Zee Zindagi Bans Pakistani Shows, Launches New Interesting Shows

I have never watched a single show on Zee Zindagi despite its popularity in India right from the time it was launched in 2014. Many of my friends went gaga over shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hain and Aadhe Adhoore but despite all the good reviews, never once did I feel like tuning in to that channel. Reason? The shows were Pakistani and nothing from Pakistan will ever gain my approval. Well, I have nothing against Pakistani artists, but when the whole world is aware that most of the terror attacks in India have been financed by Pakistan, I do not want to add to their revenue and sponsor my own death. The same goes for Chinese shows. I am an Asian drama addict. I binge watch shows from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan but never have I ever watched a single show from China. If I find an Asian drama’s story interesting, the first thing I check is if it is a Chinese show. If yes, then I don’t spend a single second on that show ever again. Reason? I told you already, I do not want to sponsor my death.   

It was a good gesture on the part of Zee TV to promote friendship by telecasting Pakistani shows in India but sadly, our neighbour has never reciprocated our love in any way. And today, I feel extremely proud that Zee TV has decided to halt telecast of Pakistani content on Zee Zindagi, following the Pathankot and Uri attacks. As reported by Indian Express, Chairman of Zee, Subhash Chandra said, “Pyaar ek tarfa nahi ho sakta (love cannot be one-sided)”. He stated that the decision to stop Pakistani content was taken a day after the Uri attack. (Salute to the boss!!)

As reported by DNA India, starting from today Zee Zindagi will be launching new shows from countries like Turkey, Spain, Italy, Latin America, and Korea (Yay!!! I can’t wait to see Korean dramas on my television. Thank You Zee! You have just won a loyal viewer.)  

Let’s have a look at the shows that will be airing from 3rd October onwards on Zee Zindagi.


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Show Title: Agar Tum Saath Ho

Starring: Ritu Barmecha and Hitesh Bharadwaj

Timing: Monday to Saturday 7 pm

Country: India

agar-tum-saath-ho zee zindagi


Synopsis: Neema (Ritu Barmecha) is a rich young girl from Delhi who is the apple of her daddy’s eye. Her father loves her a lot and has big dreams for her. However, all his dreams are shattered when Neema marries a middle class boy Ravi (Hitesh Bharadwaj). Her father tries his best to lure Neema with all the luxuries he can provide her with unlike her simple husband. His constant interference in Neema’s married life creates a rift between her husband and her. Will Neema separate from Ravi? Or will their love overcome the test of money and luxury? To know that, you will have to watch the show.

Check out the trailer for Agar Tum Saath Ho below


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Show Title: Little Lord

Starring: Emir Berke Zincidi, Birce Akalay and Sarp-Levendoğlu

Timing: Monday to Saturday 7:30 pm

Country: Turkey

 little-lord zee zindagi


Synopsis: Mehmat (Emir Berke Zincidi) is a six-year old mischievous boy who loves his parents and is trying his best to stop his parents from divorcing each other. His mother, Sanem (Birce Akalay) comes from a rich family in Istanbul and works as a neurologist with a private hospital. Mehmat’s father, Ali (Sarp-Levendoğlu) also belongs to an affluent family and works with an advertising agency. One fine day, Sanem and Mehmat decide to end their 10-year-old marriage and go their separate ways. However, Mehmat is totally against his parent’s decision and does everything to keep them together as a family. Will Mehmat succeed in his attempts at keeping his family intact? That you will know after watching the show.

Check out the trailer for Little Lord below


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Show Title: TV Ke Uss Par

Starring: Amita Khopkar and Aakash Ahuja

Timing: Monday to Saturday 8.30 pm

Country: India

tv-ke-uss-par zee zindagi


Synopsis: The show is a comedy sitcom dealing with women who are highly addicted to Indian television soaps.

Check out the trailer for TV Ke Uss Par below


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Show Title: Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par

Starring: Ashish Kadian, Megha Chakraborty and Deeksha Sonalkar

Timing: Monday to Saturday 10 pm

Country: Indian

khwaabon-ki-zamin-par zee zindagi


Synopsis: Arya (Ashish Kadian) is a struggling actor who leaves his hometown Lucknow and comes to Mumbai to achieve his dream of becoming a superstar. His family and his girlfriend Niyati (Megha Chakroborty) are supportive of his decision and wish him great success. Arya is a righteous and naive man unaware of the evils of Bollywood and his life changes after he meets successful actress, Shikha Roy (Deeksha Sonalkar).

Check out the trailer for Khwaabon Ki Zamin below



I love the line-up and am hoping that these shows deliver what the channel has promised.


News Source: The India Express, DNA 

Image Source: ZindagiTV