5 Reasons Why K-Pop Could Be The Next Big Thing In India

I have been watching Korean Dramas since 2016 but I wasn’t drawn to K-Pop until early this year. K-Pop refers to Korean music belonging to various genres such as pop, hip hop, rock and R&B. ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy was the first Korean song I had heard back when it was a rage in India. I first got curious about K-Pop when actress, Park Shin Hye danced to ‘Cheer Up’ by the girl band named TWICE after her show crossed the threshold of certain rating points. I liked the song so much that I looked it up on YouTube. And I was sold. Instantly. Thereafter I would listen to that song almost every day. However, I still did not become a K-Pop follower because Cheer Up was the only song I would listen to. In late 2016 came a drama named Hwarang which featured two popular Korean idols (band singers) SHINee’s Choi Min Ho and BTS’s V (whose real name is Kim Tae Hyung. V is his stage name). At that time, BTS’s new song, Blood Sweat and Tears has become immensely popular and was trending everywhere. I decided to check it out and I did not like it the first time I heard it. The words ‘manhi manhi’ irritated me so I gave up. But the song did not give up on me and I eventually gave it another try. This time it had me totally and I knew I have finally taken a plunge into the K-Pop ocean. I started listening to EXO, SHINee, PSY, and lot of other K-Pop artists. Yes, I do not understand the lyrics but isn’t it true that music has no language? However, I do look up the lyrics and meaning of the songs I like online only so I can also sing those songs. After seeing BTS on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I realised that K-Pop is slowly spreading its wings across the globe and I think it must stop over at India too. Here are some reasons why I strongly feel that K-Pop can be the next big thing in my country.


Catchy Music: Let’s talk about the song that got me hooked to K-Pop. Though I did not like BTS’s Blood Sweat and Tears initially, I could not get the chorus out of my head because it was too catchy. ‘Wonhae Manhi Manhi’ (I want you a lot) at first annoyed me, then grew on me and had me addicted. K-Pop music is top notch and you can hide from it but cannot escape it. Their music and beats are so catchy that no wonder K-Pop is getting increasingly popular. 

If you are curious about BTS’s Blood Sweat and Tears then here it is. Listen to it at your own risk because the song is highly addictive. And try not to drool over Jimin when he flicks his jacket off his shoulder at 3:05. 


If you do not find that song catchy enough (highly unlikely) then listen to Winner’s ‘Really Really’ and tell me if you REALLY REALLY do not find this catchy either.


Translation Easily Available Online: I mentioned above that music has no language and a lot of K-Pop foreign fans are an example of it. I do not understand Korean but I learnt to sing my favourite Korean song, ‘For You’ by EXO (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) because the song, its Korean and Romanised lyrics is easily available on YouTube. The music and its lyrics are so enchanting; it’s difficult to not want to sing along.

Here check out the song I’m talking about and comment below if you like it too. This song is a part of the OST of my most favourite drama, Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Also, K-Pop songs often have a few English words in their lyrics to appeal to their foreign fans so it is not that we don’t understand anything at all.

Here, listen to BTS’s latest song Mic Drop which has a chorus in English. Try to listen without wanting to sing the chorus along.


Visual Treat: K-Pop videos are world-class. Idol agencies invest a lot of money to ensure that their music videos are of visually appealing and are at par with foreign standards.

Take a look at TWICE’s ‘TT’ and you will know how cute videos can be.

Or check out my favourite EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby’ to see how a parking lot can be made into a dance stage.


Fantastic Dance: K-Pop idols are not only good at singing but are also mind-blowing dancers. Their steps are perfectly synchronised, co-ordinated, and smooth like flowing water.

Take a look at how 2PM members make popping and locking look so easy.

If they fail to astonish you then check out our female idols from After School twirling on the poles like professionals.


Hot Idols: If you’ve watched the videos above you must have got some idea of how attractive these singers are. Idol training agencies work very hard to make their prodigies look perfect. They even have their trainees undergo plastic surgery to look impeccable.

It takes a lot of effort to make these cute little boys go from this

Shinee Kpop next big thing in India

and this

Shinee Kpop next big thing in India
Image Courtesy: Etude House, Newsen


to this

Shinee Kpop next big thing in India

and this

Kpop next big thing in India
Image Courtesy: Soompi

From their hair to their nails, from their smile to their cough everything has to be alluring and music agencies leave no stone unturned in making their idols look the best. Too bad these idols have to endure a lot of pain to be where they are. But no pain no gain. In fact, some groups even have members who are there only for visuals i.e. they are in the group because of their good looks. (SHINee Min Ho anyone?)

For me, EXO is the best-looking band. Have a look at them.

OK, I find Kai and Sehun terribly attractive. Let me know who you think is the best looking K-Pop idol.


K-Pop is cool, fun and addictive. If you listen to it once you will never want to hear anything else. If you are already a crazy K-Pop addict then do share your ‘favourites’ list with me. I am always looking for new songs to croon all day long.


Feature Image Courtesy: Billboard, Soompi, Allkpop


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