Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin Review: A Quick And Easy Alternative To Hot Wax

When I first started working, I ensured that I looked my best at work, which is why I would be at a parlour every three weeks for my regular waxing sessions. But, over time I started to grow lazy and visiting the parlour became more of a pain than a ritual. However, I did want to look hair-free so I started looking for a juggad by which I could get rid of unwanted hair at home. I tried a lot of options in my quest for a feasible hair removal method at home of which razor is my favourite as it is quick and easy. But, I was too lazy to shave every week so I decided to get myself ready-to-use waxing strips which was more or less like waxing minus the hot wax. And, here is my experience using Veet Full Body Waxing Kit – Sensitive Skin.



Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin Review

Name: Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin

Price: Rs. 170/- for 20 wax strips and 5 finish wipes


Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin Review


What does it claim?

The waxing strip, containing almond oil and vitamin E, pulls out 1.5mm short hair and leaves the skin exfoliated and smooth.


How to use?

The main reason I purchased this waxing kit was to see if it can be used for bikini waxing. The idea of going to the salon for waxing the most sensitive area on the body did not look attractive to me. So, the day I purchased this kit I used it first on the bikini area and that was the biggest mistake I did. I did not do any patch test and used it straight away as I was too excited to see if it worked. Though the kit mentions one strip meant for the bikini line, I would advice – DO NOT USE IT ON THE BIKINI LINE. Waxing has me in tears even when I wax my arms or legs so you can imagine the kind of pain I must’ve gone through while using it on the bikini line. Even the remembrance of that stupid mistake brings tears to my eyes because I was in excruciating pain.

After such a horrid experience, I decided to use the strips only on my arms and legs. So, the next time I followed the instructions mentioned on the box. I did not scrub my skin before using the waxing strip because the strip itself is exfoliating so I did not see the point in scrubbing the skin before it. I only ensured that my skin is devoid of any cream so the strip gets a good grip.

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin Review

I took the strip and rubbed it between my palms to make it slightly warm. Then, I carefully opened the strip placed it on my arm and gently rubbed it so even the fine growing hair can stick to the strip. Then as instructed in the leaflet, I pulled the wax strip against the direction of hair growth in one swift pull. Just like a hot wax strip, it pulled out all hair in one go. Though I have very fine hair, I could use one strip i.e. one side of the strip twice before it lost its stickiness. The waxing kit was enough to wax both my legs (half) and arms (full except underarms).

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin Review

After waxing, I cleaned the residue on my skin with the finish wipes. However, not all the wax was cleared with the finish wipes so I had to gently scrub it off with a loofah while bathing. I used the strip on the underarms but it was not as effective as it was on my arms or legs. It was unable to pull off the fine hair in the armpit.   

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Does it fulfill its claim?

The strips are as effective as hot wax. It removes hair easily, without any mess. However, it does not pull out short growing hair as claimed on the cover. The skin wipes are good as they do clear the wax off the skin to a good extent but they do not clean the skin completely. Some amount of stubborn wax still continues to stick to the skin for which you will have a take a shower after waxing.


What’s good about it?

Effectively removes excessive hair on the body.

The packet is travel-friendly

No extra paraphernalia (wax heater) needed

Finish wipes easily clears most of the wax stuck on skin


What’s not so good about it?

Can seem difficult if you do not have an extra hand for help.

Not the best option for bikini line and underarms.

Does not work on fine growing hair.


I give Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin 4 out of 5 rating. This waxing kit does its job of removing hair smoothly which is why it is a great alternative for hot wax. Keep this option handy only for days you feel lazy to visit the parlour.  



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