been my experience that distance does not make the heart grow fonder. I think it makes the heart wander,”


“Even though I knew he wouldn’t show up today, I had a little hope that when I got up to the front and turned around, I’d see Jared sitting there in the pews. It was a dumb, chick-flick girl-fantasy. I should probably stop watching chick flicks or reading romance or chick lit for a while. I need to be in the real world, I think.”


Final View: The ‘spinster’ from the previous book is now a ‘girlfriend’ who is wackier and crazier than before. Becky Monson’s Thirty-Three Going On Girlfriend is a chick-lit book you don’t want to miss.


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