4 Ways Your Ex-Boyfriend Can Be Useful To You

Ever wondered what makes Taylor Swift’s songs so popular? Well, Taylor is famous for penning break-up songs. Her songs are inspired by her real life break-up experiences which strike a chord with those who are heartbroken. What a way to get over a heartbreak! She surely knows how to turn a negative aspect in her life into a positive one. Since she is a songwriter, she has the option to pour her heart out in a song and also benefit from it. But not all of us can write songs and mint money, can we? But we sure can take a cue from her and try to convert the ‘ex’ into something useful, can’t we?
Here are 4 ways your ‘ex’ can be useful to your life.

Stifle the giggle

Imagine you are sitting in a presentation hall full of people. Suddenly your friend shares a joke and you start giggling. The joke is so funny that you want to laugh out loud but you can’t because you are in the middle of a presentation. In such a situation you must remember something unpleasant to suppress the laughter and what can be more annoying than an ex-boyfriend. Just bring his image before your eyes and see how your laughter fades in less than a second.



Trim the waist

On days when you don’t feel like exercising, days when you feel lazy to go to the gym, days when you don’t want to do the cross-trainer, just remember your ex. The moment his face flashes in front of your eyes you would want him to feel bad for leaving you and see how you leap over miles on the cross trainer determined to get in the best shape possible.


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Dress to kill

The next time you pick the same old blue jeans and black blouse to wear for an outing, just pause and think who you might bump into. There’s no way you would want your ex to think that the breakup has been tough on you and that you have since been miserable. So next the time you are tempted to wear something boring just remember that you might just happen to run into your ex-boyfriend or maybe even your next boyfriend. 



Knock off the pride

Girls love compliments. Some women know how to handle it while some don’t. Those who don’t, tend to get carried away at the slightest of flattery and let it go to their head. If you are someone who tends to get carried away easily by a good comment or even by some instance of success then just close your eyes and remind yourself of your ex. His memories anchor you to the ground and you will never see yourself floating in the air.



The sole purpose of this article is to put some painful memories to constructive use. In no way am I trying to suggest hanging on to a lost love. However, for some people, it is difficult to forget a loved one. So, instead of bemoaning a failed relationship use the memory to your advantage and create a beautiful life out of it.

Cheers to Life! 

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